Purple bedrooms: tone and photo design, colors in the interior, with white furniture and a gray wall, beige-black

Decoration of a bedroom in purple is preferred by creative and non-ordinary personalities Describing the bedroom in purple, they prefer to choose creative and extraordinary personalities The life of modern man does not stand still. Everything changes-fashion, technology and even human relations. Various innovations have undergone also the design of premises, especially, it concerns bedrooms. Faded and inexpressive shades have receded into the background, and they are replaced by bright purple bedrooms, striking with their pretentiousness and glamor.

      • Bedroom in violet colors: impact on human life
      • Purple bedroom: design, photo and proper use of color
      • Photos of the bedroom violet in combination with other colors
      • Bedrooms in purple in combination of blackAnd virgin white
      • Examples of violet bedrooms( video)
      • Bedroom design in violet tones( photo interiors)

Bedroom in purple colors: impact on human life

Coming homeOh, after a long day of work, a man cherishes only one thought - to be alone with himself and with his thoughts, and this can only be done in the bedroom. Therefore, it is very important that in the design of the room, there were pleasant and soothing motives. Despite the fact that violet is considered bright color, it calms and relaxes. He breathes coolness, freshness and calmness. He attracts and attracts people. If you look at the purple hue from the point of view of psychology, you can draw one conclusion: life will become serene and calmer.

The main advantage of using violet - it perfectly fits into any interior design. This color is appropriate, both in the style of Provence, and in the high-tech.

Purple color is perfect for decorating a bedroom in any style Purple color is perfect for decorating a bedroom in any style.

Like any other color, purple, has a large number of shades. Each of them, is capable in its own way to affect the psychological state of a person, so this aspect should be taken into account when applying it in the interior of bedrooms. If the purple color bears emotional calm and harmony, then the dark eggplant is able to fill the room with grandeur and grace. Among its merits - universality.

It perfectly combines with all colors, but looks best with:

  • Black;
  • Gray;
  • Gold;
  • White;
  • Bronze;
  • Red;
  • White.

In times of great emperors and noble aristocrats, purple was present everywhere, it was a sign of high status and a symbol of power. Today, all shades of purple, prefer confident people, creative and artistic personalities.

Purple bedroom: design, photo and proper use of color

With the help of a color palette, you can visually narrow or expand the space, allocate a certain zone, delimit space, and create the necessary emotional environment in the room.

If you are aiming to visually expand the room, "fill" it with air and coolness, then when choosing a wall covering you should give preference to light colors.

If you need to visually expand a small room, then for the decoration of walls it is better to choose a light purple hue If you need to visually expand a small room, then it is better to choose a light purple shade for wall decoration

Among which:

  • Purple;
  • Light-lilac;
  • Pale purple.

All the above violet tones will give an easy and romantic touch to the interior of the bedroom.

Rich colors are rarely used in a bedroom interior. Especially when you consider that they visually narrow the space, making the room much smaller than it is.

Nevertheless, if you want to give the bedroom a mystery and mystery, then the luxurious dark purple colors will be just right. Eggplant, plum and blackberry colors perfectly blend in with golden hues. They make the interior of the bedroom pompous, elegant and artsy. Another vivid example, giving the room of royal grandeur - the blackberry walls against the background of a white bed and crimson textile decor.

Photo bedroom violet in combination with other colors

Given the high versatility of color, let's look at how the violet tone looks in the bedroom, combined with other shades.

Beige and purple bedroom

The beige color perfectly blends with all shades of purple. It makes the interior of the room more cozy and comfortable. For example, the wall should be covered with wallpaper in beige tones, while the furniture set and textile decor can be purple.

In order for the design of the beige-violet bedroom to play bright colors, the shades should be properly distributed.

The room can be decorated and, somewhat differently: the wall is covered with a beige-violet palette, beside which there is a beige bed, and as a decor, juicy berry shades are used.

Purple bedroom in golden tones

If there is a need for a royal interior, all the shades of gold can help in this. Do not be modest and restrained, a bit of kitsch in this interior will have to "go to court."

  1. A huge bed with a wide textile head of purple hue;
  2. On the walls and ceiling lavender wallpaper;
  3. As a decor - ceiling skirtings in gold.

Completes the interior, wrapped on a bed of gold bedspreads, made of silk fabric. The richness of gold, will give a room of luxury and grandeur, so a person who is in it can feel himself a special royal blood.

Bronze in the violet interior

The bronze is able to muffle the saturated purple color. It makes it less active, creating a cozy room. For example, if as a wall decoration, you decide to choose a dark plum or grape, you can safely buy dark brown or bronze curtains, bedspreads, carpets or floor coverings.

Purple bedroom in red

Scarlet or blood red not only does not suppress the purple, but on the contrary, will impart passion and attraction. Red-violet scales are great for hot, adventurous and passionate natures. Nevertheless, try not to overdo it with the abundance of red, since it has the property of unnecessarily acting on the psyche, makes a person excessively excitable and nervous. The best option - the use of red as a decor: lamps, bedspreads or carpet.

Interior of gray-violet bedrooms

Gray is the color of nobility and lofty feelings. Saturated shades of violet show great in combination with gray. Being in such a room, there will be no uncomfortable sensations or nervous overstrain.

Gray can be used both as an active color and passive, it will equally give an interior of elegance and luxury.

Regardless of which shade of purple you choose, it will always be the color of wealth and pomposity. In the interior of the purple bedroom, organically looks metal, leather, fur or textiles. As a decor, you can use any products, they not only will not spoil the design of the room, but, on the contrary, it will be profitable to emphasize it.

Purple color in combination with white will make the bedroom exquisite and cozy Purple color in combination with white will make the bedroom exquisite and cozy

Black and purple interior allows you to give the room a mystery and mystery. Black and violet perfectly harmonize with each other, creating a truly luxurious and refined interior.

However, you need to remember, if as a partner to black, you choose bright purple colors, you need a third: neutral shade.

You can use neutral beige, soft pink, lilac or gray as neutral.

The purple sleeping interior perfectly blends in with white furniture, giving it peace and tranquility. He suppresses aggression and leads into a balanced state. If your work is connected with nervous overstrain, this design will be your savior in the "stormy world of passions".

Examples of violet bedrooms( video)

The purple bedroom is a bright indicator of style, good taste and security. Choosing this shade, the person implicitly takes a reference point for raising the career ladder and increasing his welfare, because from time immemorial, purple is the color of kings and queens.

bedroom design in violet tones( photo interiors)