Bedroom design in the Khrushchev: IKEA interior design in the panel house

Bedroom design in the Khrushchev (36 photos). interior styles. The ceiling and lighting. The choice of furniture. window decoration


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  • 1 Small bedroom dream
  • 2 Styles interior bedroom
  • 3 Ceiling and bedroom lighting
  • 4 Choosing furniture for the bedroom setup
  • 5 What to do with windows?
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In the case of a desire to make a unique design in the bedroom Khrushchev, you begin to flip through fashion magazines and web pages in search of a better option, but first need to understand what you want to see in their bedroom.

Making repairs bedroom in a small apartment, we draw your attention to the fact that this place should be a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It is here, in this room, we spend a third of our lives, because our health and well-being will depend on the good and full of sleep.

Bedroom design in the Khrushchev

A fully relax and unwind, we can only in the bedroom, which fully corresponds to your inner comfort and habits. Therefore, the design of the bedroom often make their own, according to their own desires and preferences.

Small bedroom dream

Small bedroom design make difficult enough to Khrushchev as a bedroom called dream difficult. But to turn it into a room-dream - is quite real. The basic rules during repair bedroom and create a design - is to take into account all the nuances of registration of small rooms.

In this case, you can easily make a comfortable and warm atmosphere where they can rest and body and soul.

Tip! You can order a bedroom design from a professional designer who embodied all of your ideas, and sootneset them with your financial capabilities.

Note that the interior design of a bedroom in the Khrushchev involves a lot of nuances, following which you will increase the space of a small room, make it brighter and more comfortable.

After all, this is what we are seeking, making repairs in the bedroom.

Styles interior bedroom

Let us dwell on the style interior. Style must be selected to start the one that you prefer, based on its internal state. If you love Japanese minimalism or hi-tech style, and parents tell you to do the classic style, based on its usability, better listen to your inner voice.

One that designers are advised not to do - to use elaborate and sumptuous bedroom design in a room because the furniture and home furnishings in this style does not differ small sizes.

As a rule, the value of a bedroom in the Khrushchev, will not be more than ten square meters, and it happens that it is quite eight meters, and this is actually the problem. There are bedrooms in which the width of the room will no longer be 2.30 meters, that is, there is no possibility to put a bed across. This, of course, a bit binds your plans, but there is a solution.

First you need to determine what kind of furniture fits well with the design of the bedroom in a panel house, because everyone has different needs.

Usually, in the obligatory set will include: a wardrobe, a comfortable bed and a small bedside table.

Note! The color of the walls in the room should be bright. This allows you to make the room look wider and more spacious. But if you want to paint the walls in red - then do it, but do not paint the entire room with only one wall. And best of all, if this wall will be located in the headboard.

Ceiling and bedroom lighting

ceiling repairs should also be bright. Best of all, if you install a glossy stretched canvas, which in addition to giving highlights design, will contribute to an increase in visual room through the reflection properties. With the ceiling of your ceiling will seem much higher than what we actually achieves in a small room.

And do not forget about good lighting in your room. If you purchase a large chandelier and hang it in the middle - it would not be the best possible option, it only provide a small size of the room and note that you have a low ceiling.

Light is better to use a point, with the direction to do those home furnishings that you prefer to distinguish, for example, on the bed.

Choosing furniture for the bedroom setup

The choice of furniture can also be its own nuances and peculiarities. You will need to completely get away from the standard bedroom furniture in favor of only a bed (for this it is possible to make a lot of drawers), a few tables and cabinet compartment, it is best if it is with mirrored sliding doors.

There have its advantages - the mirror will reflect the light and make the room brighter, and the sliding mechanism saves space well. The bed you can put in the middle of the long wall, and do not be afraid that it will take a lot of space in the room, the fact here and a bedroom.

Design a small bedroom in the Khrushchev

Bed in the bedroom

What to do with windows?

Use light tulle for curtains, but remember that living on the ground floor, it is better to use the blinds. Some people prefer to hang dark heavy curtains, but it should not do, because they will give the severity of the room and it will be small and uncomfortable.

Of course, the room is not only out of the walls and furniture, it should be lively and interesting. Bedroom design in the Khrushchev can be revived to include the design of a few photos or pictures in the headboard. Complete the room with ornamental plants and enjoy the rest after a hard day.

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