Bedroom design in the modern style: ready interesting version of the interior high-tech

Bedroom design in the modern style (48 photos): classical interior, country, modern and vintage


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    • 2.3 modern
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Choosing a bedroom design in a modern style, rukovodstvtsytes their tastes. This room is non-public, the situation should have to the intima and allow a good rest. In this article, we propose to consider several design options and learn practical tips on arrangement of bedrooms.

Bedroom design in a modern style

the design requirements

  1. Properly selected colors. Ideally, it should meet the temperament of the person living in it, but there is a neutral color. Also do not forget about the location of the room.

If it is on the north side, and there's little light, it is advisable to choose a warm and bright shades. you can not limit yourself to a choice of colors and give preference to the favorite in a bright room. But do not forget, everything must be in harmony, walls, ceiling, furniture, flooring, design curtains for the bedroom and accessories should be viewed one concept.

  1. Selection of wallpaper pattern. For small rooms it is desirable to choose a vertical pattern that visually raise the ceiling and make the room above.

Also, one wall may be either masked with photo wallpapers glossy pattern in a light or bright colors, but not aggressive, it will give the depth of the room. For the design of the narrow bedroom can pick wallpaper with a horizontal pattern, the room will seem wider. Do not get involved in small, often placed drawings, a print depressing.

  1. Ceiling. Usually it is made bright, but modern technology is different. In the design of a small room will look fine glossy ceiling, where a large number of lamps.
    Interior design bedroom in contemporary style

    Designed in the style of minimalism

Also in vogue ceilings on the type of the night sky, a big moon light, the main background is dark and it scattered small bulbs stars. The main thing, the ceiling must fit into the interior design, and the shape and color - your imagination.

  1. Furniture. To say that the furniture should be comfortable, practical and made from natural materials, not even worth it. It is well-known things.

Choosing an interesting interior design bedrooms in a modern style, it is necessary to take into account the main rule - Furniture should look favorably on the background of well-chosen finishing materials: walls, ceiling, curtains, floor.

If the room is small size, it is not necessary to take the bulky furniture. The main emphasis is placed on the bed, the rest of the furniture if necessary.

Interesting design bedrooms

Interesting, unusual design

Tip! If the room is furniture and the bulk of the light-colored finishes, floor darkens. Conversely, if the focus is on accessories (lamps, vases, pictures), it is desirable to make the light floor.

  1. Curtains, etc.. Designers offer to pick up in one color tulle, curtains, bedspread and decorative pillows. This will give a room interior design finish.
  2. fixtures. It is believed that the overhead light should be soft and muted, it will give the atmosphere of intimacy and comfort. If you are used to read before going to bed, take care of the additional lighting in the form of lamps or bedside lamps. The shape and design of fixtures must integrate harmoniously with the environment.
  3. And the main design direction bedrooms usually reflects the connection of the internal and external world man, so the room should combine harmonious interior, aesthetic appearance and functionality room.

Basic rules figured out, let's briefly review the most popular at the moment the room styles.



Classic is always in fashion. Furniture made of wood with an abundance of wooden accessories, big wooden bed. Design in brown or in bright pastel colors.

Heavy drapes, white or beige tulle. Chandeliers and sconces complete the interior. This style is suitable for quiet and conservative people who, above all, appreciate the warmth and comfort. Not very suitable for small spaces.

Modern bedroom design for a small space

Design in brown tones


Or as it is called country style. Simple wooden furniture, only the necessary minimum. The main attitude creates accessories - woven mats, bright cushions, napkins, simple curtains on the window, the flowers on the windowsill.

The basic tone - light. Wallpaper with small flowers. As chandelier lamp with a bright shade cloth will look great. This style draws people who are tired of the bustle of the city, appreciate the comfort and warmth of the family hearth.

If a little dream, you can arrange not only great in this style, but also a small room.


Style modern and progressive people. It contains smooth features, various shades can even design a bedroom in pink.

Ready bedroom design

Bedroom design in dark pink

To create a style, you can use any materials, both natural and artificial.

It is divided into several subgroups:

  • High tech. It combines space and light. Primary colors - white, black and gray. They usually add more blue, red, green and yellow shades. The main concept of the room - clean and shiny surface. All things in the room have an elegant simplicity and clarity. Suitable for active people who value functionality. Relevant for smaller rooms.
  • Ethno. Very interesting design of the bedroom. It is based on the use of the national colors, traditions and motives related to a specific culture. Most often in demand oriental theme. Suitable for people who want to escape from the realities of life and escape into a dream world. It can be used to process both small and large rooms.
Bedroom design high-tech

East style

  • Eco. The main feature is the use of only natural materials and natural colors. The most often used for decoration of the spacious rooms. In this room you will feel very well rested mentally and physically.
  • Minimalism. Sometimes it is isolated in a separate style. Primary colors - gray, white and black, possibly adding one bright shade. A set of furniture is minimal, but they are versatile and comfortable. The style chosen by people who are tired of the abundance of bright colors at work or at home.
    Bedroom design in brown tones

    style minimalism


Dominated by bright colors, antique furniture, intricate designs and a lot of accessories. The interior successfully combines old and new technologies. From the materials most often used forged metal, fabrics and antique wood.

In this style, you can draw any bedroom. It is cozy and comfortable for both young and older people.

Thus, we conclude. Modern bedroom design for a small space has a lot of options, choose the right and create.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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