Design a small hallway in the apartment: options and ideas of its interior decoration

Design a small hallway (60 photos): furniture, lighting and covering materials for visual extension


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  • 1 How to expand the space
  • 2 facing materials
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    • 2.2 Ceiling
    • 2.3 Floor
  • 3 What should be the furniture
  • 4 A bit of light
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The choice of design for the room depends on its geometrical parameters. Input space is a space in which to create the necessary comfort in a very limited extent.

Therefore, the main principle that must be built design a small hallway in the apartment - this is minimalism. The less there is of different objects and details, the better.

Design a small hallway

How to expand the space

Design a small hallway in the apartment

Light lining and the abandonment of the overall furniture will help expand the space

To begin with some advice from professional designers who can help you to increase the amount of space both physically and visually.

  1. open space. Discard bulky furniture in the hallway and dismantle mezzanine. The price of such a solution - a spacious entrance hall.
  2. Use architectural tricks. Facing materials, which eat up precious centimeters of wall panels, artificial stone, drywall better not to apply.

More airy and light make the space through openings or arches, niches with mirrors and lighting, as well in this case stained glass.

  1. It is very important coverage. Putting make attractive floor and wall lamps, lights, shelves and niches. Visually help expand its surfaces that reflect light, such as mirrors and glossy ceilings.
  2. Very interesting novelty of the construction market - acoustic fixtures. They are included in the sound of footsteps. The instruments operate on batteries, so do not require special wiring harness. Built-in lamp dimmer allows you to use as a nightlight.
  3. For design ceiling in the hallway, as well as walls and floors, use light colorsWhite, gray, blue, beige, it's visually enlarge a small room. White ceiling will make the walls more visually high.
  4. Close the room visually looks more spacious due to the floor covering, which extends beyond the territory of the kitchen or living room. The same effect will have a carpet, leaving a corridor into the room.
  5. The interior of a small room closet is appropriate only when installed in a niche. If you have a long and narrow hallway from any cabinets should be abandoned, preferring coat rail.
  6. Limit in the interior of the room objects and details of small forms. The most suitable option for storing outerwear - is a hanger-strap fixed on one of the walls.

Tip! One of the main rules of professional design: any room will be perceived more spacious, if large items are placed in the foreground, and small - on the far.

An important aspect, which must include the design is very small hallway - discard the interior door leading to the room or set the sliding design. If this is not possible, opening the door to be opened in another room.

facing materials

Design a small hallway and corridor

To paint a small hallway is necessary in light colors


As already mentioned above, exclude the finishing materials, which greatly reduce the area. Staining for decoration, but the color of his need to very carefully select, because the hall is a place where come from the street.

One wall can be painted in a contrasting color. But on condition that it will be used and in accessories.

Ideal for wall facing the hallway - it's water-resistant textured wallpaper. Pick materials having a fine monochrome image, preferably light colors.

Strongly recommended to apply two-color wallpaper with a border. Visually, they will make the room even smaller. To diversify the coating can sometimes hold the decoration of the walls artificial stone.


Ceiling paint is very glossy bright paint or mount tension glossy coating.


The choice of flooring material - a very important moment. After all, design a small hallway should be not only aesthetic, but also very practical.

Since this room is the most passable, moisture and dirt on the floor it will be present all the time.

The floor should be light, but differ by several tones of color of the walls. Skirting better to make dark, so they effectively emphasize the perimeter of the room.

Tip! Laminate in the hallway can be used, but pay attention to its characteristics. Choose a water-resistant product of not less than 33 classes, such a wear-resistant coating will last you at least 10 years.

Any wooden floors: parquet, massive, and flooring are not the best choice. In autumn and winter the floor in the entrance room almost constantly in contact with moisture, so such a lining wear out faster and loses its attractive appearance.

Ceramic tile, granite and stone are an excellent option floor design in the hallway, because it is the perfect cover both water resistance and ease of maintenance of hygiene in the home.

Be sure to lay out the tiles in the area of ​​2-3 m² in front of the entrance door. If the coating line will not be rectangular and polygonal or rounded, it is visually increase the floor area.

Tip! Preferring carpet, it is necessary to select a material of synthetic fibers, e.g., nylon. Pile in the product should be short.

What should be the furniture

Usually, a small interior design hallway contains a standard set of furniture - open hanger and a cabinet with a mirror.

Small lobby design

Corner benches considerably save space

Pick a cabinet that can be used as a seat, and then you do not need a stool or bench for easy donning shoes.

Large closet hardly fit in the room. The maximum that you will be available - it is a small column. To increase the visual space hang on her full-length mirror. Another option - a corner wardrobe.

For things and objects that you do not need every day, equip the shelf and mount them higher. If this is not possible, remove from the premises all things.

Pick the furniture is not very dark color. If, however, it will have a wood pattern, prefer light shade of beech, pine and oak. It is best not to buy ready-made headset, and make the personal order.

A bit of light

In the selection of lighting should take into account not only the general style of the interior, but also take into account the rules of arrangement of lighting different areas of habitation.

Hallway in the house performs two basic functions: a fitting welcome guests as well as a quick and convenient collection inhabitants before going out. The windows in the room, as a rule, there is, therefore, the lighting can only be artificial.

  • Illuminate the room needs to be better than the road, but not brighter than the living room. And then design the hall in a country house, cottage or apartment will look more welcoming and orientation in space it will not be hindered by the contrasting light.
  • If the path to the bathroom or toilet is finished through the entrance room, it is recommended to install a night light. For cupboard and mirrors need lights. This will greatly facilitate and shorten the process of collecting the morning.
  • If the ceiling is very low, the lighting must be done diffused. For this purpose you can send ceiling wall units up and thus, the light reflected from the ceiling, visually expand the wall.
  • With a high ceiling or a very elongated room, the design of a small entrance hall and corridor should involve the installation of fixtures aimed at the walls themselves. The ceiling at the same time remain in the shadows and visually a little bit lower.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you, and now you can own hands to develop a decent design. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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