Design cabinets Bedroom: types of furniture, interior variants in white

Design cabinets for bedrooms (36 photos). Classic style, country, modern. Furniture in white


Table of contents

  • 1 important points
  • 2 styles
    • 2.1 Classical
    • 2.2 Country
    • 2.3 modern
  • 3 Furniture in white
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By the choice of interior design bedrooms must be handled with extreme delicacy. This place is not for prying eyes, you're doing it for yourself. When choosing a design for the bedroom cabinet should heed the advice of experts. In this article you can read some of them and consider the options.

Design cabinets for bedrooms

important points

  • style of the room;
  • furniture;
  • the design of the walls and ceiling;
  • lighting;
  • design curtains for the bedroom;
  • selection of decorative objects (pictures, icons, statues, bedspread).

All these elements help to create coziness and comfort. But the selection of the interior do not forget one rule - too much furniture and decoration items, create a sense of confusion and discomfort. It is still a bedroom rather than an antique shop.

Looking design options, try to determine which style is right for you, for everyone.



Inherent therein quiet light pattern with a vertical pattern or not. Lighting should be soft, chandeliers fit into one or more lamps with plastic or glass lampshades. Furniture should be made of wood or substitutes (particleboard, MDF).

Simple wooden bed, dressing table and a spacious closet. Here, perhaps, and the entire set. You can add a chest of drawers and bedside tables. Built in the classic can be glossy or matte wood doors.

The most common version of a three- or four-door. Straight clean lines and the presence of the decor - the main feature. These spacious closets give reliability and comfort throughout the interior of my house - my fortress.

Design of bedroom furniture

Wardrobe in the classics


For people who appreciate the beauty of the village, the simplicity of the interior and the family hearth. Simple bleached ceiling, wall design pastel wallpaper (beige, gray, olive or sand) with a fine pattern or vertical stripes, which are not conspicuous.

Lamp with a simple cloth or plastic shade. Massive but simple wooden furniture. The presence crocheted rugs and bedspreads. All this points to the country.

Speaking of closets, I want to note that the built-in wardrobes and there are no good. Simple trehdeverny massive wardrobe - the best solution. Add a rocking chair in the corner, a wooden chest in the foot of the bed and squat dressing with a rotating mirror. Welcome to the country.

Design options Bedrooms

Designed in the style of the country


For people energetic, marching in step with the times, which is valuable simple lines and functionality premises. For the design of the walls, as well as modern technologies are used to repair ceilings. A large number of spotlights or fluorescent lamps.

It will look iron beds and closets, as well as built-in wardrobe. The color scheme is different and sometimes original. Built roomy, simple in design and functional. Mirrored doors easily replace the dressing table, a large number of drawers and shelves allows easily accommodate all things.

Bedroom design with white furniture

Art Nouveau furniture

Furniture in white

In recent years, most people opt bedroom design with white furniture.

This version fits perfectly into any environment, betraying the special comfort room. As you know, visually enhances the bright area. To the room looked comfortable and to remind the House of the hospital, the walls should be wallpapered green, blue.

Cute trinkets and colorful pillows give comfort room. Well chosen lamps will add romance, and pots of flowers will be the final touch of the interior. Depending on the style chosen for the decoration of the room, cabinets can be made of wood or plastic.

Furniture in white

Furniture in white

Tip! When choosing a design, most importantly, determine in advance of the furniture you need, but from what can be discarded. If the room is small, consider worth twice.

Classification by location:

  • stand-alone;
  • partially embedded;
  • fully built.

The first option is clear without explanation, the furniture can be placed anywhere in the room.

Partially built - is not only a place to locate things, and part of the interior. He lacks any detail, for example, the bottom or the top cover, replace their floor or ceiling.

Fully built - part of the interior. It is adjacent to a corner or ledge built into the niche, as the sidewalls, top and bottom are used decoratively trimmed walls, ceiling and floor. It is very often confused with wardrobe, although wardrobe, a separate room.

By forms of share angular and linear design.

Corner wardrobe for bedroom

Corner wardrobe for bedroom

The style can be anything, as long as it matches the interior. According to the type of door opening is separated wardrobes with sliding system and a conventional system with canopies.

Choosing the design of furniture for bedrooms, rely on your taste and convenience. And even if your choice does not match one style, it's your choice, and then you are so comfortable.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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