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Design living room with a bay window (36 photos) with a fireplace and solutions without


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Planning design a living room with a bay window, into your hands gets a variety of design techniques. The living room is the center of the house, where residents often relax by watching a movie or going to visit. Bay window will be a welcome addition to this comfort.

The design of a living room with a bay windowWhat is the bay

Erker (lantern protrusion therein.) - is a small projection, partially or fully glazed designed to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere. He looks very elegant and graceful, if goes well with the overall design.

Often, it has a simple geometric shape: a circle, a square, a trapezoid. Its design may include bearing and non-load bearing walls of buildings.

One of the main features - a large-scale natural lighting of the room to which it is attached. Because of this it can be used as a well-lit place to read books and magazines. The projection will undoubtedly be the highlight of the interior, speaking about the good taste of the owner.

Basic material - glass of various kinds ranging from simple clear and finishing with sealed glass with painting. Glazing protrusion depends upon the use. If it is located in the living room, his osteklyat only half, and if the home - completely.

The projection design, you can use specialized and decorative cornices.


Ideas with fireplace

Very subtle and elegant solution would be to write on the fireplace ledge. It need not be present. It will look wonderful and simple electrical or decorative fireplace that fits well with the design classic or English style.

Interior living room with a bay window

Designed in the English style

In the design and use of light materials pale beige directly select for fireplace natural materials, for example, white marble slabs or imitating it.

If desired by the fireplace, you can put a couple of rocking chairs. And now ready for brooding interior of Sherlock Holmes.

Note! Carefully walk around to the selection of upholstered furniture. If your room is made in a single color with no patterns and prints, furniture selection is greatly facilitated.

If the design project living room with a bay window is made using patterns, stop for monochromatic furniture, the color of which will be in harmony and with a projection, and with a touch of the furniture elements ornament.

color solution

  • Pastel shades. If you like the design of the living room in pastel colors, make a choice in favor of white, beige, sand and olive green.

Upholstered furniture should be minimalist with soft colors. Rooms of this type tend to have a large area of ​​the window. As the lighting can be used halogen lamps, which give a soft and diffused light.

This room should be left in the soul a sense of peace and tranquility. From it should winnow home with warmth and comfort.

The projection of the living room is made in the same soft tones, which allows not to disturb the color balance. Here he will be one of the major elements of comfort and a source of light.

  • Strict tone. If you are interested in a discreet, timeless design, the interior of a living room with a bay window, designed in a simple style, will become your favorite room in the house.

It may be variations with the use of white, black, brown, or more advanced solutions with an emphasis on light gray, blue or rich burgundy.

Design project of a living room with a bay window

Living in a simple style

The bay window in the interior of the hall may become a logical continuation of his or accentual spot, a separate part, zoned for office.

In the classical interiors made to use wood floor with texture. This can be raised flooring or natural wood (usually oak). This same material suitable for the manufacture of the carcass bay.

  • Country style. A very common style is the interior, designed in the style of country (village, country cottage).
    living Finished Design

    Country style

In life, you can find a ready design room, country-style, looking at the country house. The design will be carried out in rich natural colors, the entrance to the room can be painted in the color green apple.

straw or sand color - the basic colors for furniture. Wall design can be made in soft yellow or orange color that will blend in nicely with furniture and hallway.

Chairs and tables available in the texture of an old tree, light gray or light brown in color.

Bay window for such a design in the colors may differ from the primary. Will look very nice beige or white curtains in his area.

  • If you have available a very large bay window, you can draw light curtains and artificially create a wide and flowing folds in the fabric.

This solution may be suitable for all of the above styles.

Summing up

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