Interior of a bedroom photo in a modern style: furniture and design in an apartment, how beautifully to make a guest room

In the interior of a modern bedroom, often used modern technology inventions, such as neon lights on the ceiling In the interior of a modern bedroom, often used novice technical inventions, for example, neon lighting on the ceiling In thematic publications it is easy to find a bedroom interior photo in a modern style, so it's easy to transform the space around you. Modern, classic, retro, futurism and "country" - to realize each of these directions is not difficult. The main thing is to organically add the components of the chosen style to the interior. Supporters of a measured rest will choose the style of Provence, and fans of bright shapes and colors - futurism.

                      • Modern bedroom design in a modern style - the potential for creativity
                      • Modern bedroom design in a modern style.
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                      • Interior of the bedroom in a modern style( photo)

Choosing bedroom furniture in a modern style

Designers recommend to give up excessive hobbiesbubbled details. The less things will be in the apartment, the better. The rate is made for functionality and practicality. For many, it will be news that the bedroom only needs a bed equipped with a durable and ergonomic mattress. Will complement her closet( at least - the chest of drawers), located at the bedside table. An armchair, a toilet and a computer table in the bedroom are superfluous.

Of course, such a recommendation can not be fully implemented. That's why designers offer to make a choice in favor of a minimalistic option. In this case, it is advisable to talk about a full rest in the bedroom.

It is best to choose such furniture that blends well with the style of high-tech It is best to choose such furniture that fits well with the high-tech style

If you do not have the opportunity to give up excess furniture, then you can improve the visual perception of the room:

  1. The shelves are a substitute for boring and large bedside tables. Visually they are the continuation of the bed. If it is necessary to create an effect of airiness in the room, the shelves are organized in the form of boxes;
  2. Wooden podium - thanks to it the bed will receive additional functional notes. The podium continues into the bedside tables for storing things;
  3. Compact cabinets and chests of drawers - the basis of the correct organization of space. If a small room is decorated in a modern style, then corner options are preferred. In the large bedrooms, the furniture-transformer ball rules.

Design a bedroom in a modern style - the potential for creativity

Here everything begins with the formation of the correct light flux. In the interior of the bedroom, lighting plays an important role. First of all, attention should be paid to the used lighting devices. From classical chandeliers it is better to refuse in favor of point fixtures. If the room has a working area, then in this case will help beautiful outdoor and table lamps.

In rooms with non-standard geometry, it is not always possible to arrange design accents with the help of fixtures. In this case, hidden LED strips are used. They are mounted in a drywall cornice.

Attributes of the modern bedroom are neon lights near the bedside tables and built-in electronic gadgets Attributes of the modern bedroom are neon lights near the bedside tables and built-in electronic gadgets

In addition to these, there are a number of other recommendations for bedrooms:

  1. Minimalism - the room needs to be freed from unnecessary decorative elements and furniture;
  2. Bright colors will bring in the room reproductions of paintings. It is recommended to take a few small ones, rather than one big one;
  3. Large curtain for arched windows - large sizes require a similar in their parameters decoration. A multi-layered shape is created from night curtains and tulle. If everything is chosen correctly, then the apartment creates a natural protection against excessive sunlight;
  4. Modern bedroom design means the use of natural colors. It is recommended to place the pots in the area of ​​the bed.

Correct design of the bedroom in a modern style

First of all, you need to choose between a pastel and a bright option. If in the first case the emphasis is on Eastern notes, then in the second case, on modern ones. Erroneous here will fall into one of two extremes. Fans of pastel classics in the apartment rush everything around making it too faceless. Their ideological opponents from the camp of modernists, on the contrary, use all the colors of the rainbow indoors. As a result, visually overloaded space does not contribute to relaxation.

An excellent option for the design of a modern bedroom is the upholstery with a soft cloth part of the wall that is located near the bed Excellent option for the design of a modern bedroom is the upholstery with a soft cloth part of the wall that is located near the bed

The stylistically correctly designed room, taking into account the aesthetic wishes of the owners is as follows:

  1. Victorian style -Including curtains, chandelier and leather furniture;
  2. Scandinavian motifs in pastel colors - suitable for those who are experiencing difficulties with the choice of stylistic solutions. The decoration does not provide for certain details. The main thing is to avoid a lot of too bright or large decorative elements;
  3. Classic version - leather furniture, a wardrobe made of natural wood, a large chandelier. Each of the elements is selected in such a way as to decorate the bedroom in an emphatically classic direction.

Man's bedroom in modern style

If it is a question of design of a big or small bachelor's room, then it is recommended to adhere to several rules. First of all, it is necessary to abandon the idea of ​​creative chaos. In the 21st century, the disorder was unfashionable. Secondly, you should bet on practical and solid furniture in all respects. When choosing a color scheme, the emphasis is on the aesthetic preferences of the owner.

For a man For the men's bedroom dark shades are suitable: black, brown, gray

If specific ideas are not in the head, then individual options can be emphasized thanks to thematic photos. In this case, do not blindly copy the option you like. In the interior of bedrooms there must be a balance between visual design and the ability to comfortably relax.

The following recommendations will help to achieve the goal:

  1. When choosing between artificial and natural materials, the last word remains for the tenant. It should be remembered that the combination should not be too pretentious. For example, furniture made of natural materials should not include significant parts of artificial;
  2. Color solutions are applied systematically or randomly. Here everything again depends on the preferences of the man. It is necessary to remember several rules. First, the stylish men's bedroom does not include large paintings and reproductions. Color accents are arranged using traditional male attributes. Secondly, you do not need to decorate walls in the room with an excessive number of posters with your favorite bands or cars;
  3. The cabinets used in the living or guest room should be as functional as possible. You do not need to buy 2 closets and several nightstands. Preference should be given to 1 spacious cabinet with the necessary number of sections.

Modern bedroom design( video)

The well-formed interior of the living room facilitates a comfortable stay. It is selected depending on the aesthetic preferences of the tenants. In this case, it is not necessary to lose sight of the functional aspect. Furniture and decorative elements should not be too much. In this case there will be no sensation even in a large room, that staying in it is painful.

bedroom interior in a modern style( photo)