Bedroom in the Art Nouveau style: photo and interior design, suite and furniture, Italian room, light modern suite

To date, designers recommend to design a bedroom in the Art Nouveau style To date, designers recommend to design a bedroom in the modern style Today, the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style is considered one of the most successful ways of decorating a room. Indeed, thanks to an unusual combination of art and modern textures, you can realize a variety of unique ideas. This style involves the use of light colors in the interior, so modern designers recommend using it in bedrooms or living rooms.

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Art Nouveau bedroom: features of the

style It's worth remembering that the bedroom is a resting place for the owners of the apartment. That is, the atmosphere in this room must necessarily be comfortable.

The presence in the room of a large number of wood products - this is one of the main features of the Art Nouveau style The presence of a large number of wood products in the room is one of the main features of the modern style

Therefore, when designing the room, you should consider some of the features of the style theme:

  1. Modern is derived from the classics. But unlike the classical style, there are rounded, as well as smooth lines. When decorating a room in furniture, images of floral themes are necessarily used.
  2. The abundance of wood is the main distinguishing feature of modernism. It is the presence in the interior of the original wooden elements that made it possible to bring to life the most daring design innovations.
  3. Today, when designing bedrooms, the design is increasingly used, in which there are multilevel or asymmetrical designs. Such innovations also apply to the modernist style. With their help you can get rid of the problem of congested space.
  4. Design rooms in this style, it is recommended to spend in spacious bedrooms. In addition, designers are advised to take care of the lack of extra things in the interior, this will avoid additional functional load.

For the Art Nouveau style it is important that all elements of the decor perfectly harmonize with each other. And special attention should be given to the decoration of walls, the materials must be stylish and of high quality.

Interior bedroom in Art Nouveau style: design rules

When decorating bedrooms in the Art Nouveau style it is important to consider all the details of the interior. And it is in these rooms that the presence of natural materials is welcomed. Also it is necessary to remember the correct selection of color in this room. Modern bedrooms are recommended to begin to decorate with the decoration of walls and ceiling. In addition, do not forget about the combination of materials with opposite textures, as well as textures.

Organic and stylish in the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style will be combined with white walls with contrasting wallpaper organically and stylish bedroom in modern style will be combined with contrasting white walls with wallpaper

When making a room in Art Nouveau style is important to consider:

  1. Walls and ceiling. This style encourages the use of plaster molding, which will be an excellent solution for the ceiling or suspended structures. As for the walls, all surfaces can be whitewashed or covered with wallpaper.
  2. Gender. It is important that the room is not decorated with cold materials. Instead, it is worth buying a parquet or a laminate. The above materials are suitable for the modern style best of all. And it is light colors that are considered the best option. When using linoleum, it is recommended to choose in favor of beige solid colors.
  3. Furniture. The selection of furniture is best done after the completion of the decoration of walls, ceiling, as well as the floor. There are many different types of headset options. Therefore, even if the bedroom is small, decorating it will not be a problem.
  4. Lighting and decor elements. The selected style allows the use of large mirrors, paintings or large windows in the room. It is important that a lot of natural light penetrates into the bedroom.

Modern bedroom sleeping sets: what to consider

In addition to the correct finishing of the room when decorating a bedroom, special attention should be paid to choosing a headset.

Required elements of the furniture set in the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style are a practical bed and stylish bedside tables Required elements of the furniture set in the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style are a practical bed and stylish bedside tables

For a standard bedroom there are headsets:

  • Comfortable bed;
  • Special bedside tables;
  • A practical closet where there are many shelves;
  • Compact dressing table;
  • Linen chest of drawers.

It is important that the bedroom sets are simple but multifunctional furniture. To avoid the impression of clutter, it is not recommended to use bulky items. When choosing furniture for a bedroom in the Art Nouveau style, preference should be given to elegant products, where a large number of various decorative elements are missing.

The material for the headset can be wood or MDF.To make the original design, manufacturers add additional surfaces from the mirror or glass to the furniture.

Before you buy the furniture you like, you should think carefully about its location. Bed - the main attribute of the bedroom. For the chosen style, the model with small legs is perfect. As for the headboard, it is better that this part has smooth lines and was oval or square. Some owners like to decorate the space in front of the bed with a rug. The white tones of this decor element will complement the created interior.

Italian Art Nouveau: design tips

Modern designers classify this style into classical and Italian modern. And Italy represents the interior of the bedroom in Art Nouveau style beautiful and fine work of wooden products. Italian manufacturers have earned the confidence of consumers with their originality, practicality, and also the quality of furniture.

If you decide to design a bedroom in the Art Nouveau style, then you should think in advance about high-quality lighting If you decide to design a bedroom in the Art Nouveau style, then you should think in advance about the quality lighting

However, before you make room in this style, you need to know some rules:

  1. Observance of symmetry. And it can be executed in a diagonal, axial or central form.
  2. Lighting. The surrounding interior must be well illuminated day and night. Therefore, in addition to massive chandeliers, it is recommended to use additional stylish lighting fixtures.
  3. Compliance with styling. In the interior of the bedroom, not only the correct accent on the tones is important, it is also necessary to not forget about the violation of the correct proportions. It is allowed to use multi-level ceilings, screens and columns.
  4. Textile decoration. It is better to have unusual plant drawings on the materials.
  5. Surface finishing. Among Italian designers, unlike classical modernism, the use of materials imitating marble or decorative stone is welcomed.
  6. Color selection. Here, the optimal options are warm colors in the interior. Therefore, the most acceptable are beige as well as lilac scale.

Decorating the room in the Italian thematics, it is necessary to take care that all furniture is necessarily made in the same style.

Modern bedroom in Art Nouveau style( video)

It should be noted that modernism is considered a universal style, which earned the trust of famous designers. However, it is very important to properly decorate the room, because only this is how to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the room. Expensive and natural materials provide an exquisite and stylish result, which will become the pride of the owners of the house.

bedroom design in Art Nouveau style( interior photo)