The unusual design of bedrooms 8 square meters: modern-interior bedroom with dark furniture

Bedroom design 8 square meters (33 photos). The expansion of space. Selection of the bed, bedside tables and cabinets (chest). decoration


Table of contents

  • 1 space expansion
  • 2 The choice of furniture
    • 2.1 Bed
    • 2.2 nightstands
    • 2.3 Select and place the closet (locker)
  • 3 Decorating design
  • 4 Summing up
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Owners of small bedrooms while repairing necessarily faced with the dilemma of how to arrange the interior of the room, so it did not look tiny, it was comfortable and functional.

In this article, our school will repair the main recommendations about what should be the design of bedrooms 8 sq m, to activities in it as comfortable as possible with the convenience point of view and appeal.

Bedroom design 8 square meters

space expansion

The increase in space, first of all, implies the absence of all superfluous. It is to start to get rid of excess furniture (little used, useless and unnecessary headroom), unnecessary details and other stuff.

The furniture should be as simple as a set:

  • bed;
  • two tables (for two people);
  • cabinet or chest of drawers.

This will be more than enough if you really get rid of unnecessary things.

The choice of furniture


Choose a bed should be guided by the following principles:

  • less overall looks bed without marked legs or no such;
  • should avoid models with a massive headboard, creating the effect of clutter;
  • not suitable for the design of a small bedroom, and a product with carved back, which also reduces the visual space;
  • low bed, on the contrary, increases the free space;
  • look at the models with a simple unpretentious design;
  • it must be remembered that the design of a bedroom with dark furniture negative impact on the perception of space.

Post bed is possible as the center for the approach to it from both sides and in the corner, which is less convenient in functional terms, but it is effective in terms of saving space.

An interesting option would be the diagonal placement. Be sure to consider it as well.

The unusual design of bedrooms

Diagonal placement of the bed

Tip! In order to increase the space of the bedroom modernist design and oriental style fit perfectly. The furniture should be strict lines and proportions, not be too high. Preference is also better to products made of natural materials such as wood, rattan, iron.


As bed, bedside tables should be as simple, nevychurnymi. In addition, they must not exceed the height of the bed level. To save space, place them best as close to the bed.

The unusual design of the bedroom a small area can be obtained using a hinged cabinets, fixed directly to the wall.

Bad will look and stone with a glass top plane. Alternative bedside tables could be hinged shelves. They look more compact, and almost not inferior to the spaciousness.

Select and place the closet (locker)

Here, the best choice would be the closet (regular or Radius) or built-in wardrobe, made to order. In comparison with obsolete products with hinged doors, a wardrobe can fit even in a small free area, without providing additional space for the opening of the door leaves.

cabinet design for a bedroom should be selected in accordance with the overall interior room.

Bedroom modernist design

Radius-in closet in the bedroom

Tip! Preference is better to give pieces of furniture with glass facades that create the effect of doubling the space.

If the space under the cabinet no way out situation is to install the chest. In addition to storage space, it will also serve as an additional plane, which can be used for various purposes, eg, for the device mini dressing room for ladies.

Decorating design

Bright colors - what you need to create the design of small-sized bedrooms. They will add "air" to the room. Bright walls and wallpaper with glitter will tire, so from them should be abandoned. Avoid also be wallpaper with a large pattern.

Excellent option for finishing ceiling constructions with stretch become glossy or specular surface significantly "increase" height of the room.

The color of the floor should be chosen well in harmony with the walls and furniture. If it's laminate or parquet floor, it is best to put on a diagonal that will be interesting, and slightly increase the area of ​​the room.

With these simple techniques bedroom design 8 square meters will make it the most functional place in the apartment.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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