Wallpaper for the bedroom: Design and interior decoration examples

Wallpapers for bedrooms - design (42 images): paper, vinyl, fabric and non-woven covering


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Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom + design, we often do not know how or where to start. Therefore we offer to find out what people think about this and experts consider several design options.

Bedroom - a place where it begins and ends with our day. Here we dream and share secrets with your loved ones. The design of this room to help us to relax and have a good rest. That is why, it is necessary to pay attention to not only the choice of furniture and its placement, and design a wallpaper for the bedroom.

Wallpapers for bedroom design

What should we look for when choosing.

  1. Quality.
  2. Wallpapers have beneficial shade and emphasize style furniture.
  3. Maintain colors of the interior.
  4. Be decorated, which create a cozy atmosphere.
  5. Pattern can be any or even without it, the main thing it does not have to be aggressive and press.

Speaking of the color palette, the majority of people believe that it is better to use pastel colors. But this is optional. You can choose any natural color. Wallpapers can be saturated and bright colors. The main thing is not to use artificial colors. Bedroom design should facilitate relaxation and induce positive emotions.

Design wallpaper bedroom

Wallpaper design - bedroom

Tip! When choosing wallpaper is worth paying attention to the layout of the room. If most of the day it is in the shade, wallpaper choose lighter if the sun - the choice is not limited. Although if you like the twilight, and you can experiment.

To begin to identify with the style of interior design, decide what kind of mood will prevail in the bedroom. This we need the choice of colors and pattern wallpaper.

Talking about the quality of the material - they definitely need to be environmentally friendly.

In its structure, the wallpaper can be:

  • paper;
  • vinyl;
  • cloth;
  • Fleece.

Let's examine each type separately.

paper wallpaper

The cheapest option at the moment. Wallpapers are available from a variety of paper grades. There are two types - simplex (single-layer) and duplex (double-layer). The second embodiment is equipped with an additional layer, which usually has a high light- and moisture resistance.

According to the structure distinguish smooth, structural and embossed wallpaper.

Smooth - on a paper basis with the front side of a drawing, printing method.

Structural wallpaper through a special paint application technique having a bulk texture. Most often available in a white version, paintable.

The most popular embossed duplex wall through which the embossed pattern supported on the upper layer, excellent camouflage small irregularities surfaces.

Paper wallpaper, besides its low cost, have no advantage. They quickly lose their color, are not resistant to abrasion and do not tolerate high humidity.

Examples of bedroom design

paper wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers

This is a more expensive option of wallpapers. It consists of 2 layers: base - paper or fleece, the upper - polyvinyl chloride. Currently available in several forms.

CD-vinyl durable and low maintenance to maintain material made in the form of imitation heavy material - rock, plaster.

Heavy vinyl wallpaper perfectly smooth out minor irregularities and roughness.

Screenprinting has an attractive shine and smooth texture, but it is necessary to glue them on a perfectly smooth surface.

Wallpaper chemical embossing, have high abrasion resistance, easily suffer wet cleaning and detergents.

Choosing a bedroom design - wallpaper made of vinyl, as an option, it is considered the most common.

Speaking about their advantages, we note the resistance to humidity and light resistance, ease of maintenance, the ability to paint the walls and a long service life.

Bedroom design vinyl wallpaper

Bedroom design vinyl wallpaper

fabric wallpaper

This kind of wallpaper has 2 layers: paper and fabric or vlies (cotton, jute, flax). It can also be used and seamless variant room decorate dense material around the perimeter, window and door openings are cut out after mounting tapestry.

There are the following types: a synthetic based, jute, silk, linen, mats and felts.

Image data represented by a wide spectrum of colors and different embodiments drawings. Natural materials excellent heat and sound insulation properties and aesthetic appearance, are the main advantages of this type of wallpaper.

As disadvantages can be called high cost, complexity of maintenance and the accumulation of dust.

Fabric wallpaper in the bedroom

Fabric wallpaper in the bedroom

non-woven wallpaper

"Breathable" wallpapers are made of cellulose fibers and special additives. They are well pass the air, steam, and moisture without allowing them to be absorbed into the walls. This type of wallpaper is not smooth out surface irregularities, but perfectly protects the wall from small cracks.

Issued as a separate finishing material, or as a base for other types of finishing materials. Easy to pasting, do not deform and does not shrink. Most often used in combination with vinyl.

Choosing a pattern on the wallpaper, it is necessary to take into account some special features.


  • Figure in the form of strips extends the wall;
  • Often repeated small patterns, makes the room already;
  • Plain wallpaper can always revive with the help of pictures or other decoration.

Currently popular this idea of ​​interior design as a combination of that is taken more than one type of wallpaper, and more. For example, you can take a completely different color and paste over each wall a different color. A possible angles to make plain, and to the center gradually move to the drawing or a wall with a pattern, and the other plain.

There are many options, it is necessary only to include fantasy. You can also pokleit wallpaper panels. The top light and the dark bottom. In the middle of the curb or wide band - a decor will combine two different colors and hide the seams.

Bedroom Design - non-woven wallpaper

Bedroom Design - non-woven wallpaper

Tip! When choosing bedroom design should be guided by their tastes and preferences. If you're a man not prone to change, use light shades of the classic, without any modern stuff. In my bedroom you need to rest and not to sigh, looking at the wrong chosen wallpaper.

And finally I would like to note, considering the examples of design bedrooms, give preference to environmentally friendly materials. Agree, durability is a good thing, but it is unlikely you will be near 10 years of suffering the same wallpaper. And do not forget the basic style of the interior furniture sets, and all other parts should add it harmoniously.

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