Modular sofas in the interior of the living room photo: large and inexpensive, narrow

An obligatory element of the living room is a sofa, so its choice should be approached carefully An essential element of the living room is a sofa, so its choice should be carefully considered Modular sofas are now very popular. This is easy to explain, because modular sofas in the interior of the living room - a stylish and modern solution that is suitable for any interior, practical and original. Also noteworthy is a large assortment of sofas in stores where you can buy really high-quality goods. These factors determine modular sofas an excellent acquisition in many cases. But you need to be able to choose a product, know all its advantages and disadvantages. Read more about this.

    • Modular sofas for the living room: varieties, pros and cons
    • Framework and filling of modular sofas: this is important
    • Large modular sofas for the living room: when convenient, form
    • Inexpensive modular sofas forLiving room: what the price depends on
    • Narrow modular sofa in the living room
    • Stylish modular sofas in the living room interior( video)
    • Examples of modular sofas in the living room( photo in the interior)

e sofas for the living room: the variety, the pros and cons

Before you decide what you need a modular sofa, you need to know what is the difference with the usual sofa. The main difference is that the modular sofa is not monolithic, it consists of separate parts that need to be assembled. The main advantage of modular sofas is that they are multifunctional

According to the designs, modular sofas are divided into 2 types:

  1. Sectional. Such sofas are a fully assembled structure, all buyers can choose all of them themselves, then they are fastened in the store, and it will be impossible to disassemble.
  2. Transformable. Sofas of this type are not initially sealed, buyers will be able to supplement it with new parts, items, disassemble and assemble it again. Such sofas are very convenient, because depending on the situation, you can make them smaller or larger, rearrange as comfortably.

And now about the pros and cons of modular sofas:

  1. Multifunctional. Include a number of additional items( for example, pouffe, couch, shelf, bedside table and many others). Thus, everyone can assemble the sofa of his dreams, taking into account all his preferences and features of the room.
  2. Size. You can choose the size that fits, and adjust it later.
  3. Price. If you take into account the fact that modular sofas include many elements, you can choose them so that the price was beneficial for buyers.
  4. Restriction on style. You can easily change the size of modular sofas depending on your layout. But such divans do not fit in all styles( for example, in classics or country-style), are inappropriate in some styles( vintage, retro style). But the styles, where such sofas will perfectly fit, abound. These are modern styles and spacious rooms, studio apartments.

Frame and filling modular sofas: this is important

An important role is played by the frame and the filling of the sofa. The frame is the main part of the sofa, it has all the main load.

Other parts are attached to the frame, from which they are separated:

  • Mechanisms;
  • Filling;
  • Upholstery.

Reliable and stable frame - made of wood( oak, beech and pine).Metal frames are also popular. Fillers in modular sofas come with springs and without springs.

When choosing a sofa, you must pay attention to its quality, content and manufacturer When selecting a sofa, you must pay attention to its quality, filling and manufacturer

Spring mechanisms are divided into:

  • Dependent;
  • Independent.

The dependent block is a system of springs that operate by acting on 1 spring. Independent mechanisms do not start with a single click. Only the place to which you press will bend.

Variants of non-spring fillers:

  • Pooh( synthetics);
  • Synthesis;
  • Polyurethane foam.

All fillers have their advantages. But the most popular is polyurethane foam. It is the most reliable, it has the necessary strength characteristics. From it you can make modules for sofas of unusual, different originality forms. This is an interesting option for those who do not like boring classical interiors. In pre-prepared forms pour the mixture, so you get unusual elements. After reading about the structure of modular sofas, you need to know about the size, shape and price of this interesting furniture.

Large modular sofas for the living room: when convenient, form

Large modular sofas are suitable for owners of large and spacious apartments. You can distribute parts of the modular sofa around the room. If you want, buy parts for the sofa or completely change the whole design. And what kind of modular sofas are there?

For arrangement of a guest room of the big size designers recommend to select a modular sofa of the angular form For arrangement of a guest room of a large size, designers recommend to choose a modular corner sofa

Common forms of modular sofas:

  1. Rectangular ( such a sofa does not take up much space and it is very convenient;Can be used for different purposes, such a sofa fits into most of the layouts and styles).
  2. U-shaped ( Excellent solution for a practical and functional interior, the edges of the sofa can have a table top on top, which is very convenient to eat, play board games).
  3. Square ( With the help of such sofas you can make a cozy recreation area, in the center of which will fit a small table, in such a zone it is good to get together with friends, take shelter with warm blankets and drink tea for heartfelt talk).

Sofas are selected in different shapes and sizes. First there were sofas with a varying angle in different directions. Then there was the appearance of an--shaped modular sofa, which is convenient to put near the wall, to distribute its parts around the room.

There are sofas and complex design forms, in which there is always room for sleep. Such a sofa can accommodate a large number of people.

Large sofas are not installed in a small room, otherwise the space in it will be very small. Consider the size of the room, interior and layout.

Inexpensive modular sofas for the living room: on which the price depends

Everything, including the price, is decided by the size and the number of joining elements, pillows, armrests. Usually modular sofas are more expensive than simple ones, but, depending on the available budget, you can collect your ideal modular sofa quite cheaply.

The price of the sofa depends, as a rule, on its quality, appearance and additional pouffes The price of a sofa depends, as a rule, on its quality, appearance and additional paddles

If you discard some elements of a modular sofa:

  • From additional pouffes, couches;
  • Choose a smaller sofa;
  • Choose a medium-quality sofa.

But!It is better not to save on a good couch, because the sofa - a pledge of home comfort and convenience. Therefore, it's better to pay a little more than to deal with one of the faulty parts of the modular sofa.

A narrow modular sofa in the living room

If the room is small in width, then a narrow modular sofa is the best solution.

For a small room the perfect solution will be a narrow modular sofa For a small room, the narrow modular sofa becomes the perfect solution

Nowadays, narrow sofas are especially popular:

  • In the afternoon, it takes up little space;
  • At night it decomposes into a large berth;
  • Often, a narrow sofa is a stylish solution that frees such a precious place for other furniture, active children's games, dances and so on;

It is necessary to pay attention to such kind of sofas, as narrow, because it can greatly help you in planning your home.

Stylish modular sofas in the living room interior( video)

So, everyone can make a sofa, corresponding to all dreams and fantasies, which were only in the head, and now they can be embodied and out. Modular sofas have many advantages, this is the best solution for living rooms!But remember: it's right to choose a sofa in shape and size, and, of course, so that the sofa fits your style, under your unique interior - it's very important. Good luck!

Examples modular sofas in the living room( photo interior)