Corridor design in the apartment: a long and narrow

The design of the corridor in the apartment (photo 60): the choice of colors, decoration of walls and ceilings, furniture selection


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  • 1 Choosing a color scheme
  • 2 We make the walls and ceiling
  • 3 What furniture to choose
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Making the design of the corridor in an apartment should make quite an effort for a good result.

The corridor is considered to be one of the "dead" zones in the apartment, which almost do not provide functional load and not particularly bother over its design.

corridor design in apartmentBut the place from which we are going to work and back home every morning we see in the first all, should not only perform certain tasks, but also to look bright, pleasing the eye and increasing mood.

Let no one in the hallway too much time, but it usually takes a lot of space, which is rarely used for its intended purpose. And even awkward shape of the room does not stop an experienced specialist from the creation of a rational and functional design of the hallway.

First of all, it should be free of unnecessary things hallway and use light colors and maximum lighting to visually enlarge its size.

Then you can develop a convenient layout, executing the functions of dressing or even libraries. We will consider all stages of repair details.

Choosing a color scheme

design a narrow corridor in the apartment

Green accents on light walls

On how harmonious and appropriate to choose the color depends on the future atmosphere in the hall and a sense of guests and hosts in finding it.

Harmony in the combination of colors will make the room cozy and comfortable, not cold and annoying.

There are some guidelines, which should be used whenever the design of the entrance hall:

  • Using the ratio of the brightness of the system: increasing the brightness of the color from the bottom up, for example, the floor of the corridor - dark shades, wall - pastel colors, and the ceiling - white. When using color should also take into account its compatibility with different materials.
  • The walls of the hallway always make light to visually expand the space. Colored lights and large mirrors also help to increase the volume of the room and decorate the interior.
  • On the ceiling, it is desirable to use the built-in spotlights, do not take up much space and punctuating attention to some parts of the room as well as a direct design of the ceiling in the hall - an important point.

We make the walls and ceiling

Design of a long corridor in the apartment

Using vertical pattern on the wallpaper to increase room

Finishing of surfaces plays an important role in the formation of the atmosphere in the hall, so you should make every effort when it is executed.

The floor covering must be resistant to moisture and wear. For example, a fairly popular laminate is poorly suited to a hallway, because he was not able to withstand the water for several hours.

Of course, you can wash it, but in the rain it could be damaged, if not promptly cleaned puddles natekshie with shoes and umbrellas.

Tiles - a good choice for floors in the hallway. In combination with warm floors, it provides comfort and dryness. In addition, the manifold textures and low cost of the material allows to experiment with different original design.

Note! To extend the hallway in any direction (length or width) must be used coating pattern, directed in the required direction.

For increasing overall space pattern laid diagonally. Thus, the design of a long corridor in the apartment would look better if the pattern on the floor is horizontal, it will make the room a square.

Walls are usually pasted wall-paper light shades. Again, for the expansion of the room you can hang a mirror and use as much light as possible.

The ceiling in the hallway often make one-level to save space.

What furniture to choose

Classic interiors in the hallway

Classic interiors in the hallway

Choosing furniture for the corridor - is another problem. Usually corridor design does not imply the use of a large number of interior items.

It is necessary to try to think through and plan to make a niche in the wall for each of the pieces of furniture.

  • Built-in furniture looks very organic and does not take up much space.
  • In the hallway are required: large wardrobe, dresser or cabinet with mirror, shelves and hangers.
  • It will serve as a complement to the interior umbrella stand and keys.
  • If the room is high ceiling - is to use a system of hanging locker, fits well into the interior.
  • According to the basic ideas of the design of the corridor, do not clutter up the room furnishings, as in traditional layouts in this room and so little space.
  • Closed furniture is preferable to use, because it does not create a feeling of space occupancy and does not contribute to the disorder.

Quality - an important property of furniture for the hall, because its hardware is often subjected to mechanical stress, moisture and cold air from the street.

For a comfortable accommodation in the interior furniture is better to take the order, because the design of the narrow corridor of the apartment is quite difficult to plan.

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