How to make repairs in the apartment hallway with his hands: the idea to finish in pictures

Repair of the corridor (51 photos). Increasing the visual space


Table of contents

  • 1 What is a corridor in modern apartments
  • 2 Getting repairs
    • 2.1 Removing the old coating
    • 2.2 surface preparation
  • 3 Visually increase the space
  • 4 Summing up
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In this article, let's talk about the repair of the corridor: the sequence in which to implement it, and how to choose finishing materials, so that you can visually enlarge the space.

corridor repair Hallway requires very careful attitude to the selection of finishing materials and furniture, which not only does not take extra space, but also visually expand the boundaries of the hallway. Thus, we begin a long-awaited renovation in building their own hands!

It is worth noting that the repair of the corridor in the apartment, as a rule, carried out at times more often than in any other room.

After all, this is the place where people first thing in the fall, coming from the street. This means that dirt and dust accumulate in large numbers.

Note! If the hall decoration is made in the course of major repairs in the apartment, this room should be renovated in the last turn. Since the dirt and construction dust from other rooms anyway will get here.

What is a corridor in modern apartments

In most typical apartments hall - it is narrow and dark room, connecting a few rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Sunlight does not get here at all, except that of the doorways leading into the room. Therefore, the illumination of this place special demands.

When choosing wallpaper, stop for a material that can withstand wet cleaning. Another option - wallpaper for painting, allowing time to time to make minor cosmetic repairs.

As ceiling finishes may be preferred tensioning structure. To make better use of washable floor tiles or linoleum.

School of repairs corridor recommends finish in bright colors (because it is a dark and narrow space), and at the same time the brand colors - light gray, beige, blue.

When you create an interior in a narrow hallway is better to give up finishing materials, which will take away extra centimeters square.

Getting repairs

repair of the corridor with his hands


Removing the old coating

The first thing is to determine the final view of the hallway. In a professional environment, this is called the creation of the design project premises.

Describe in detail the steps to achieve the desired goal, you will see that the question of "how to make repairs in the hallway" becomes more real.

Let's orient, what must be done in the first place, and that the second and third? And how to make cheap repair facilities?

Repair of the corridor in the pictures always looks nice and simple. However, in practice it is associated with a lot of dusty papers.

The first step in the repair must be to dismantle the old wall coverings.

Scrape the wallpaper can be:

  • Using water. It is necessary to wet the surface and wait for water absorption. Modern wallpaper paste compositions are very poorly tolerate moisture and therefore easily wet behind the wall.
  • By means of a special liquid for removing wallpaper. Today it is sold in many DIY stores. The principle is the same as that of water: you just need to wet the wall.
repair of the corridor in the apartment

Stretch ceiling

Repair of the ceiling in the hallway is performed after the dismantling of old coats the walls have to be made, and new wallpaper has not pokleit.

Otherwise, they will be bombarded with plaster, dust and other debris. From the ceiling cleaned whitewash or paint.

surface preparation

If you plan to whitewash or paint it again, the surface should be primed (to give better coupling whitewash or paint to the surface), putty and plaster. We recommend to use a primer with deep penetrating properties, the price - from 420 rubles.

As a result, it should get a perfectly smooth surface. If you choose to install a curtain or tension system, the ceiling can be left in the same condition in which it was before priming.

Note! Even if you plan to close the base or ceiling stretch hinged design, peel it from the old whitewash or paint is still necessary!

Repair floor in the hallway and begins with the dismantling of the old floor covering, followed by floor screed for leveling and laying his new material.

Visually increase the space

repair of a narrow corridor

Mirror sliding cupboards in the hallway

Doing the dirty work, you are ready for final finishing facilities. This is a nice piece in the sense that it is to a lesser extent due to dust and debris.

Deciding to repair the hall with his hands, still refer to the professional masters, if your apartment is planned to install a false ceiling - a tension or external design.

The fact that the warranty period after installation of such a system is more than 10 years. If you have no experience of installation false ceilings, it's likely you will not be able to do the job at a high level. And free help in eliminating defects experts have not expected.

  • Repair ceiling in a small hallway is recommended installation of glossy lacquer or tension structures. Entrance hall, as in a mirror, once again reflected in the surface of the canvas, creating the effect of a large elongated space.
  • Repair narrow corridor involves the installation of cabinets with mirrored doors. Well, if they are open on the principle of "coupe" - move apart in different directions. This will solve two problems at once: to visually enlarge the space and breadth physically save space on the open door.

In general, the repair of the corridor - it though troublesome, but exciting activity that allows your hands to make a home cozy and warm.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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