Repair of bedrooms: photos, real design in the apartment, options for yourself, types of rooms after where to start

Before you go shopping for new finishing materials, you should decide on the future design of the bedroom Before you run for the purchase of new finishing materials, should decide the future of design bedrooms under renovation bedrooms when you want to upgrade has become familiar to the eye interior. In the rooms people spend a large part of their lives, so everyone wants to make it cozy. That's why before starting the planned work, you need to choose the optimal design from the point of view of the person. Help in this photo ready-made options or advice from the designer. Regardless of the chosen method, first you need to think carefully, otherwise unforeseen expenses can not be avoided.

    • Repair bedrooms: design and total interior solution
    • repair options Bedrooms: Walls and ceiling
    • Where to start repair in the bedroom: under the feet also need to look
    • Stages repair Bedrooms: tips for beginners
    • design and repair Palen( video)
    • Examples repair bedrooms( photo interiors)

Repair bedrooms: design and total interior solution

recommended in advance to consider various variants of registration. To do this, you need photos of your favorite furniture options or thematic catalogs. It is not superfluous to make a sketch, which will help to see in advance how accurately this or that detail fits into the interior. It is advisable to take part at this stage of the dimensions of the room, the degree of its illumination and the prevailing color range.

Increased attention is paid to the issue of zoning available space. For example, if we are talking about the design of bedrooms, then it is made in isolation from the rest of the rooms. On the one hand, every centimeter of the area should be used rationally, without overloading the interior. On the other hand, if there is enough space in the room, a wardrobe or workplace is arranged.

If the bedroom is planned to create a working area, you should think in advance about zoning the room If the bedroom is planned to create a work space are kindly requested to consider the zoning room

the next steps are as follows:

  1. Budgeting works - the more accurate account of the need for repair materials, the easier it is to determine theFinancial issue. Beginners can use specialized computer programs. We do this to simplify the whole process, because they allow us to see approximate estimates on the basis of the parameters introduced;
  2. Preparation of the future place of work - in order for the room to be convenient to carry out the necessary manipulations, it is necessary to take out all furniture and equipment from it. In cases where the project does not provide for the replacement of windows and doors in the room, they should be precautionally secured against accidental damage, dust and possible paint ingress. For this purpose, a special film is used, which can be bought in the building materials store;
  3. Removing old structures and coatings - in most cases it's about unnecessary wallpaper, whitewash, tile or paint. This stage takes a lot of time and requires increased caution. The real difficulties begin at the stage of removing the skirt and the threshold.

repair options Bedrooms: Walls and ceiling

To bedroom changed, you must pay close attention to the walls and ceiling. When it comes to the ceiling, then change its appearance can be by: shpatlevaniya, installation tension or gipsokartonnogo option. The first way is to make reasonable use of sufficient building experience to people, otherwise a lot of mistakes can not be avoided. Easier to work with plasterboard.

Firstly, they are aligned virtually all of the surface roughness, and, second, allow your hands to hide unsightly communication. Among other advantages, universality stands out - the ability to use in the interior regardless of its characteristics. If the design of the premises involves the use of a multi-level ceiling, then it is recommended to use gypsum board or stretch ceilings.

Stretched ceiling with a multi-level construction - ideal to hide all roughness of the rough surface Stretch ceiling with multi-level construction - ideal to hide all roughness of the rough surface

No less attention should be paid to the transformation of the walls:

  • Drywall refers to inexpensive and simple ways to hide all surface irregularities;
  • If there is no desire to visually reduce the space in the room, the choice should be made in favor of the plaster;
  • Finishing is carried out with wallpaper and decorative plaster;
  • Various types of finishes will help you to study the photos in the thematic press.

How to start the repair in the bedroom: under your feet, too, you need to look

Beautiful floor in the room should not be cold tones. A similar requirement concerns its temperature. To fully experience the benefits of a well-insulated version of the floor will help the system "warm floor".If you do not have the financial capacity to install it, then you can make a comfortable version of several common types of materials. Opens the list of laminate, easy to lay down even not very experienced people.

The floor with the 3D effect is an excellent variant of the decorative finishing of the warm floor The floor with the 3D effect is an excellent option for the decorative finishing of the warm floor

After installation of special care it does not require - besides this, a good designer will offer a number of other options:

  1. Linoleum -Floor covering. For decades, it was put on furniture, which could not harm the linoleum. If from the functional point of view the material confidently bypassed the competitors, then with the aesthetic - left much to desire;
  2. Filling floor - creates a perfectly flat surface with minimal time. Among other advantages - the ability to create a floor in 3D pictures;
  3. Cork floor - environmentally friendly and pleasant to the touch. Its only mine is a ban on the use of aggressive chemical cleaning agents;
  4. Parquet - requires increased attention in terms of care. In doing so, it allows you to create a designer floor. A significant disadvantage of the material is the high cost.

Stages of bedroom repair: tips for beginners

It's better to start with the redevelopment, which involves the dismantling of individual elements. Similarly, it is necessary to enter, if it is a question of zoning space with the use of partitions. In addition, at the stage of redevelopment, the heating batteries are replaced, the air conditioning unit is installed, or the configuration of the electrical wiring is changed, or new double-glazed units are installed.

Finishing material - is chosen taking into account the aesthetic and environmental factor. A phased work plan takes this aspect into account. The absence of dangerous dyes and other not always safe elements will positively affect the health of the occupants of the premises. If we talk about the system of windows, then the tree must be abandoned because of its inability to pass in the required volume of air flow. An improper microclimate does not have the best effect on the quality of air in the room.

Polyfoam - inexpensive and practical material for additional sound insulation and wall insulation in the bedroom Polyfoam is an inexpensive and practical material for additional sound insulation and wall insulation in the bedroom.

In addition, it must be remembered that the apartment needs high-quality sound insulation. Only plastic windows will cope with this task. One thing needs to be remembered at the same time. If people with allergies are living in the house, then plastic windows should be abandoned. A similar requirement applies to doors. They are mistakenly perceived as a monolithic obstacle designed to protect the inhabitants of the room from military invasion.

Actually, for the bedrooms is selected easy in the architectural plan option. Its main task is to visually separate the room from the rest of the apartment, rather than turn the room into a bank safe.

If the bedroom is very small, you should pay attention to the light colors in the decoration and furniture, a minimum of decor in the interior and an abundance of mirrors If the bedroom is very small, you should pay attention to the light colors in the decoration and furniture, a minimum of interior decor and an abundance of mirrors.

. As other recommendations that allow for quality repairs and create a cozy atmosphere in the room, designersAllocate:

  • The bet is made on functional furniture with a large number of drawers;
  • Visually a small bedroom will expand the corner cabinet with glass sliding panels;
  • In rooms with unusual geometry it is better to use 2-3 noticeable visual accents. As such, a designer cabinet or picture will perform;
  • Whichever version of the finish is selected, it is necessary to exclude excessive cluttering of the space with furniture.

Design and repair of the panels( video)

Carrying out the repair in the room is not an easy task, requiring a good preparation. When preparing a sketch, architectural features of the room are taken into account, where it is planned to change the situation. Furniture, windows and doors are chosen taking into account the preferred style in the interior. After the budget has been approved, the premises will be transformed. The main thing is to keep a balance between the degree of congestion of the available space and the desired result.

Examples repair bedrooms( photo interiors)