Bedroom in the attic: design, photos and types, in a wooden house is small, ideas are modern 2017, with a window interior

The bedroom in the attic is not only original, but also practical Bedroom in the attic - it's not only original, but practical as well The bedroom of the attic type is original, cute, romantic, interesting. Any way you call it, just do not consider such a room as a semi-bedroom. Take unusual ideas as the basis for design, or vice versa, focus on the charm of simplicity, and enjoy the space for sleep and rest.

    • Bedroom with attic window: ideas and options
    • Bedroom design ideas in the attic: classical trends
    • Bedroom design: attic-2017, modern ideas for the selection of furniture
    • How to put the bed in the attic bedroom
    • Design of the bedroom in the attic( video)
    • Options of the attic bedrooms( photo)

Bedroom with the attic window: ideas and options

It is very important how many windows in the attic and how they are located. Well, when the window on the pediment, and sometimes two windows. If the windows are only mansard, that is, openings in the bevels of the roof - even with a small area due to tilt lighting will be good, and the room will acquire a spatial perspective.

The larger the attic or gable window, the better: they will increase the visual size of the room.

Large attic window will help visually increase the bedroom space Large attic window will help visually increase bedroom space

If the window is mansard, you are not so concerned about its design - you can leave it literally, as it is. But due to high-quality lighting, you can experiment with color, not so afraid of dark shades for a small bedroom.

Bedroom design ideas in the attic: classical trends

The interior of the attic bedroom can be made in any style - if the house is small, the attic ceiling is lined with a lining. If you use this material, then the best style of design of such bedrooms - country or Provence. And if the room has beams, this is only to help the persuasiveness of the interior.

If you want a loft in a wooden house to decorate in a rustic style, you can make carelessly plastered walls. But more often still the same vagonka is made, which is supplemented with properly selected accessories.

An excellent option will be a loft bedroom decorated in a rustic style Excellent option will be a loft bedroom designed in a rustic style

Bedroom in a loft in the style of a provence or a country

If you have taken a country or a provence as a basis, you should:

  • Revise many optionsThe design of the attic bedroom in this style - the photo gallery will let you know in which direction to move;
  • Light walls and floor tones are preferable, you can take a wallpaper of light tones with a small drawing;
  • Wallpapers with a large pattern or pattern with geometric shapes( still in fashion in 2017) do not fit in the attic bedroom, the layout is not the same;
  • Delicate curtains, charming textiles, various vases, paintings, flowers, rustic soft rugs - beautiful traditional signs of Provencal;
  • The small attic will look more interesting in this style - its decor and fullness will distract from the dimensions;
  • Especially work with the window, it can become the focus of the entire room.

Finishing as a whole should either distract from the diminutiveness of the attic, or emphasize the unusual and non-standard that this floor can boast of.

Provence style in the attic bedroom will emphasize the uniqueness of your room Provence style in the mansion bedroom will emphasize the uniqueness of your room

It can be an option when there are two bedrooms in the attic. If they are symmetrical to each other, then decorate them better in the same style. In a single, but does not mean that the same. In any case, the design of the floor( and the attic can be considered a floor) in one style is always a sign of good taste.

Bedroom design: attic-2017, modern ideas for the selection of furniture

If it's a bedroom, then its inner center is definitely a bed. The modern approach increasingly refuses the fact that the bed becomes the only piece of furniture.

Tips for selecting furniture:

  • The design of the bed can be any, but the bed should always be low, give up the futon on the catwalk, but a very low bed will remind you that this is an attic, which is also not very good.
  • The size of the headboard depends on the height of the wall and the angle of inclination. If you set the bed under the window, it will depend on the height of the window sill. Without a headboard you can do only if it is replaced by a window.
  • Other furniture is selected according to the type and style of the bed, taking into account other features of the attic.

For a mansard bedroom it is best to choose low furniture For a mansard bedroom it is best to choose low furniture

It is also considered that furniture should be low. For example, a low coffee table, a low armchair, a dressing table, a low chest of drawers.

You can place a high dining table or work table in the attic bedroom in the case of an attic under a broken roof with a very small angle of inclination. This room from the usual almost will not differ.

How to put a bed in the attic bedroom

Since this is the main detail of the interior, the question is worth discussing. The most correct option - placing the bed to the lowest in the attic wall, because it is believed that the ceiling overhanging the ceiling will not be as frightening as the overhanging ceiling above your head.

The headboard at the wall should occupy the central position - or with respect to the long wall, or to the pediment, it does not matter. If you move the couch from the center, you will break the symmetry of the room. Bed - the main element of the bedroom, and its displacement will destroy the structure of the situation.

The bed should be placed in the center of the room, and put other interior items along the walls The bed should be placed in the center of the room, and put other interior items along the walls

Place the bed along the inclined wall only in the room for two children, where the bed is symmetrical to each other.

There is no worse option than one window on the pediment, which is located opposite the bed "in the legs".The light will seem far and fuzzy, and the walls, hanging from both sides, will make the situation oppressive. That is, you can spend the night in such a room, but you can not sleep at all.

A better option when a bed with a headboard to a long wall is installed so that the windows on the pediment are on one or both sides.

Design of a bedroom in the attic floor( video)

For a country house, the attic bedroom is a good solution. Its placement guarantees also some kind of romantic privacy, and the complex form of walls and ceiling adds originality. And most importantly, any style, any color, any interior mix is ​​possible here.

Successful solutions!

Options attic bedrooms( photo)