How should the bed in the bedroom stand: correctly put, as it is impossible, the location near the window, design and photo

The correct arrangement of the bed in the bedroom is of great importance The sleeper arrangement of the bed in the bedroom is of great importance The bedroom is a place where a person relaxes and rests, so all its arrangement should create an atmosphere of peace, silence and pleasant bliss. The place for sleep should be as comfortable and comfortable as possible. Often people can not understand why their sleep is restless, and the whole thing may be in the wrong setting of the bed in the room. Therefore, it is worthwhile to know the basic rules for the location of a bed to get enough sleep and fully rest.

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How to put the bed in the bedroom

No matter what sizea bedroom, a bed in it must be correct - the headboard to the wall. The only exception can be only beds that are on the catwalks or with the canopy.

It is not recommended to have a bed with a headboard to the window. The windows in the bedroom should be equipped with curtains light for the daytime and more dense curtains for the night, so the bedroom becomes a closed place for prying eyes. If the room is narrow, the position of the bed with the headboard to the window and the footboard to the door is the only possible option, then it is worth balancing the harmonious energy with the help of pair things on the window or through setting up some furniture between the bed and the door.

In case there is an abundance of mirrors in the room, you need to put the bed so that sleeping people are not reflected in them.

It will be right to place the bed head to the wall It will be correct to place the bed with a headboard against the wall

People practicing feng shui are advised to arrange the bed so that the corners of other furniture are not directed at it - these are so-called "piercing arrows" that are capable of damagingMan.

Close to the bed in the couple's bedroom, aquariums, flower vases, fountains or pictures( photos) with water images should not be placed, because water is considered a symbol of change and can lead to undesirable changes.

Layout of the bed in the bedroom - basic rules

It is worthwhile to dwell in more detail on some of the rules for placing a bed in the bedroom.

7 recommendations:

  • The distance between the sleeping place and other furniture in the bedroom must be at least 60 cm, this rule also applies to access to the bed;
  • Functionality of the sleeping place must meet the individual characteristics of the owners, for example, reading lovers need to equip a place to sleep with good lighting, and a child or people of old age need free passage to the toilet;
  • For a small bedroom, a loft bed is suitable, which is equipped with an additional space below it;
  • Designers advise to make the bed the center of the room, for this it is better to choose beds with beautiful decorative elements - elegant back, for example, or interesting to decorate the wall around which the bed will stand - wall-supports, designer niches, partitions;
  • The wall opposite the bed should not be overloaded with heavy furniture, otherwise the visual balance in the room will be lost;
  • To further improve the sound insulation in the room, you can put a carpet with a long pile under the bed;
  • If the hosts are keen on spiritual practices, the bed can be placed around the world, if there is a desire to develop intuition, the bed should be placed head north, if the mental capacity is to the northeast, for a quiet sleep - to the east, by placing the bed head to the southwestTo correct heart affairs.

It is recommended to allocate beds in the central place in the room It is recommended to allocate beds in the central room in the room

You can place a bed in the bedroom according to the rules of feng shui( this practice is based on ancient Chinese religious teachings) or vastu( this is an ancient Hindu scientific building system).

How can I put a bed in the bedroom

Compliance with those or other described rules fills the bedroom with calmness and personality.

Here is a list of the positions of the bed in the bedroom that should not be chosen:

  1. The door to the bed is to place the bed, so to enter bad energy into the bedroom, as many spiritual practices consider, as this is avoided described above.
  2. The wall at the door is also not the best option for a quiet sleep, because every time the door opens, the brain will turn on the high alert mode - this is the basis of the human instinct for self-preservation.
  3. The wall at the door, when the door leaf closes the view - to see who entered the bedroom will not only have to wake up, but get out of bed, and this does not contribute to a complete rest.
  4. The headboard for the window is also not a desirable option for the location of the bed, the window does not give a sense of security.
  5. Close to the window, even if the headboard is against the wall - this can cause a cold if the windows are poorly insulated and there are fistulas.
  6. Under the closet or a large hanging chandelier, this will create unnecessary anxiety and anxiety, and a feeling of permanently imminent, in the true sense, threats.
  7. Opposite mirrors or TV - the mirrors are written above, but the TV can bring negative energy, and its radiation can harm a person.

It is undesirable to place the bed head to the window It is not advisable to place the bed with a headboard to the

The further the bed is from doors, windows and other unsafe objects, the greater the sense of control of its surrounding space.

How to put a bed in a small bedroom: photos of interiors

Designing a small bedroom is always a difficult task, there should be not only a bed, but also additional interior items that make this room special.

How should a bed in a small bedroom be located:

  1. First, the smaller the room, the lighter the color solution. A small room needs a visual extension, and light colors are just able to solve this problem, so white, milk, gray and beige shades will suit the design of the room and the bed accordingly. You can make several active color spots, for example, at the head of the bed or in its decoration.
  2. Secondly, it is worth choosing a bed with built-in storage system, so a small space will not be cluttered with unnecessary pieces of furniture.
  3. Third, the location of the bed, if the room is designed for two people can install two beds on either side of the window, so the headboard will be drawn to the wall. But in this case the door should stay on the sides of the beds. In the case of a double bed or a single bed it is necessary to place it head on the wall, and the window and door should be on each side. But then the window should be equipped with thick curtains or high-quality blinds.
  4. For the design of a small bedroom it is desirable to use light shades It is advisable to use light shades for the decoration of a small bedroom

    In a small room there is not a huge choice, so installing a bed here is important to add parts that will meet all the recommended requirements for location.

    Such details can become curtains, screens, furniture, accessories, everything that balances the balance in the interior and energy of the bedroom.

    How to put a crib for a newborn in the bedroom

    To install a crib for a newborn in an adult bedroom it's important to remember that this phenomenon is temporary, it will take a little time and the kid will need his full bed. Therefore, the cot should not be the central link in the interior of the bedroom.

    A baby cot is best placed in a corner of the room Baby cot is best placed in the corner of the room

    Here are some tips:

  • Zoning - separate the area for the child with a partition or cabinet for children's accessories;
  • The side - the female part of the bed will work optimally, having installed a crib for the newborn on this side, it will be more convenient for the mother to feed and take care of the baby at night;
  • Shape - rectangular shape of the crib is suitable, so its long side can be mounted to the wall, and the short one will not interfere in space.

The cot needs to be installed so that there is a lot of free space, it was maximally protected, and there was an unhindered approach to it.

Therefore, the most popular versions of the arrangement of a cot are in the corner of the bedroom, opposite the head of an adult bed, close to the female side or a separate placement of a child's corner in an adult bedroom.

How should the bed in the bedroom stand( video)

Setting the bed in the bedroom and prohibiting its location will depend on the size of the room, the smaller it is, the more difficult it is to implement the above recommendations, but for this there are design techniques, About which just below.

bed in a bedroom interior( photo)