Bedroom in Khrushchev interior photo: modern interior design, small narrow bedroom, renovation and zoning

But the finish can also be the subject of zoning. This is a contrast wall, and different finishing of different zones of the room. Often the place of a small boudoir with a dressing table and is designated differently - other wallpaper, a rug. A podium can also be a zonator, which is also used as a storage space.

The color palette of the bedroom in the Khrushchevka

No matter what style you are building your bedroom - today there are no uniquely fashionable styles, and those that are worth noting. But there are always some directions in color that go to the first positions. And even if you do not follow fashion, then the color is used taking into account the size of the room.

For finishing the walls of a narrow bedroom suitable:

  • Peach;
  • Lavender;
  • Pistachio;
  • Beige;
  • Pale pink;
  • Light blue.

When decorating a bedroom in Khrushchev you can use several different color scales When decorating a bedroom in a Khrushchev you can use several different color scales

If you have chosen wallpaper for wall decoration, they should not be with large ornaments. Most often used a version of monochrome wallpaper strip. Large and bright drawings on the wallpaper visually compress the space, and simply distract attention from the interior of the bedroom itself.

Each wall in the bedroom can be decorated in different colors. The colors of the surfaces should be in harmony with each other, the contrast is not welcome here. You can combine not only different shades, but also textures. You can achieve an interesting design if three walls of the bedroom are painted in one tone, and the fourth is covered with wallpaper with a not very bright ornament.

Lighting in a small bedroom should also be sufficient. The correct lighting is achieved with the help of spotlights that are located on the perimeter of the bedroom ceiling. As directional lighting, bedside sconces or wall-mounted modern lamps are used. But from the central chandelier can and refuse, if the space is limited to a low ceiling. This will narrow and visually reduce the room, which is already small.

Bedroom design in Khrushchevka ( video)

Room furniture should be a little bit, give up cabinets in favor of a pantry or mezzanine, if that is possible. In this regard, minimalism is your style. And remember that the abundance of decor and souvenirs also prevents the room from appearing visually more.

Successful repair!

Design bedroom Khrushchev( interior photo)