Design of small bedrooms: photos in the apartment, small interiors, room layout options, how to decorate

Even in a small bedroom, you can create a beautiful interior, where there will be a cozy and warm atmosphere Even in a small bedroom, you can create a beautiful interior where the cozy and warm atmosphere will reign The bedroom is the place where you want to relax and relax. A bedroom is a mini world in an apartment in which everything should be perfect. You should approach the design of this room with all the mind, put a piece of the soul in this room. It is in the bedroom that we spend a significant part of our life, and it should please ourselves.

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small bedroom, the design of which is simple and easy

First you need to create a bedroom project to know in advance thatenno there should be. Planning is not an easy task, especially when it comes to the interior of a small bedroom. Of course, first of all you need to know the area of ​​the room, in this case we know for sure that the bedroom is small in size, which means that we need small-sized decor elements.

There is a furniture-transformer, two in one: a bed, which can be "turned" into a workplace, a closet-bed and others at will. Such products will perfectly fit into the interiors of the mini bedroom, simply and conveniently. There are also two-story beds, on the ground floor - a workplace, with drawers and shelves, where you can put a computer, a printer, and place training aids. Modern technology greatly facilitates the task of equipping small rooms.

For a small bedroom it Bedroom small size it is best to pick up a stylish furniture convertible

Furnished clear: bed, wardrobe, table.

Now, to give a unique and add "flavor" you need to add something to this:

  • flowers( in pots on the windowsill, in vases);
  • Picture, with your favorite image;
  • Unusual wallpaper, giving a unique style to your taste;
  • Soft padded stools on which you can sit down and forget yourself;
  • Bookshelf with your favorite editions.

Options, as already mentioned above - a huge variety. It is necessary to understand that the bedroom is the place where there should be a feeling of calm and ease. If there is no desire to come up with something complicated - this option is for you.

How to furnish a small bedroom to make it seem more

Some people need to visually their apartment, though small in size, seemed bigger. The ideal solution to this problem is the layout in light colors.

In order for the small room to appear more visually, it should be decorated with wallpaper of light colors To a small room seem visually larger, it should be made out using light shades of wallpaper

They give the room a kind of bigger than it actually is. Also, light colors will make it possible to get rid of the feeling of congested rooms with furniture.

Built-in closets are also suitable here, since they occupy minimum space.

Design of a small bedroom in an apartment in a thematic style, photo

There are people who are very keen on something. Whether it's the "Star wars" universe, the Harry Potter world, or whatever. Then it is necessary to equip the bedroom in the style of your beloved universe. The design of this bedroom is much more complicated, because you need to take into account the smallest details. Let's say that this is the bedroom of a fan of fantasy games World of Warcraft. An ordinary bed?No, not here. A bed in the form of a dragon's mouth?The most that. Candlesticks from skulls?Great. Doorway like the Dark Portal?Great. And all of that sort.

If you have such hobbies, equip a bedroom in the style of your favorite game / book / movie, this is a great option!In such rooms it is always pleasant to be.

In order for the bedroom to be comfortable, it must be designed in accordance with their own preferences To bedroom was comfortable, it is necessary to draw up to your personal taste

-bedroom photos

Can not particularly thinking and turn the bedroom into the treasury of the best moments of life.

A huge number of photo frames of various sizes with glass, paintings, portraits, bed linen, which shows a mosaic of children's photographs. Spending nights in a bedroom of this kind, or at least having been there for 10 minutes you can completely forget yourself and immerse yourself in the world of individual moments of life of the owner of the apartment.

It's great, is not it?In such bedrooms you can use furniture-transformer, mini-tables and much more. The arrangement in this case gives a great flight of fantasy.

Design a bedroom in any style

Of course, you can arrange a bedroom, and indeed any room in an apartment in separate styles, whether it's a Provence, classic or other. With this option, you do not need a special fantasy, you can do everything by template, but it will not do it any worse. If you follow all the details of your chosen style, then there will be a very interesting bedroom.

Separate paragraph should be given to bedroom lighting:

  1. Preference should be given to the use of sources of diffuse light, which facilitates the preparation for sleep.
  2. The design of lighting fixtures, whether chandelier or wall lanterns, depends on your chosen room style.

The main thing in any interior is harmony.

Lighting in a small bedroom plays a special role, so it should give maximum attention Lighting in a small bedroom plays a special role, so it should pay maximum attention to

Wallpaper. The choice of wallpaper - that's where the real space for imagination. Depending on the style of the wallpaper can be completely different - you can paste on the walls of photos from life, you can make a wallpaper as a whole picture, the size of the wall, is not it wonderful?Of course, you can not glue the wallpaper, but paint the walls. In this case, a huge flight opens up for fantasy.

You can simply paint the walls in one color, or you can turn a wall into a beautiful clearing, the edge of the forest, whatever, the main thing is the desire to make your bedroom unique.

Ceilings. Ideal - stretch ceilings. It will be appropriate to find out where the very idea of ​​stretch ceilings came from. In fact, stretch ceilings began to be used for a long time, of course, not in the form that is now known to us, but still they came to us from ancient Greece and Rome, where they were used by noble and rich people. The main advantage of stretch ceilings is the concealment of defects formed on the main ceiling. It is also a masking of all kinds of pipes, wires and so on. What is important, the time to install ceilings of this kind is relatively less. The main plus - with a stretch ceiling you are not threatened to be flooded by neighbors from above!Of the minuses, you can note an incorrect installation. Trusting the installation should be checked by specialists, otherwise it will become a big problem later.

Flooring. The best options in this direction are laminate and carpet. Laminate was invented not so long ago, in 1977 in Sweden.

The most practical and popular option for finishing the floor in the bedroom is the linoleum The most practical and popular option for floor finishing in the bedroom is the linoleum

Laminate advantages:

  • A relatively small price;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Care does not require much effort;
  • Color resistant.

From the minuses can be noted: the use of chemical components in the manufacture, sensitivity to moisture( swollen laminate - it's a disaster!).

Pros of carpet:

  • Ability to absorb and extinguish sounds( from walking, from falling objects);
  • For cleaning, a normal or washing vacuum cleaner is sufficient;
  • Variety of options.

Of the cons: often in need of cleaning, poorly tolerates dampness, it is difficult to remove stains. In general, the carpet is suitable for creating a home coziness the most. Here it is worth noting such types of flooring as linoleum, parquet, tiles.

The choice depends on the chosen style of the room, if the interior allows you to choose a carpet or laminate - these are the best options for flooring.

Design of a small bedroom( video)

Again, most solutions depend on your approach to bedroom design and interior choice. From this and need to build on. Nobody is able to say what exactly you need and what will attract more. All that can be done is to steer in the right direction and explain the technical aspects, which was done. The main thing to remember is that the bedroom is the place where every person spends a significant part of his life. And it depends on everyone whether it will be a gray little room, or a place where you want to come back again and again.

design small bedroom( interior photos)