Bedroom design living room: how to make an interior project

Design a bedroom-living room (42 images): zoning, storage space and a space-saving


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Often, if the apartment is small in size, functional areas are combined in it.

In this article we will talk about what should be the correct design of a bedroom-living room.

Design living room bedroom

Our primary objective

The combination, of course, is quite radical, but for the one-room dwellings and studio apartments, it is inevitable. One-bedroom apartments a lot in each of the houses they live, receive guests and sleep millions of Russians.

Most of them have no means for a radical redesign and rebuilding of their homes. Therefore, for them the main task - to equip these functional different zones only with the design of the interior, without great financial losses and paperwork.

Bedroom living room design

Bathroom, zoned using cabinet

Often the design of the small bedroom living room is part of a normal, withdrawable or sofa. Other solutions for arranging a berth used less often.

This is an acceptable way out, allowing to save space. Closer to the night unnecessary items are removed, the sofa is in working condition and you can sleep. But this option has several drawbacks.

Note! First, doctors strongly recommend to sleep sofas. Sleeping place should be equipped with special orthopedic mattress and the furniture is of very rare. Folding, withdrawable and, especially, conventional sofas are designed only for sitting and relaxing, in extreme cases - for overnight guests. Sleep one night so it is possible, but to sleep on the couch all the time - this is a real risk of back problems.

Second, the repair of the bedroom in a small apartment should be done apart somehow from other rooms of the apartment. Otherwise, will often be situations where one family member gets tired or unimportant will feel, wants to lie down and relax. But to do this will not be possible - will necessarily anyone in the household, and sits next to loud turn on the TV.

Based on this, the second major task when the project is compiled design bedroom living room - a place of rest to make separate and having a normal bed.

zoning room

The room will need to be divided into two functional areas: general admission for guests, as well as outdoor activities and private - for the rest of the night. If it will make room, the living room may include worker's office or a small dining area.

When you design will be chosen bedroom living room for a night's rest, choose the most darkened place in the room. Nisha will be the best solution.

The land must be removed and the TV window, otherwise, would have to fence off its sound-absorbing materials.

If you have a large bed, it may be necessary to sacrifice access to it on one side. Do this - a good rest and sleep is more important.

Tip! Berth, with its fenced off, should be well ventilated - a prerequisite for health.

Try to create a bedroom interior design living room to relax area was not part of the entrance room.

As for the lighting, the ceiling of its kind in the form of chandeliers and lampshades are gradually losing the leading role in modern interiors. They are increasingly used lamps wall or ceiling point. In areas zoned as it is a prerequisite.

While anyone relaxing in the bedroom area, where the light will be off, as in the living room, the lighting will continue to work.

Living room bedroom design

Retractable wall in the bedroom, the living room

How to divide the room into zones

Very important is the question of how to divide the living area - a bedroom: the design of the project is to be built on the fact that this branch has been as much as possible arbitrary and smoothed.

One of the best solutions - easy installation, partition or conditional poluperegorodki of translucent plastic, drywall, glass, concrete blocks, particle board and so on.

Such walls are called conditional because they are not built to the ceiling, in order to repair the bedroom made in terms of lighting was not very dark.

The second way - to include in the interior design of any living room bedroom cabinet - bookcase, linen, coupe and use it to demarcate zones. The method is extremely economical, as the apartment of some of the cabinets already have.

If you want to see this piece of furniture blends perfectly with the interior created, you can order it in the appropriate company, pick up the necessary design.

Another popular method - install sliding or folding doors. Order can be any size and in any material.

Tip! However, it should be borne in mind that the doors to darken the room, so their web needs to be done either from a single frosted or translucent glass or with inserts from it.

The cheapest way to build interior design living room bedroom with the division into zones - to use curtains. They can be made from both light and dense materials.

Experts recommend to manufacture separating curtains of the same material as the window, while the interior of the room will look harmonious.

Where to store things in the living room

Keeping things in a small apartment is traditionally a sore point. What can you come up with to save the volume of the room?

In the private area, you can set the bed - the podium. Place underneath roomy drawers for storing things. Similar designs you will save as much as possible the area, as the double bed - which is about four square meters room.

Choosing the design of a small living room bedroom, pay special attention to the vertically arranged plane room. Pick up a narrow closets, but extended in length.

Get the storage elements of the system, having a height-to-ceiling. As a rule, the upper space of the apartment owners neglect, but nevertheless - we all have things that we use very rarely.

It will be very useful multi-functional transforming furniture, which significantly saves space.

Interior design living room bedroom

Use the vertical plane of the space until the end of

Carrying out repairs of the walls with his own hands, mount them on closed or open shelves, thus you will loose a large area at the bottom and you will no longer need to install a bookcase. In addition, the shelf you can put all sorts of souvenirs and trinkets.

When designing the project: living bedroom, consider the purchase of a flat TV, which can be wall mounted. Thus, you can save the space required under the nightstand. Instead it can deliver more than the necessary thing - chest of drawers for things, or coffee table.

How to save space

How you can save space, the apartment is very very small?

First, give up the bulky couch and give their preference to small chairs or sofa.

Second as mentioned above, creating a design of a bedroom and living room, use the entire volume of the room - not only its length and width, but the height: apply on wall shelves or tables, pieces of furniture to the ceiling and etc.

Wall-mounted TV is a real space-saving. If you have the desire to look it up and out of the bedroom and living room, choose for him a place which is easily visible from both the functional areas. For maximum comfort when you install the TV on a wall, use the bracket rotary type.

Bed, try to buy one that has drawers for preserving the bedding and other things.

If the room has no space for bedside tables, buy or make to order a bed, having a head, which is a structure that combines and rack, and the cabinet and shelf.

When settling your living room + bedroom - the room design can not do without a transformable and multifunctional furniture.

In this case, you can either design the furniture with his own hands or with the help of experts.

Perhaps you feel comfortable that option, in which the withdrawable bed for daytime retracts under the podium. In fact, the podium can be fitted with a dining area, a small office.

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