Bedroom furniture in classic style photo: white suite, China-style closets, classic armchair and sofa, beds

Classic style for the decoration of rooms is used extremely rarely because of the layout of modern apartments Classic style for decorating rooms is used extremely rarely because of the layout of modern apartments This classic in urban apartments is very rare. This is due to the fact that there is no central symmetry, the layout of houses does not correspond to the classics, rooms in houses have small dimensions. However, modern classical bedrooms are created without deviations from the main components of the classics, this is material, luxury and aristocratic self-restraint without unnecessary details.

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What are the classic

materials? If to talk more in detail aboutMaterials that are used in a classic bedroom, they must be specific.

Quite often in the bedrooms in the classical style they use high quality wooden furniture Quite often in the bedrooms in the classical style use high quality wooden furniture


  1. The valuable wood. Furniture should not shine, but must be covered with varnish. Interior items are made only from natural wood. On the floor it is good to lay natural parquet. In the interior it is permissible to cover the walls with wooden panels, but only on 1/3 of the vertical surface.
  2. Mirror and glass are applied intensively. Necessarily installation of sideboards, cabinets with mirror or glass doors. The shelves in the wall can also be made of glass. This applies to the table top, as well as the design of the walls with mirror or glass panels.
  3. Marble. The use of natural stone is characteristic of the classics, but today it can be successfully replaced with Venetian plaster.
  4. Fabric. Fabrics should be thorough, expensive, heavy. It can be a monophonic material, and can with a floral pattern. Fabrics should be predominantly natural, velvet, silk, cotton. You can carpets on the floor, they can be monophonic or patterned with lush pile.

No glitter in the classics, unless very little. Gilding is allowed, chrome plating in no event.

What accents should be in the bedroom in the style of the classic

The design of a classic bedroom should be fundamental and harmonious. Everything should be clear, understandable.

In order for a bedroom in the classical style to look harmonious, it needs to be decorated in soft and delicate colors In order for the bedroom in the classical style to look harmonious, it needs to be decorated in soft and soft colors

The main accents should be as follows:

  1. The floor is parquet, but today you can also arrange imitation of parquet, laminate. Modular parquet should be preferred.
  2. As for the decoration of the walls, then there can be many options. It can be smooth plaster of natural shades or wallpaper with a large symmetrical pattern. The wallpaper can be bright, but they should not be textured. Finishing can be done with wooden panels, it's expensive, but very impressive. An interesting option is the imitation of marble walls. You can make original panels, but there must be several, in the classics you must have symmetry.
  3. The ceiling should be painted in color for a lighter tone of the walls. It can be pasted with wallpaper or covered with plaster. Be sure to use a plinth for the ceiling or stucco. It is not superfluous to have a socket for a ceiling chandelier.
  4. The chandelier should be expensive, well, if it is forging. It should have a lot of plafonds. Today, the classic allows the device built-in luminaires produced by China or other good brand.
  5. Curtains should be heavy, tulle light. The drawing should correspond with the wallpaper. The color of the curtains depends on the bedroom's palette. You can use lambrequins, brushes, grippers.
  6. As for the architectural elements, decorative elements from the patterned mirror will look very impressive. If the area allows, you can decorate the corners of the room with columns.

If the room needs to be divided into zones, then glass panels with a matt pattern can be used. Decorative details should be a minimum number, but they must all be of very good quality.

These can be forged candlesticks, bronze sculptures, Greek vases, lamps with silk shades and glass pendants.

Classic bedroom furniture

Beds, bedside table, sofa, coffee table, cabinets, console, armchair, chest of drawers or any other piece of interior should be expensive. Let them not be so much, but they should be of very good quality.

Classic bedroom furniture should be selected so that it complements the overall design of the room Classic bedroom furniture needs to be selected in such a way that it complements the overall design of the room.

Furniture must be:

  • Qualitative;
  • Comfortable;
  • Beautiful.

The furniture is made, it must be made of expensive wood. The beauty of furniture is attached to its natural color and pattern. Furniture can be carved, with curls, patterns. Carving should not be fanciful, should not overshadow the wood pattern.

Furniture should have simple strict lines, a radial chest, or cabinet can be installed.

Furniture should be elegant with glass doors, with bent narrow legs. Preferably, white furniture, or interior objects of light tones, should be installed. However, if the walls are light, then the furniture can be made of natural wood, not painted, dark tones.

Rules furnishings classic bedrooms

  1. Beds must be made of natural wood, the size of the square. The headboard should be decorated with carvings. The bed should be the central place in the room. Usually, it is not possible to arrange a bed in the center, so it is located across, and in the center there is a beautiful, expensive chandelier. If the bedroom is a good size, then the central part can make a carpet. If there is not much room, then the bed should be taken with a drawer for linen and textiles.
  2. Cabinets, half-tables and tables must be located near the wall and must be symmetrical. Furniture should be from the same tree type.
  3. Mirrors must be square or arched.
  4. The classic provides for the installation of cabinets with glass doors, which is inconvenient for a bedroom, today in the bedrooms there are wardrobes.
  5. Upholstered furniture should be expensive, high-quality and comfortable. In the bedroom it is allowed to place pouffes, armchairs, sofas, sofas. Upholstery of upholstered furniture must match the tone of wallpaper or textile.

In addition, you can decorate the bedroom with lamps, bedside tables and stylish wardrobes In addition, you can decorate the bedroom with lamps, bedside tables and stylish cabinets

Decorative elements in the bedroom should be placed candlesticks and lamps with silk shades. Classics allows you to successfully combine modern ideas about comfort and functionality with the nobility and restraint of ancient traditions.

Bedroom set of "classic": photo

Bedroom set of the classic can be bought freely, the main thing is to properly form a general scheme of interior design. The headset makes it possible not to choose items of furniture individually, but to buy everything in the kit.

For a bedroom in the classical style, you need to select a comprehensive headset, given the design of the room For a bedroom in a classic style, you need to select a complete headset, considering the design of the room

The classic kit includes:

  • Double bed;
  • Bedside tables;
  • Cabinet;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Mirror.

Some headsets may include a coffee table, dressing table and an armchair with a sofa. Typically, the manufacturer offers several bundles of the same headset.

During the design of the bedroom, you must remember the golden rule, everything should be in moderation, the room should not be forced.

Bedroom furniture "white classic"

White Italian furniture, for a bedroom made in a classical style today at the peak of popularity. Modern classics bedrooms are increasingly created clean, bright, light. Today the favorite color of designers is white.

The bedroom is a place where it should be warm, calm and cozy, white color copes with this task perfectly.

The most popular is the Italian classic bedroom furniture, which is characterized by quality and reliability The most popular is the Italian classic bedroom furniture, which is characterized by quality and reliability

White color creates a sense of free space, but at the same time creates the illusion of the royal choir. That's why white bedroom sets are so popular today.

White furniture fits perfectly into any environment, it can be placed:

  • In the bedroom;
  • In the nursery;
  • In the living room;
  • In the dining room;
  • In the kitchen.

And even in the hallway. White fits perfectly with any other colors. Modern Italian white furniture recalls the times of the kings, it is reliable, beautiful and absorbed the traditions of furniture art. Choose furniture for the bedroom should be carefully.

Classic bedroom furniture( video)

Classical style provides expensive furniture, so mistakes will result in unnecessary expenses or lack of harmony in the room. Choose should not cold shades, and pleasant to the eye calm tones. It can be milk white, the color of melted milk. White furniture will be flawlessly combined with accessories, textiles with interior items aged in honey, coffee shades. And, of course, we should not forget about 2-3 accents, a few bright spots, a lamp, a carpet, curtains, an excellent option.

Examples of bedroom furniture classic style( photo in the interior)