Repair hall in Khrushchev and options children's room design in an apartment

Repair Khrushchev in the hallway (48 photos). Flooring. Ideas arrangement, lighting and layout of the small room. Decorating a child's room


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  • 2 Ideas everything a small hallway
  • 3 Lighting a small hallway
  • 4 Disposition of the hall in a small Khrushchev
  • 5 Children's room in a five-storey apartment
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Entrance hall - is the main entrance to your apartment. That it creates a certain mood, it speaks volumes about your style as soon as the door is opened flat, so quality repair Khrushchev in the hallway is very important.

First, the most important impression of you and your house guests will receive it is here - in the hallway. In small apartments (Khrushchev) hallways very uncomfortable - rather narrow corridors and doors piling up. Repair in the hallway, her finish will not take you a lot of effort, time and money, but harmoniously completes the interior of your apartment.

Repair hall in hruschevkeSo, the main disadvantages of the hallway in the Khrushchev is a small area of ​​3-4 m2, awkward layout, a long narrow corridor.

Before starting any repair work in the hallway is necessary to take into account all the shortcomings of your hallway, in the future, they skillfully and successfully used. Even in a normal sample of repaired one-room apartment in Khrushchev hall can become comfortable and functional.

Tip! When choosing decoration materials should be excluded from the list of those that steal your "precious" centimeters square. In small hallway will not look wooden or plastic wall panels, artificial stone or raised plaster, drywall. Textured paint or wallpaper - this is a great solution for this hall!

Repair begins from the ceiling. When choosing flowers for the hall should be borne in mind that they can be used to extend or shorten the space visually. The most suitable embodiment is a smooth and bright white ceiling walls (beige, dairy, blue, yellow).


choose material

The floor in the hallway should be given special attention, as it accounts for most of the load and the floor covering is worn very quickly. Area in front of the entrance door should make resistant to moisture and wear coatings, such as ceramic tile or stone.

Color scheme and layout

Flooring, which has no clear boundary and smoothly flows into the room and the kitchen, creates the visual impression more hallway area. A similar effect can be achieved with a broken or wavy border.

Repair of a nursery in the Khrushchev

If the design of the apartment allows, it is possible to cover the hallway carpet. Carpet should be solid and resilient, perfect nylon cloth. The pile should be as short, hard and dense.

Ideas everything a small hallway

In a small hallway Khrushchev important minimalism. Try to minimize the use of decorative objects.

If a large family, then in the hallway kept a lot of clothes, watch should be taken to open hangers that create an unpleasant effect crowding and confusion.

The optimal solution would be a built-in closet, walls and doors which can be mirrored, it is visually expand the space.

If you live in older people need to have in the hallway ottoman, bench or stool. This piece of furniture can easily become a repository for various relevant details: brushes for shoes, creams, different accessories.

If the hallway is so small that the wardrobe can not be established, an ideal solution would be L-shaped furniture and cabinet, which is placed in the corner of the corridor. This hall is comfortable, roomy and takes up little space.

Lighting a small hallway

It is very important for such a complex little room to choose the right lighting. It must be even and bright enough.

  • Near the top of the mirror must be positioned bright light source. You will clearly see yourself, and light reflected by the mirror, brightly illuminate your hall.
  • Experts advise to use incandescent or halogen lamps, their spectrum is closest to natural. It is also possible to take energy-saving lamps, which give matt white light. In wardrobe is to be your own light.
  • In the hallway more practical to use several light sources, especially for the most beauty lighting.
  • Even if you have no plans for major overhaul of Khrushchev with his own hands, or at least her little hallway, remember that many defects can be hidden by a competent lighting, and all the main advantages - emphasize.
Repair children's room in Khrushchev

Options hallway lighting

  • If your hallway is narrow and close, and the high ceiling, the light should be directed to the walls. Ceiling stop distracting and vestibule will seem wider. If you have a low ceiling, the room can not cover from top to bottom.
  • The ceiling is better to paint in white color and illuminate well. The direction of light in the hall can be adjusted by sconces. It is recommended to use lamps with adjustable mounting bracket, which is ideally located on the visor closet or on a special curb perimeter wall.
  • If possible, you should use a number of different light sources that emit the front door, ceiling, cabinet or mirror.
  • It is more attractive and original idea of ​​repair Khrushchev than outdated dim lamp in the center of the ceiling. Sconces should be placed on the wall above or below your height.

Disposition of the hall in a small Khrushchev

Disposition of the hall in the Khrushchev

Disposition of the hall in the Khrushchev

Amount of furniture should be minimal.

Furniture for such a small space is best to choose a shallow, with no extra protruding elements, with rounded elements. Cabinet doors to make better sliding. Comfortable and functional for this purpose Shoe cabinet with folding doors, a small depth.

Long, narrow corridor, running along the rooms, not necessarily in style and type must match the entire hallway. Just select repaired in the hallway in the Khrushchev little room for input and storage of clothing.

The second part of the corridor can be used as an extension of living spaces.

Children's room in a five-storey apartment

Usually in the Khrushchev repair a child's room is the parents is quite understandable bewilderment: how in such a small room, in a 5-7 square meters, to create for your child a real comfort? How to divide it into zones?

Children's room is both a child and a bedroom and play area, as well as a place where he does homework.

Today, there are many techniques, methods, terms which may be the children's room to give Khrushchev a design that will be practical and beautiful.

The first method - to choose the right colors for finishing ceiling and wall. From materials with full confidence you can use wallpaper.

For small little rooms you need to choose the color of cold shades which visually expand the room is suitable blue, green, pink, lilac color.

Children in the Khrushchev

Children in the Khrushchev

Tip! There is one very simple way to achieve the desired effect: not necessarily paint the entire wall in one color, needs to be applied on the walls of several colors horizontal stripes.

Vertical lines can help to "lift" the ceiling. The room will not only wider but also higher.

For the flooring in the nursery is better to use durable materials - linoleum, laminate or floorboard.

Since one of the main objectives of the changes in the children's room design can be called Khrushchev release space, this can be achieved with the help of the proper use of available space in the placement furniture.

Standard furniture from the standard should be abandoned in favor of immediately executed under the personal order. For small children the most suitable and best option would be a loft bed, under which the cabinet is installed.

Also suitable for a child's bed with a practical drawer, where it will be stored linens, toys and other things.

Loft bed in the Khrushchev

Loft bed, the price - from 14 000 rubles.

All kinds of stone, which only take up too much space, it is better to replace the wall shelves. They add up books and toys.

Also important choosing the right baby desktop location. It will be ideal if the working child table will be located near the window. For this case, we can recommend as a countertop use accrued windowsill. Outside the box, he will speak for a few tens of centimeters. Practical and original idea that allows you to save space. In addition, the space for such a table may be sufficient even two children.

When placing your desktop along a wall without windows, you should think about the additional artificial light as a reading light.

When the decoration of the walls using pictures with children's motifs or patterns, the picture frame glass supplement because it has reflective properties. One mirror in the children's room will be quite enough.

As you can see, the hallway repair Khrushchev with the right approach - the task is simple, requires a preliminary calculation and a little creativity.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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