Cloakroom in the bedroom from plasterboard: with my own hands photo how to make a room

Quickly and inexpensively to arrange a wardrobe in the bedroom can be with the help of plasterboard Quick and inexpensive to equip the dressing room in the bedroom with drywall. An integral attribute of the bedroom( if, of course, its dimensions allow), was always a wardrobe. At all times it looked different and had different sizes - from the smallest to the largest coupe in the whole wall. Not so long ago, we began to have different types of redevelopment of houses and apartments, and the bedroom room was no exception.

    • How to use the dressing room in the bedroom
    • Drawing up a draft of the plasterboard
    • Dressing room of plasterboard with your own hands: tools and materials
    • How to make a dressing room from gypsum board yourself: stages
    • How to assemble a dressing roomIn a drywall bedroom( video)
    • Examples of a plasterboard wardrobe with your own hands( photo)

Why is a dressing room in the bedroom

Replacing the wardrobe in the bedroomOmnate a full dressing room can save a lot of space not only the bedroom, but also from the part of the hallway and other rooms. The dressing room is a multifunctional room, a kind of storage room in which you can store many things.

Even a small dressing room in the bedroom not only hides clothes and other things, but also significantly saves space in the room Even a small dressing room in the sleeping room will not only hide clothes and other things, but also save space in the room


  • Clothing;
  • Lingerie;
  • Toilet accessories;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Shoes;
  • Outer clothing;
  • Bags;
  • Cosmetics, etc.

In many apartments the area is not enough to store the same stock of household chemicals and other household items, so often this is all placed in the dressing room.

Many dream of such a little room, but not everyone can build it. With gypsum cardboard it is quite possible to do it yourself, investing a minimum of costs.

So, where do you start the construction of a plasterboard dressing room in your bedroom?

Drawing up a draft of a gypsum plasterboard

First of all, it is important to determine for yourself the dimensions of the future dressing room, its shape and fillability. This will determine the choice of location and the next steps. In this case, do not forget about the area of ​​the bedroom itself, so that in the end the dressing room did not occupy most of the room. In shape, the dressing room can be square, triangular or rectangular, in the form of a huge wardrobe in the wall.

When drafting a bedroom design, it is important to choose the right place for the future dressing room.

You can make a plasterboard wardrobe yourself, the main thing is to think in advance of its design and purchase the necessary materials and tools for work You can make a plasterboard wardrobe yourself, the main thing is to think in advance of its design and purchase the necessary materials and tools for the work of

. To properly choose the dimensions of the dressing room, it is important to determine its purpose. It can be used simply to store things, like a closet, or as a changing room.

How to choose the size of the dressing room:

  • If the wardrobe is planned only for storing things, the distance from the facade to the wall can vary from 0.5 to 1.2 m;
  • In the case of a cloakroom, its width should not be less than 1.5 m.

The most convenient option is a wardrobe of a square shape. In it, and things are all in quick access, and there is room for movement. This wardrobe can be equipped with a mirror and dressing table.

Drawing of all shelves, brackets and retractable storage sections must be prepared in advance, so that you can save on racks and fasten it all to the skeleton of the pier.

There is no specific algorithm for drawing up a wardrobe room plan: everyone plans a room in accordance with their needs and preferences. But before purchasing materials and starting the installation it is desirable to have a detailed drawing with dimensions and parameters. It will help you to save on finances and not to make mistakes in construction.

Dressing gypsum plasterboard with own hands: tools and materials

For the construction of dressing

will need a set of tools for working with drywall, as well as depending on the filling dressing spatulas, hammer, drill, metal scissors, Bulgarian, etc., May need different materials. If all sections are made to order, respectively, you only need to equip a room for them.

Tools and high quality materials will help make the dressing room beautiful and durable tools and high quality materials make the dressing room a beautiful and durable

For the construction of the room will need:

  • Plasterboard;
  • Profiles made of wood or metal;
  • Fasteners( self-tapping screws, dowels, etc.);
  • Floor covering;
  • Plinth;
  • Aluminum conductor for electrical wiring;
  • Switches, jars and cartridges( in accordance with the project);
  • Wallpaper( better to take a more durable view);
  • Putty( universal or start and finish);
  • Primer.

In case the filling of the dressing room is planned to be made from improvised materials( residual OSB after the insulation of the floor, old furniture, etc.), the missing materials are determined individually.

How to make a dressing made of plasterboard with their hands:

steps to start making markings on the wall, according to the drawing: it will be mounted on the profile. Further, a carrier bar is attached using dowels. It should be set strictly according to the level, as this will determine the quality of the entire structure. In the grooves of the load-bearing profile, a rack is put in - later, shelves, crossbeams, boxes and other storage systems( using screws) will be attached to it.

Plasterboard sheets must be cut in accordance with the drawing in order to have the correct size and shape.

In addition, the gypsum plasterboard can be decorated with mirror inserts, which will visually increase the space in the bedroom extra closet of plasterboard can be decorated with mirror inserts, which will visually enlarge the space in the bedroom

GCR mounted inside the frame with screws. Do this with caution, so as not to spoil the material. In advance, you should consider all communications( through the wardrobe can pass heating pipes, electrical wiring, etc.).

The following actions are performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. In the case of a soundproofing device in the dressing room, mineral wool, foam or other insulation material is laid on the outside of the frame.
  2. Also, the dressing room needs a wiring device. A pair of sockets and a few eyes for lighting in the room are simply necessary. The wiring is laid under plasterboard, the fixtures and pads in the material are easy to mount.
  3. The next stage is the skinning of the frame from the outside with plasterboard. When framing the frame, it is immediately necessary to take into account the arrangement of doors, decorative elements and other details on the GKL wall. Next - the installation of the door. For a wardrobe rectangular or triangular shape, the best option is a door-compartment, and a square room can be separated and a swinging door. To save on the installation of the door, you can fix the plastic cornice along the width of the opening and hang it with textiles.
  4. The last stage involves sealing the joints of plasterboard and preparing the surface for finishing.

In terms of the design would be a good option not to provide the dressing room of the general background of the bedroom, and place its walls as well as the room. This way will organically enter the dressing room in the general interior and visually increase the space( if necessary).

How to build a dressing room in the bedroom of plasterboard( video)

designed and assembled dressing plasterboard yourself, you can save a significant amount of money. Sections for storage can be made to order on a special project, but it is more advantageous to assemble the construction with your own hands, using materials from the old cabinet. Design, experiment, use your knowledge and imagination, as well as information from the Internet. The main thing - do not be afraid and you will succeed!

Examples of a plasterboard cloakroom with your own hands( photo)