Table lamps for the bedroom: inexpensive bedside lamps, photo with shade, night adult lighting

A table lamp is a necessary thing, especially for those who are used to reading books before going to bed table lamp - a necessary thing, especially for those who like to read a book before going to bed special charm of the bedrooms that in this room, you can create an atmosphere of relaxation, intimacy, tranquility. And it is worth saying that you can not do this without proper lighting, in particular - local. A table lamp in the bedroom is necessary, especially if you are used to reading before going to bed.

    • Table light in the bedroom where set
    • Night lamp for the bedroom How to choose
    • Table lamps for the bedroom with his own hands: cheap and nice
    • lamp with your hands: if lampshade requires complete replacement
    • Wall and table lamps for the bedroom( video)
    • Examples bedside lamps for the bedroom( the photo in the interior)

Table light in the bedroom where set

Lighting is always tozhno installed correctly in the first place - for eye health. Any discomfort in this matter will quickly become apparent. Usually a table lamp is placed on a table, a bedside table or a shelf.

Options table lamp installation:

  • On the bedside table lamp put those bedtime takes to bed a book or flip through magazines loves to sleep;
  • If you work in the bedroom, and before going to bed you can study documents, sit behind the monitor, the lamp is installed on the table;
  • It is most convenient to install two table lamps on the pedestals on both sides of the bed;
  • The bedside lamps must be positioned so that it is not possible to accidentally drop them.

Table lamps should be placed correctly, best near the bed, on the curbstone or bedside table Desk lamps must be placed correctly, it is best next to the bed, on the bedside table or nightstand

Do not confuse the bedside and table lamps. Nightlights are a bad light for reading, they are needed to turn on the light at night, to find something, etc. They create a muffled intimate light, many fall asleep with a burning nightlight, but you can not read with their light.

Night lamp for the bedroom: how to choose

The bedroom style comes to the fore, where you select the lamp. For example, in a minimalist design, the lamp should be as simple as possible, without attracting unnecessary attention. If you like vintage styles, then take the lamp as if "from those times", perhaps artificially aged.

Lamps with a beautiful shade in fashion have always been. It is associated with comfort, tenderness, home warmth. Given that today you can make virtually any lamp shade by your own hands, this opportunity has been intensively used.

If you choose a night lamp based on fashion trends, then it is worth noting that very popular lamps with a shade If you choose a night lamp based on fashion trends, then it's worth noting that the lamps with the lampshade

are very popular. Night lamps can be bright, accented, if with something else they intersect in the interior. For example, the upholstery of the lamp shade is similar to the pattern on the curtains. Or the color of the lamp somehow echoes with the color of the textile.

Table lamps for the bedroom with his own hands: cheap and nice

Adults do not like to do fewer children out of scrap materials, sometimes just standing start as pride in their own work will come very quickly. This applies to the topic of self-made table lamps. Beautiful chandeliers do to you, can be difficult( although Russia is not so famous for its talents), but you can easily build a night lamp yourself.

There is simply no way - how to revive an old lamp, take it as a basis and transform beyond recognition. The usual table lamp consists of a lampshade, a column and a base. The lampshade can also be called a light diffuser. The column is usually worn out by time, and to fix it, you need glue, decor elements and spray paint.

You can make a table lamp with your own hands, the main thing is to find material and acquire patience The table lamp can be made with your own hands, the main thing is to find material and acquire patience

What decor elements can be used:

  • Toys;
  • Beads;
  • Colored pebbles;
  • Shells;
  • Bows;
  • Coin;
  • Bugle;Seeds of coffee, etc.

You can act like this. Wrapped with an old newspaper column, a good coat with glue, attach the decor and give it all to dry. Then cover the decorated part with aerosol paint. To transform the base often take a suitable vase, ceramic pots, a spectacular bottle, etc.

Next, take on the diffuser of light, that is, the lampshade. Fabric lampshade can be changed with a satin ribbon, bow, lace - in short, a couple of strokes, and the thing is different. In the center of the lampshade you fix a spectacular brooch or button. Tape or lace should be in harmony with the main fabric.

lamp with your hands: if the shade requires a complete replacement of the old

Then you take the upper hand under the base frame of a new lampshade. The fabric is selected for textiles - curtains, bedspreads, carpet, in a word, something that they would like to repeat. Measure the centimeter of all the dimensions of the lampshade, use a chalk to make a template. Then apply a new material on the new material, not forgetting the allowances for seams.

If the new lampshade you have planned with drapery, while the size of the width of the patterns increase by 15-20 cm. After that piece is cut by chalk lines make lines on the sewing machine. Then, the finished product is clearly stretched on the frame, fixed from the underside of the thread with a color. But the fixation should be such that this lampshade can be removed from the frame if necessary, and wash.

If for some reason you change the lampshade, then note that the fabric that you choose should be combined with the general interior of the room If for some reason you change the shade, keep in mind that the fabric you choose, should be combined with the overall interior room

If shade you do with the drapes, then the top and bottom lines of the fabric are madeExtra lines on the typewriter, so that it would be easy to stretch them through them. Very effects are gentle lampshades for lamps in the bedroom - from light fabrics, laces, corrugated canvases.

Wall and table lamps for the bedroom( video)

Next on the nightstand with a lamp put something in the same style - decorative candles, picture frame, jewelry box, figurine, interior toy, etc. Perhaps, under the color of the lampshade, you want to make a napkin, on which the lamp will stand.

Successful choice and the desired transformation of the interior!

Examples bedside lamps bedroom( photo interior)