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Proper organization of space in the room will help create separate functional areas in the room Proper organization of space in the room will help create separate functional areas in the room The organization of the workplace in a home environment is now very important for a modern person. Well, if the area of ​​the apartment allows you to allocate a separate office for this, but if the apartment is small, then the bedroom can become that part of the apartment where the workplace will be equipped.

    • Bedroom in the study or study in the bedroom: interior, ideas, priorities
    • Small bedrooms: study in the room
    • Zoning in the interior: bedroom cabinet
    • Design of the bedroom cabinet: Original design solutions
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Bedroom in the study or study in the bedroom: interior, ideas, priorities

Deciding that the bedroom will be combined with the workplace, it is necessary to determine what role this room will play in the future. Because the bedroom and workplace perform exactly the opposite tasks. The presence of a bed in the room implies a place where you can relax after a day's work, while the working area is designed for fruitful work, where nothing should be distracting.

In order for the bedroom and the working area to harmonize among themselves, designers recommend to equip them in one style direction In order to harmonize the bedroom and work area with each other, designers recommend to equip them in one style direction

Important!Proper organization of the space allocated for a home office, help tune into a working mood. Therefore, the reconstruction should be thought through in the smallest details.

Choosing how to organize the space in the room, you need to build on your own requirements, which must correlate with the actual dimensions of the room, the location of the door and window, the level of illumination.

We prioritize:

  • If the work in the home environment is not often performed, then the location of the work area should be as hidden as possible, and the whole room itself is designed for rest;
  • If you need to work at home all the time, plus take in unauthorized persons in the office, in this case the room should be equipped with a cabinet that becomes a bedroom only at night;
  • If there is a situation in which it is impossible to give preference to the organization of rest or work, every effort should be made to ensure that the two separate zones are independent of each other.

The well-chosen design of the sleeping area and working area will help to maintain a favorable atmosphere in the room. For this, it is necessary to study the methods of zoning, for the further creation of the interior.

Small bedrooms: study in the room

The planning of the work area in a small room is possible with the help of modern technologies that save space. Because the small dimensions of the bedrooms can not allow the use of a large set of furniture, you should choose only the most necessary things.

Even in a small bedroom it is possible to equip a working area, the main thing is to properly zonate a room Even in a small bedroom it is possible to equip a working area, the main thing is to correctly zonate the room

Important!If the bedroom has free niches or corners, it is necessary to make the most of this space for the organization of the workplace.

Zoning of a small room in this case is possible only with pieces of furniture that will carry an aesthetic and functional load.

We choose the furniture for a small bedroom combined with the cabinet:

  • The hanging cabinet, in which a folding table for the laptop is integrated, will be an excellent solution for a small room.
  • Installing the built-in wardrobe will save space, as it can be used to store a folding desktop and select several shelves for documents.
  • Multifunctional transforming beds combine a table and a bed. Where in the lower part are conveniently located bookshelves.
  • The headset consisting of a loft bed, a small closet and a table can be an ideal option for both a sleeping and a workplace.

Furniture items should be purchased according to the principle of minimalism. Since in small rooms each square centimeter is in the account, then in the rest zone it is necessary to confine oneself to the bed and the bedside tables, which can be replaced by a chest of drawers, combined with a dressing table.

Zoning methods in the interior: a bedroom-cabinet

Zoning a bedroom will effectively divide one common room into several zones that differ significantly in functionality.

Important!If the space is divided into 2 opposite in functionality rooms, then experts advise not to use traditional top lighting. For this purpose, it will be better to install spotlights, sconces or floor lamps.

It is nice and practical to divide the sleeping and working areas with a partition or furniture It's nice and practical to separate the sleeping and working areas with a partition or furniture

It's worthwhile to think over all the details before zoning.

Basic zoning methods:

  • The installation of partitions, as well as arch partitioning, is a classic option, as they increase the privacy in each of the zones.
  • The use of a sliding door closet increases the functionality of the partition, as it is convenient to build shelves for stationery and necessary documents on the blind side of the structure installed on the side of the cabinet.
  • Separation of rooms using color combinations involves the allocation of a sleeping area in a more intense shade than the remaining space intended for the office. Leading designers do not advise choosing colors that differ by more than 2 tones. For example, the workplace of a girl looks great in pink.
  • If the bedroom has sufficiently high ceilings, then the delineation of the total area into separate zones is possible with the help of multi-level ceiling structures.
  • Creating a podium for a working or sleeping area is a beautiful and practical structure with a height of 5 to 30 centimeters. For a clearer boundary of the division of the room into zones use dot illumination.
  • The use of textiles is the simplest and most economical way to separate the work area from the rest of the room.

The idea of ​​dividing a room into a bedroom-cabinet should characterize the relative independence of each zone, so the working and sleeping places must have their own design.

Design of the bedroom cabinet: original design solutions

Separation of the room into the office and the bedroom involves sleeping area located in the back of the room, and the workplace directly near the window. To ensure that the rest zone does not interfere, the desktop is set so that the bed does not fall into the field of view.

Sleeping and working areas that are in the same room, it is better to design in a minimalist style, choosing only a light color scheme Bedroom and work area that are in the same room, it is better to design in a minimalist style, picking only the light color range

Design solutions for the bedroom combined with the cabinet:

  • Designing a bedroom cabinet inStyle minimalism, is the most relevant. This style involves placing in the room a minimum of furniture - a bed and a closet in the sleeping area, a computer desk and a comfortable chair in the area for work. Then each item will be used for its intended purpose, without overloading the free space. In minimalism neutral colors are used, it is also necessary to provide the room with a maximum of light, adding properly organized artificial lighting to natural light.
  • Design in the style of high-tech for apparent simplicity bears the multifunctionality and convenience of the premises not burdened with excessive decor. Because the style assumes a clear arrangement of objects. This style is preferred by a combination of white and light gray, also black and dark gray. Presence of the muffled beige tone is admissible.
  • With the help of the classic style, you can achieve an elegant finish of 2 different areas of functionality. But in this case, you need to carefully choose furniture. The computer table should be combined with a common interior and imitate an antique piece of furniture.

Classic style makes the ban on contrasting shades in the interior, and involves the use of warm colors.

Bedroom cabinet design( video)

Using your own imagination while viewing thematic photos from the Internet, as well as following the advice of professional designers, you can combine a cozy sleeping area and a practical place for work in the space of the room. The organization of a full-fledged cabinet in the bedroom is possible only by the method of creation and experimentation.

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