Chests of the bedroom: photo angular in the interior, wide and long, beautiful white wardrobe, the size of modern furniture

The chest of drawers in the bedroom is a very practical and much needed interior A chest of drawers in the bedroom is a very practical and much needed interior of the . The closet in the bedroom, the bedside table, the dressing table are all clear solutions. Chests are less common, and, unfortunately, they are not as decorative as they might be. And this is a big omission for the interior of the bedrooms.

    • broad chests of drawers for a bedroom in fashion again
    • narrow drawers in the bedroom - a frequent option
    • Long chests of Bedrooms: where would be appropriate
    • Bureau bedroom corner: an option in a small room
    • Savingsspace: bedroom dressers high
    • Hanging chest of drawers for the bedroom - it
    • Choice chest for bedroom: dimensions, what better
    • cozy furnishings: dresser in the bedroom interior
    • options drawers in the bedroom( video)
    • Design chest of drawers in the bedroom( the photo in the interior)

broad chests of drawers for a bedroom in fashion again

once from such models is almost decided to give up in favor of the narrow, more elegant chest of drawers. It was believed that in the interior they look too cumbersome, and to no avail such large chests and pedestals in this room. But today, wide chests of drawers, often similar to antique furniture, return to the bedroom.

It would seem that the wide commodes are no longer popular, but even now they continue to appear in the bedrooms It would seem that the broad chests are not popular, however, and now they continue to appear in the bedrooms

But these beautiful chest of drawers, so roomy for things that take a lot of attention, because to put them is necessary so that there is noDissonance. Usually the bed is the center of the bedroom, and here also such a prominent chest of drawers, you need to choose the best arrangement. If the dresser is carved or very brightly painted, this is exactly the center of the bedroom, which will distract attention even from the bed.

Narrow chests of drawers in the bedroom - a frequent option

They, of course, are used more often. Narrow chests of drawers can be placed anywhere in the room, they are suitable for an extended narrow bedroom. Of course, their spaciousness loses this. But you can choose high models, and this somehow compensates for small capacity.

Narrow chests are not so capacious, but they take up little space and are very suitable for narrow bedrooms narrow chests not so roomy, but they take up little space and is very well suited for narrow bedrooms

Sometimes the dresser replaces the bedside tables, and you have to choose - what of the furniture you are more important. But the chest of drawers, in any case, has more opportunities to decorate. Put candles, photo frames, candlesticks, caskets, finally, a vase of flowers. And the height allows, and it looks more convincing than in the case with a nightstand.

Long dressers for the bedroom: where the

is appropriate. Interesting long drawers sometimes replace consoles. They just do the same in the event that there is nowhere to put a table, and there is nothing more to decorate in the bedroom. Then the counter top of the dresser allows you to do this.

Long chest of drawers are very practical, because they can accommodate a lot of things Long drawers are very practical because they can accommodate many things

on the table you can post:

  • Interior toys;
  • Caskets;
  • Lovely little boxes and vases;
  • Candles;
  • Series of photo frames;
  • Napkins and other needlework;
  • Flowers;
  • Dolls.

And this will be enough, the room does not need additional decor. It is important that the chest and the inside are practical, and sufficiently spacious due to the length. Often chosen this option chest in a long narrow bedroom, where there is a bed, a wardrobe and, perhaps, only such a long chest of drawers.

Drawers for bedroom angular: option in a small room

Stylish corner chest of drawers today is easy to find on sale. The appearance of them is not so common, but the design will appeal to people practical. In small bedrooms, the corner is often not in demand. And a modern corner chest of drawers will be there. If the room is small and light, and you are afraid of furniture overload, you can choose a white chest of drawers or an ivory chest of drawers.

Corner chests are perfect for a small bedroom, and their design is very diverse today Corner chest of drawers are ideal for a small bedroom, and their design today is very diverse

Despite its deceptive appearance, angular dressers can be very spacious. In addition, this option is often also inexpensive. Look through the catalog and make sure - such solutions are in demand.

Space saving: bedroom drawers high

In a small bedroom it is important to use each centimeter efficiently. And often this is played out at the expense of spaciousness in height. The more boxes in the chest, the more it will fit in. He can be narrow, but high - and he can find a place without difficulty. Minus length, plus height - a solution for small bedrooms.

The high chest of drawers looks very stylish in the children High chest of drawers very stylish look in the children's room and in the bedroom for adults

This dresser fit and a children's bedroom, which is too long a shelf is not very convenient - all mixed, small children's things are confused with eachFriend. Moreover, a high chest free space for other furniture, for example, in the bedroom you can put a small computer desk, thus indicating the working area in the room.

Suspended chest of drawers for bedroom - it's

Suspended chest of drawers - perhaps the most modern type of bedroom furniture. These chests do not touch the floor, as if they hang over it, which, of course, adds ease to the space. They are fixed in special grooves - an original and stylish interior due to this you are provided.

Suspended chest of drawers surprise with their lightness and give the room a grace Suspended chests surprise with their ease and give the room elegance

These are the same structures made of wood, only superficially easier. And this is also a good solution for a small bedroom. The length can be 1600 cm, but in itself the chest of drawers will be low. Such models are often used instead of a bedside table.

Choosing a chest of drawers for the bedroom: dimensions that are better

The minimum height of the chest is 850 mm. If less, then it is not a chest of drawers, but a curbstone. Only a pendant chest can be even smaller, features of its design provide this. The length of the chest is almost always more than half a meter. A shorter length from no point of view is not justified - it will not be either beautiful or roomy.

The size of the chest should be chosen based on the size of the room chest size should be selected based on the size of the premises

chest depth generally equal to 30 cm. Depth smaller completely unsuitable, besides wall and facade take a couple of centimeters. Tiny chests of drawers in the bedroom are not the best solutions, what will be placed in them?These are used except in the hallways, to store all sorts of trifles.

cozy furnishings: dresser in the bedroom interior

It is a good alternative to the dressing table, if for some reason you have decided to abandon the latter. And sometimes the table is not included in the headset, and the kit, for example, "Rondo" includes the following - a bed, a wall, a chest of drawers.

Choice dresser in the bedroom:

  • in the bedroom for two people would be appropriate and chest of drawers in two rows, where each has the discretion to put their own things;
  • A chest of drawers with a mirror will replace a dressing table quite well, on it and in it you can store cosmetics, only you have to be painted standing;
  • The chest of drawers can be placed on the side of the bed or opposite it, it all depends on where the mirror hangs.

For a bedroom, a chest of drawers with a mirror is perfect, and it is best to place it opposite the bed or on the side of it For a bedroom, a chest of drawers with a mirror perfectly fits, and it is best placed opposite the bed or on its side

Together with the chest of drawers, you can arrange a beautiful corner in the bedroom. On the mirror, hang gentle long beads that will beautifully shimmer in the evening light. Plant a favorite interior toy on the counter top of the chest, put a box with your decorations. Decorate the dresser with an elegant vase with flowers, not necessarily real. Today, artificial flowers look simply masterpiece, and they are worthy of being a bedroom decoration.

In the chest of drawers you can replace the pens by buying more elegant ones, or most work on the transformation of not very pretty pens. The dresser can finally be repainted, artificially aged, used by other types of restoration, hang over it a favorite picture or lay a warm fluffy rug next to it.

Vintage chest of drawers - a special element of the interior. Often, literally from the attic, an old grandmother's chest of drawers is brought, and a long, but interesting work turns old furniture into an almost art object. Most often the chest of drawers are repainted, the accessories are replaced, they are decorated, and he becomes the central figure of the bedroom.

Options chests in the bedroom( video)

When choosing a chest, evaluate its design and practicality, as well as the material from which it is made. Check the handles and other fasteners, they will not quickly lose their convincing appearance. Evaluate and then, whether you will need a chest of drawers, if the repair will change the room - whether it will fit into another finish. Finally, each product should be worth its money, do not overpay.

Successful experiments!

Design chest of drawers in the bedroom( the photo in the interior)