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It is stylish and unusual to complement the interior of the guest room with an original cupboard It is stylish and unusual to complement the interior of the guest room with the help of the original cabinet for dishes The living room is a combination of warmth and comfort in one place. The room is very popular, as guests or family members like to spend time on the couch with a cup of aromatic tea to the muffled sounds of the TV.Any hostess can boast a whole set or even a collection of porcelain, crystal or ceramics, which inconspicuously dust somewhere in the bowels of the apartment. It's a real crime to hide such beauties, so since the time of the kingdoms, cabinets for glassware doors have been invented. They help to visualize antiques or expensive utensils.

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    • Living room cabinet: the significance of the
    • The stylistic directions of the cupboards in the living room
    • Glass cabinets for the dishes in the living room: varieties
    • CabinetFor the dishes in the living room: arrangement of utensils
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small background of the emergence sideboard in the living room

Showcases for storing dishes appeared in France. Initially they were called buffets and performed not so aesthetic function, rather than served as organizers of space and housed in themselves all household utensils. The very first variants were combined with the table tops and represented massive interior items.

The presence of a beautiful cupboard makes the interior of the living room more refined The presence of a beautiful cupboard makes the interior of the living room more refined.

The cupboards for cabinets had only to know. And this is understandable: expensive and luxurious furniture made of expensive wood with the use of glass, was not available to the simple worker. But what can I say, if not every rich man could afford this.

At the present time, a cupboard for dishes can be found in almost every third apartment, because modern options are in different price categories and are available to absolutely everyone.

By the 18th century, buffets had ceased to be very popular, and in connection with this, everyone who received a more or less average salary was satisfied with their purchase. If the cabinets were originally intended for demonstration of expensive utensils, now they serve as an object for displaying figurines, antique things, expensive trinkets, plates and even photos.

Living Room Wardrobe: Evaluating the Importance of

People are different and each has his own views on life and other circumstances. And with the decoration of the premises: one likes the splendor, the luxury, to become, while others prefer a strict and restrained style. But when it comes to such an attribute, as a cupboard-cupboard for dishes, then almost everyone likes this piece of furniture in the hall.

The cabinet for dishes with transparent doors will allow you to compactly place the porcelain service Cupboard with transparent doors will allow you to compactly place the porcelain service

The angles in the apartment are the most unsightly places that are very difficult to beat. And then the cupboards were reflected. Corner models perfectly fit into the overall design of the room, but require quite a lot of attention to the mounts.

Many people prefer to use cabinets with glass doors not only for demonstration of dishes, but also for books. A luxurious library of rare or collectible editions with identical covers, combined with beautiful porcelain or crystal accessories, will make the premises more expensive and will emphasize a special, sophisticated style of the hosts.

You do not have to expose too expensive and exclusive things for show. On family photos or somewhere in passing information about finding such items in your apartment will leak. It is better to store them in a safe.

Stylistic direction of the cupboards in the living room

Earlier, when mentioning the "cupboard for dishes" in the head, the image of a heavy object, made of dark wood with massive doors, appeared. Fortunately, the designers did not ignore this subject, and therefore there are a lot of variations. From simple forms to the most unusual you can meet in the store and pick up any interior of the apartment.

Picking up the cupboard for the dishes in the living room, be sure to take into account the design of the room When choosing a cupboard for the dishes in the living room, you must take into account the design of the room

In the 21st century, the public displays cupboards in the design directions:

  1. Classics.
  2. Modern.

The names speak for themselves. If the classical version presents simple and uncomplicated forms without any rich ornaments, then modern is the true embodiment of luxury in the subject. But not always these two different directions fit into modern designs. Therefore, craftsmen deftly transform such cabinets into fashionable models with the help of usual repainting.

The old cupboards sent to the mercy of fate to the dump, after restoration with little financial expenses, become unusually beautiful objects.

Glass cabinets for kitchen utensils: varieties

Showcases for exhibiting are made of different materials, therefore in shops they are presented in different price categories. From expensive wood to modern substitutes. Knowing the essential differences helps to make the right choice, based on the advantages or disadvantages of each material.

Organically in the interior of the guest room will fit a glass dish cabinet The glass dishwasher

is built into the interior of the guest room

  • Solid wood( a traditional material that differs from all with wealth and elegance, combined with elegant execution and carvings).
  • MDF( inexpensive, but quite high quality material, used in most budget options).
  • Particleboard( chipboard is afraid of moisture, so this cabinet is very demanding in maintenance and operation).
  • Plastic( excellent material for modern interiors, not involving heavy wooden cabinets).
  • Metal( it's very rare to see a performance from it, but it's ideal for Provence and eclectic styles).
  • In addition to selecting the main material for the cabinet, attention should be paid to equally important details. Glass doors, as a rule, also play an important role when considering several options. It is desirable that the glass is hardened and has a thickness of at least 4 mm. The presence of engraving or patterns on it is already personal preferences of the customer.

    Cabinet for dishes in the living room: arrangement of utensils

    In the design of the room, even the most minor details affect the appearance. To arrange the dishes in the closet you need to come up with some care, otherwise all efforts will be in vain and no one will appreciate the accent in the room.

    With special care should be approached to place dishes and other items in the cabinet Special care should be taken when placing dishes and other items in the cabinet.

    Exhibiting rules in the sideboard:

    1. Large objects( vases, painted plates, teapots) should be placed in the background.
    2. Small baubles and souvenirs are put on the first row, right in front of the glass door.
    3. Services should be in the same topic on the shelf.

    If several dish sets are at your disposal, then it is recommended to set first one, and after a while replace it with another one. To overload the cabinet at once with all the services available in the house is not the best idea. You need to focus on one option.

    Do not forget about the lighting of the cabinet. Spot LED lights located on the upper levels or under each shelf, will help to focus on the expressive subject of furniture and give an extraordinary shine to the dishes. Use fluorescent lamps can not: porcelain and ceramics will fade with time.

    Location of the cupboard in the living room

    Every object in the room must know its place, in which it looks more profitable and harmonious in relation to others. As for the location of the cupboard, it does not need to be hidden in the far corner. This is done only if the square of the room is small, but you really want to have a sideboard. The corner option will perfectly revive the unsightly place in the apartment.

    In addition, you should think about the place where the closet in the room will stand In addition, you should think about the place where the cabinet will be in the room

    The most traditional variant of the arrangement of the cupboard for dishes is in the center near the wall, opposite the sofa. The objects are exposed only through the glass doors and from the front, so it's best to put it this way. Guests, viewing memorable figurines or souvenirs from all over the world, as well as beautiful dishes and other accessories, will repeatedly mark your undeniable taste.

    How to choose a cupboard with glass in the living room( video)

    The cupboard with glass in the living room will emphasize the appearance of the room and add some color, dipping into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages with their characteristic romanticism. Vanguard and presentable sideboards, made in the most refined styles, will please not only the hosts, but also the guests, decorating the hall.

    Examples cupboard for seating( photo interiors)