Modern design bedroom 16 sq m: a beautiful interior room in the English style

Design bedroom 16 square meters (39 photos). Select colors and visual elements for the "expansion" of the room


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  • 1 replanning
  • 2 Furniture: recommendations of professionals
  • 3 What colors to choose
  • 4 English style
    • 4.1 The decor and textiles
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The dimensions of the rest rooms in our apartments are usually not happy with the spaciousness. But this room must accommodate a bed, a large closet, which keeps clothes and two bedside tables - is the necessary minimum. Design bedroom 16 square meters - not an easy task, but doable.

Bedroom Design 16 square meters


Note! The main principle of the planning and construction of the interior small bedroom - first all the most necessary and only after excess, if will be a place. Each centimeter of space must be approached thoughtfully and not spend it in vain.

Why so popular right now the idea of ​​re-planning of apartments, it will help the visually and practically increase residential volume. Very often, the design house makes it impossible to get rid of extra partitions, in which case the only option is somehow to expand the space becomes a combined bedroom with balcony.

Design a bedroom 16 sq m

Bedroom, combined with a loggia

Furniture: recommendations of professionals

Note that bed whose width is less than 140 cm, uncomfortable to sleep together. Such structures are considered "lorry". Standard size double bed - it is 160 cm.

When choosing a royal bed, you can have it approach with only one side, which is very inconvenient.

Contemporary Bedroom Design

The main bedroom - comfortable bed

It's hard to imagine a modern bedroom design without wardrobe. It is perfectly save space. Built-in closet to the ceiling height will add storage space.

Tip! Glossy plastic and mirrored surfaces facades furniture visually give the volume of the room. Suffice it effectively will look cabinets with frosted glass facades. They seem to dissolve in space, so it seems a spacious room.

Can be mounted on the perimeter of the mezzanine bedroom, they will not take place, and additional storage space will be added.

What colors to choose

It is believed that light colors enlarge the space. It is recommended in small spaces to actively apply white, olive, beige, and other light shades.

Beautiful bedroom design

The bedroom is made in bright colors

  1. However, it should be noted that the mild and soothing colors, such as lilac, violet can give depth to the room is not worse than lighter shades. Excellent design will look bedrooms in green.
  2. wallpaper design of the room, having a fine pattern visually enhances the space. Do not apply to wallpaper a small room with large bright pictures, wide vertical or horizontal stripes. Strongly recommended wallpaper, supplemented by a border, it will reduce and so little room.
  3. Typically, designers emphasize that looks brighter in any room. Thus it is possible to allocate the headboard or the wall opposite him. Emphasis is created accessories or other coating color. But it should not be sharply contrasted with the major, choose a shade two or three shades lighter or darker.
  4. Another way to create a beautiful bedroom design - highlight the contrasting color of the walls, for example, a headboard.
  5. If you perform the design of the walls with wallpaper, buy one roll of the same texture, but a different shade. Joints between different wallpaper paste over with a thin border. The resulting frame will stand out nicely against a uniform background. As the emphasis may also be used prints or posters.
  6. The ceiling should not do the dark, especially if you create a design bedrooms 6 sq m. It is better to paint it white glossy paint or mount a tension structure, then a tiny room will look larger.

English style

The decor and textiles

Individual interior design will add a dynamic color stains, for example, lamps and cushions. Do not use large decorative elements: the big picture in bulky frames, floor vases. Hang on the walls of the miniature or family photos, it will give comfort.

If you have decided to equip the room with TV, plasma TV set, fixing the bracket to the wall.

Canopy-bed complement the design of the bedroom 16 square meters. It is possible to build your own. Secure selected tulle at the head, giving it a view of the two curtains, and then fasten the parts decorative lace.

Bedroom design in the English style

The canopy of the bed

A large number of various attributes and accessories has a classic English and Victorian style.

We make interior

The basis of the English bedroom - grand and high bed. Traditionally, it has to be wooden and have a canopy. All the furniture should have a rich decor. Materials for its manufacture - valuable wood: oak, walnut, mahogany.

Design a bedroom with balcony

Victorian style design

Depending on the volume of the room, bedroom design in the English style should contain a mirrored dresser or its analogue high on legs.

Other key pieces of furniture: a small round table covered with a tablecloth to the floor, a bedside table, a bench beside the bed and armchair. Mandatory element of decor - our bed skirt.

An important place in the formation of the English interior have walls. Apply when the design panel, outlets and moldings.

Tip! Perfectly will look panels, wallpaper pasted having a floral pattern.

Permissible colors - from neutral ocher and beige to bright red terracotta. For decorative walls with his own hands can be used and wallpaper with heraldic images, imitation silk and brocade, as well as flowers and traditional stripes. Characteristic of the style and the frieze under the stucco.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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