Picture of a corner wardrobe in the bedroom: a filling for a small 100 150, a design inside, sizes and patterns

Often, it is difficult to choose a corner wardrobe in the bedroom Often, it is difficult to choose a corner wardrobe in the bedroom When choosing a corner cabinet from a corner, you may have questions. Which closet is suitable for the bedroom: case or built-in, on request or from existing models, with glass doors, plastic or wooden?On many questions this article can give an answer and help to make a choice in favor of a certain kind of cabinet.

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How to choose thePhoto angular shkАф-купе to bedroom

Bedroom - a place deeply intimate for each person. It is this room that is striving to make the most comfortable and cozy. Currently, not many can boast of multi-room apartments, mainly the bedroom occupies a small area. In most cases, a modern bedroom is not only a place to sleep. Next to the bed are computer desks, shelves with books and, of course, cupboards.

The corner wardrobe can be selected from the photos in the catalog The corner cabinet can be selected from the photos in the catalog

It is the wardrobes worthy of close attention and especially the corner wardrobes. You can choose such a cabinet yourself from the photo posted on the network. In addition, in any store there is a catalog with photos.

What are the corner wardrobes in the bedroom

Many options for sliding-door wardrobes are captivating with their functionality. Easy to handle, capacious and stylish - they quickly conquered the consumer market and firmly settled in the apartments.

In the bedroom, this closet has become irreplaceable. He successfully hides the necessary things in himself and at the same time, if you choose the right version of the door design, he visually expands the bedroom space.

But it happens that a full-size wardrobe in the bedroom can not be installed. Then there is the option to install a corner closet, which fits perfectly in a small room or in a niche.

Types of corner cabinet:

  • Built-in;
  • Enclosure.

Enclosure closets are convenient for their mobility. At any time, cabinet furniture can be moved to another corner or dismantled and transported to another apartment. The downside is the high cost of such a cabinet.

L-shaped corner cabinets very rationally use the bedroom space L-shaped corner cabinets very rationally use the bedroom space

Forms of corner wardrobes:

  1. Triangular - easy to manufacture, but take extra centimeters from the room.
  2. Trapezoidal - additional wall allows you to attach another piece of furniture to this cabinet.
  3. Pentagonal is the most common form. These closets are very roomy and comfortable.
  4. Radius - difficult to manufacture, but they look impressive and fit unusual designs.
  5. L-shaped - use the angular space to the maximum, but they look very simple.

Built-in wardrobes are convenient in that they require less material, since the rear and, sometimes, side walls in the design of such cabinets are not available. But there is a drawback. Such a cabinet is mounted only once and more it will no longer be dismantled.

What can be the filling of the corner wardrobe in the bedroom

Unfortunately, there are no certain standards in filling cabinets. Cabinet furniture, only if it is not custom-made, already provides for the parameters of future shelves, drawers and doors. However, fortunately, in the built-in wardrobe you can pick up the filling to your taste and purse.

To begin with it is necessary to be defined with quantity of things which it is required to place in a case-compartment.

Obviously, it is unlikely that the bedroom will be hanging jackets and coats, but absolutely surely not excess will be shelves for bedding, extra blanket or pillows.

The corner cabinet inside has a number of compartments Corner cabinet inside has many compartments

Required sections inside for a corner wardrobe in the bedroom:

  • Horizontal open shelves( width from 40 cm);
  • Department for clothes shoulders( the height of the section must be not less than 150 cm and the width 80 cm)
  • Drawers;
  • Baskets for laundry;
  • Hangers for trousers( dimensions about 100 cm);
  • Knitting needles;
  • Retractable shelves with separators.

It will be important to take into account that it's better to add all the unnecessary ones on top( clothes not for the season, hats, etc.).In the area of ​​accessibility - in the middle, it is necessary to arrange frequently used things( dresses, trousers, underwear, accessories, bed-clothes).On the lower shelves it will be convenient to place the overall items( shoes in boxes, travel bags, blankets).

How to successfully place a small corner cabinet in the bedroom

A small corner cabinet can, how to merge with the interior of the bedroom, and become its bright detail. For a spacious light bedroom, it will be advantageous to make a small corner wardrobe in the color of the walls, thereby hiding it visually.

The corner cabinet can become a bright central part of the room The corner cabinet can become a bright central part of the room

Where can I put a small corner cabinet:

  • In the angle between the door and the wall;
  • Into the angle between two walls;
  • Into the angle between the wall and the window.

If the layout of the bedroom does not allow you to place a large wardrobe, you can beat the order to mirror the door in the closet. This solution will visually increase the space of the room and give more light in the room. If the mirrors can not be used, you can make a door made of sandblasted glass or a door with a sandblasting pattern. Also, in the expansion of space, doors made of glossy plastic or simply polished will help.

On what models of corner wardrobes for a bedroom is worth paying attention to

Before making a choice in favor of any corner cabinet, it is worth to study the materials from which the cabinet and its design are made or will be made.

All closets are made on the basis of wood or imitation material. Closet-coupe made of natural wood is very expensive. This is due to the need for wood processing from the outside and from the inside and the environmental friendliness of the material. The cabinet will be economical from the chipboard or MDF.These materials are durable, durable and unpretentious. Closets-compartments made of particleboard and MDV can be placed in children's rooms.

Corner wardrobe with a mirror surface - the most popular model in the furniture market Corner cabinet with mirror surface - the most popular model in the furniture market

The facades of the sliding door wardrobe can be made of:

  • Mirrors;
  • Mirror-like surface of sandblasted glass;
  • Color plastic;
  • Wood or imitation material.

When choosing a sample, it is worthwhile to focus on the interior of the bedroom and, based on it, to choose the future view of the corner wardrobe.

The geometric shapes of the corner cabinet-made in the form of a pentagon in contrasting color will be appropriate, both in the modern minimalist interior and in the classical one. This option for lovers of order and stability.

Corner cabinet, made in a semicircle with doors of transparent plastic or with mirror doors, suitable for girls' rooms. Such a cabinet will be capacious and convenient, but takes up a lot of space.

Radius corner wardrobes, made in classic colors - will suit a classic bedroom. Luxury will add ornaments with gilding: a drawing or a cabinet handle.

Radius wardrobes perfectly fit into the classic interior Radius wardrobes perfectly fit into the classic interior

The corner cabinet L-shaped, made of wood with mirrors on the doors, will be almost invisible in the room. It looks good such a cabinet, if the rest of the furniture in the room is also made of wood.

The company's catalog usually presents different models of corner cabinets together with the indication of dimensions and a list of materials.

When you design a corner cabinet to order, you can choose a cheaper version. Also, the positive side of the implementation of the cabinet under the order, there will be a free consultation of a specialist and the measurement of the space provided. A precise indication of the dimensions will allow you to assemble the cabinet-wardrobe of such parameters as are necessary for the bedroom.

Corner corner wardrobes will be an excellent solution for those who like to do a rearrangement. Such a cabinet can be moved and even dismantled. Cabinet furniture is also good in that you can choose the closet from the provided options and in the shortest possible time to get it from the warehouse.

Corner cabinet in the interior( video)

On which corner enclosure the choice falls is not so important. It is important how it will be in harmony with the interior of the room and whether it will be convenient to use. Buying a closet is not an ordinary event. It is worth paying a little more attention to it and the result will surpass all expectations!

Corner wardrobe in the bedroom interior( photo)