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Repair hall (57 photos). Methods of expanding space. The choice of materials for the walls, ceiling and floor. Order of works


Table of contents

  • 1 Basic requirements for premises
    • 1.1 recommended actions
    • 1.2 Receptions expansion space
  • 2 What materials are used
    • 2.1 Wall covering
    • 2.2 Ceiling finish
    • 2.3 What to choose for floors
  • 3 Order of works
  • 4 Output
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After consuming finishing property to renovate the hall is not often sufficient strength, patience, and finances at the end. And it is this part of the house makes on entering the first impression to form an opinion about the hosts. Moreover, the site should be as comfortable and spacious as possible.

Properly renovated hall - a bright, comfortable, practical lined materials.

Properly renovated hall - a bright, comfortable, practical lined materials.

Basic requirements for premises

It is clear that to begin repairs to the hall is inappropriate. Through it are brought building materials and furniture, take out the garbage, the constant movement of no benefit to the new finish. That is why, before you make repairs in the hallway any host tries to the maximum to complete the work in the other rooms.

recommended actions

Large mirror, coat racks, seat and so on. improve the comfort of the room.

Large mirror, coat racks, seat and so on. improve the comfort of the room.

In order to "fit" in including the money necessary to follow a few rules:

  1. It is recommended to consider the room design to the smallest detail. Also, you need to decide what must be removed, and that the move to redo completely.
  2. Purchase materials, if this is not possible, set aside money for repairs.
  3. It is particularly noteworthy that the space at the entrance, it is desirable to issue not only aesthetically appealing. The walls and the floor must be washed well, because to get out of this place have often enough.

No need to skimp on useful accessories, they create additional convenience.
Hanger, mirror, shelves for shoes are required.
Also consider storage space for clothing, hats, keys, umbrellas and bags.

  1. Well, if you have scheduled repairs hallway with his hands, in which case it is easier to take into account all the requirements and preferences of family members. Try to achieve the most simple, yet effective results.
  2. Needless clutter and so little space. It is better to enter only the right things, too much with the decor often hinders than helps.
  3. Gather the family council and try to find a compromise in terms of the hall arrangement. The more space you win, the more ease of use get.

Often the owners are expanding the hall by combining bathrooms.
In this case, the entrance can fit a small table with chairs or chairs.
You do not necessarily invited to the apartment of official visitors (messengers, inspectors, etc.).

Bright finish expands the space.

Bright finish expands the space.

  1. Try to buy for finishing light color materials. This visually enlarge the space, make the hall more extensive and tidier.
  2. Do not aspire to clutter beginning apartments unnecessary furniture, belongings, strollers and bicycles. Otherwise, all will stumble and drop items, a place to which most on the balcony or in the pantry.

Receptions expansion space

To repair in the hallway with his hands pleased with the result, try to use the most popular and effective design techniques:

  1. Do not use dark wallpaper or paneling. Light colors are most profitable.
  2. Do not skimp on coverage. If you can not place a few lights in the zones, set one, but bright, in the most convenient place for you.
  3. Very rescue closets with a mirror on the outer surface, Look in front of which the output is not hurt. Things also get a comfortable place for storage.
Half mirrored wall visually expand the space.

Half mirrored wall visually expand the space.

  1. If possible, place the mirror as much as possible, Even better - on opposite walls. Then the space will be visually several times more.
  2. The coating is desirable on the floor laid diagonally, Is another plus in favor of increasing the area.
  3. Benefit ceilings with a slight sheen. They reflect and amplify the light behind them easy to care for. A good effect is given multilevel plasterboard construction. In this case, you can vary the taste lighting.
  4. Teaches repair school - hallway equivalent business card holder. Sleek design and a minimum of unnecessary items inform visitors about good taste and neatness hosts.

What materials are used

For every room in the house there is a collection of their most functional materials. Thus, the living room or bedroom decoration differs markedly from the bathroom, kitchen and hallway. The task ahead - to make and beautiful, and hygienic, because the main entrance is going to mud from the streets.

Wall covering

Bright wallpaper in the interior hallway.

Bright wallpaper in the interior hallway.

The walls are dirty almost as much as half, especially their lower half and if the corridor is narrow.

Therefore, in the apartment hallway repairs should be carried out on the possibility of Cleaning Agents:

  1. Vinyl wallpaper. Perfectly cleaned of dirt with a sponge or brush with a household detergent. You can buy rolls with antifungal impregnation, then the mold from the dampness you are not afraid.
  2. PVC coating. Also suitable for this purpose. The original pattern protects the thin waterproof film. Surfaces can also be washed, they are not afraid of the fungus and soak moisture.
  3. Structural (foamed) vinyl. Has a relief surface, it is dense and durable. Easy to care, is resistant to mechanical damage.
  4. Vinyl wallpaper with silk-screen printing. They have an expensive look, pleasant silky shine. You can pick up both smooth and with a relief structure.
  5. About cork finishing materials spores walk among designers. On the majority of the characteristics they are suitable, but in appearance often lose. The monotony of drawing and dark shades for many will seem boring. But you can pick up some interesting ideas for the repair of the hall is this type of wallpaper, diluted monotony interesting accents.
Liquid wallpaper - the practical and aesthetic lining material.

Liquid wallpaper - the practical and aesthetic lining material.

  1. The liquid wallpaper. Fairly new and sought-after remedy. Installation will appreciate the lack of spread out around the house rolls, you get a dry mix and dilute with water in the proportions specified in the instructions. After swelling mass is applied by trowel thin (2-3 mm) and leveled layer.

Finished walls liquid wallpaper will last a very long time.
But also clean off the layer for the next repair it will be difficult.

  1. Often there are repair options hallway, made with the help of plaster. Here the scope for creativity is unlimited. You can perform a lot of relief options and graphics. The walls at the same time you can not align, adding pluses.
  2. Finish laminated particleboard still has not lost its relevance. But installation requires skill and accuracy, and the fans will have to upset the frequent alterations, sturdy tear panel is a pity.
  3. Ceramic tile also has a right to exist in the hallway, but then the interior will be more like a bathroom or kitchen. Therefore, you can combine wallpaper tile, placing it just at the bottom of the walls, in places of the greatest pollution.
Molded - the basis of eco-style.

Molded - the basis of eco-style.

  1. Siding Lining or feel great and in the hallways. But it is important to combine the style of the entrance to the concept of rest rooms. It is advisable to cover the painted wood, so it will last a lot longer.

It is undesirable to use a paper coating, it quickly breaks and stained.
If more and the walls are not aligned, it will be noticeable any, even small pit or bump.

Ceiling finish

Suspended ceiling, it can look like in the mirror.

Suspended ceiling, it can look like in the mirror.

Here, particular importance is the ceiling height. If you are lucky, and you have a top margin of space, ceiling repair in the hallway can be combined with the installation of the mezzanine.

In this case, the problem of storing many do not often demanded things disappear:

  1. Stretch ceilings - almost ideal for the majority. Installed in a few hours, wash well reflect light. However, without masters can not do here.
Tiered ceiling of GCR.

Tiered ceiling of GCR.

  1. Plasterboard is optimal for vysokopotolochnyh apartments, then you can also build an original design in several tiers. It will be easier to place lights, and all the bumps are closed.
  2. Plastic panels. They are cheap, hygienic and advantageous look. But they need a framework, and its installation is often confused by many owners.
  3. As a budget option you can consider wallpapering or painting. But the process is not very nice, especially if you have to prepare the surface.

What to choose for floors

Floor tiles ideal for the hallway.

Floor tiles ideal for the hallway.

A careful approach to the coverage will save you from potential trouble.

It is important to choose a strong and safe material, making it unnecessary to remake soon:

  1. Tile. It is recommended to choose the dark, with a slightly rough surface. It is much safer and less likely to slip. At too light ceramics immediately apparent dirt on black - even small scratches are visible. All shades of brown or gray look best.
  2. Examples of repair hallway with laminate is often found. Pick up is not the thinnest, especially if someone in your family goes to the heel. Placed it on the glue or by means of interlocks. In the second case, the coating is easily disassembled when desired. Thanks to the huge selection of varieties, colors and textures, you are sure to find the perfect option.
Linoleum - a budget option of finishing.

Linoleum - a budget option of finishing.

  1. Thrifty homeowners often choose linoleum hallway. Maintain cleanliness is very simple, but that's the life of the material is not as long as we would like. A good solution is considered sort of terrain, or Foam.

You can combine the coverage, it is cheaper and more efficient.
For example, the site is covered with tiles at the door, on the material used appropriate interior style.
It is worth while to pay attention to the harmony of colors, desirable identical shades.

A combination of tile and linoleum

A combination of tile and linoleum

Order of works

As in any other room in the hallway should follow action steps.

In this case, the process will accelerate and will not be unplanned delays:

  1. The room is freed and cleared of old coatings.
  2. To Install ceiling and lighting.
  3. Equipped with furniture fittings, mounted frames, veneered walls.
  4. The last thing laid flooring, baseboards.


In order to quickly complete the repair hall and forget about the problems for a long time, choose only the right materials. Do not operate in a chaotic manner, and do not delay action on the part of then. Only then will you be able to fully enjoy the cleanliness in the house and to celebrate the completion of repairs. If you have questions, ask them in the comments.

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