Bedroom design with photo wallpapers: gluing technology wallpaper, interior in red

Bedroom design with photo wallpapers (45 pics): choice of color and pattern, combined with the interior style


Table of contents

  • 1 "Pros" and "cons"
  • 2 choose wallpapers
    • 2.1 Color spectrum
    • 2.2 Shape pattern
  • 3 Wallpapers and interior design styles
  • 4 Summing up
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None of the wallpapers can not radically change the mood and style of the room as wallpapers.

Popularity came to him for quite some time, but now their production technology improved and modern design bedrooms with photo wallpapers can be made in any style.

Bedroom design with photo wallpapers

"Pros" and "cons"

This finishing material has always been a special as is a combination of pattern and wall coverings. Today it is a whole-cloth paper with pictures painted on them. Nothing to do with butt species, collected from several parts they already have not.

Photos are very realistic and have rich tones, so they can decorate any home design. But like any other design elements with the photo wallpaper have fans and opponents.

Design wallpapering in the bedroom

Pictures with the foreground and background, visually expand bedroom

Note! These advantages include the fact that they enliven a room and bring it lacking brightness. Such coatings are visually increase the amount because they have background and foreground, so are the recommended solution for the interior of a small bedroom.

The main drawback - a static image. On the basis of this thoroughly thought out design wallpapering in the bedroom.

It is worth noting that there are no interior style in which it would be impossible to enter wallpapers, most importantly, choose the right drawing and composition.

For rooms with windows facing east and south side and have enough natural light, fit the image in shades of green. These can be plants or flowers. They will balance the brightness of the light.

In this case, the combination of greenery and sunlight will not blind you. Room with windows to the west or north often look dark and cold. A similar problem will solve wallpaper in warm colors.

choose wallpapers

Color spectrum

  1. Cold colors visually expand the room warm - narrow. Thinking through the design of a small room, prefer turquoise, blue or green.
  2. If the room gets little sunlight, choose a bedroom design in red or yellow color.
  3. Even if you're relaxed, give preference to neutral tones, with a peaceful and serene image, it can be wild flowers or smooth surface of the river.
  4. Mural in the children's bedroom can contain fairy tales and cartoons from the scene.
Bedroom design in red

Decorating the walls with reproductions of paintings

Tip! Selecting them in his rest room, from my own mental stability. If you are the owner of a quiet nature, you can choose coverage with vivid images and large details. Interior room win, if you prefer a panoramic image.

Shape pattern

For the design of the bedroom walls, in which there is little furniture, pick up the large size wallpapers. Otherwise, stop your choice on low and long panoramic pictures. Good looks such a coating, combined with conventional wallpaper. At the same time they have to each other to match or contrast.

By the way, in addition to photos, for the manufacture of wallpaper used and large reproductions of paintings, which can be glued on the wall. You can choose how the creation of current artists and works of the great artists of the past. In this case, tapestry will perform further a function of the room decoration element.

Mural on the wall

wall Decor

Wallpapers and interior design styles

Interior spaces should be kept in the same style.

Note! If the room is settle in the spirit of minimalism, wallpapers able to inject a dissonance.

Creating a rich and bright lounge, to elect one thing - wallpaper or an abundance of decorative elements. Otherwise, the bedroom will look too congested.

It should be noted that married couples need to choose the wallpaper together.

If you are a fan of the exact reference to the design style, select the image carefully. Style high-tech support, modern cityscapes and images on the space theme.

To design a country select a coating having a panoramic picture of natural scenery. For the interior in the style of exotic suit wallpaper with photos of tropical, sub-tropical or equatorial nature. C will go well with classic views of the ancient castles and monuments.

Mural can be so unusual. High-tech style

High-tech style

A real godsend for the room is made in the spirit of the avant-garde and pop art - a bright cover with reproductions of paintings by Andy Warhol and other famous artists who worked in these areas.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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