Technology gluing wallpaper: on the concrete walls in the bathroom

Technology wallpapering (51 photos). The choice of adhesive. Gluing and drying cloths. Pasting in the bathroom and toilet


Table of contents

  • 1 On issues of difficult choices
    • 1.1 The type of wallpaper and calculation
    • 1.2 selection of adhesive
  • 2 Preparatory stage
  • 3 Bonding of paintings
  • 4 Drying wallpaper
  • 5 Pasting wallpaper in the bathroom and toilet
  • 6 Summing up
  • 7 Photo Gallery

Technology wallpapering determined type of cover, the base and the specifics of the room. Which is right for you? Let's deal together.

Wallpapering technology

So, let's consider what constitutes a technology stickers wallpaper.

On issues of difficult choices

Wallpapering proper begins with the choice of finishing material.

The type of wallpaper and calculation

With the selection. The transition pattern from leaf to leaf or transition "random patterns. " A significant advantage - practically invisible seams. Figure staggered (imaginary the edge of the chessboard is parallel to the floor).

Counter - multidirectional. Hides technological uneven relief depth. Often means no pictures and selection.

Do not rely on a table of approximate calculations, hanging in the shops - they are wrong!

In most cases, roll length - 10.05 m, and sometimes - 15 m, paintable - 25 m.

Width is - 0.53 m, 0.7 m, 1.06 m.

Technology calculation:

  • Measure the height in different places of the room.
  • Measure the total width (perimeter walls where wallpaper whole sheets will be located from floor to ceiling).
  • When the ceiling height of 2.5 m and no selection - from a roll to obtain 10.05 m 4 sheets.
  • At a height of 2.5 m or greater with the selection of a height of 2.5-3 m from the roll to obtain 10.05 m 3 whole sheet and cutters that can be used for pasting the wall above the door window.

selection of adhesive

wallpaper stickers technology

Choosing the glue

special adhesives used for gluing wallpaper.

consumption of glue

Glue consumption and characteristics

After choosing the right glue, we proceed to its preparation. After reading the instructions, make such dilution of the desired concentration. Pour in a bucket of lukewarm water and stirring it, fall asleep dry powder.

At this point, you must take care not to form lumps. Stir everything until smooth state, it is necessary to give the glue to stand until complete dissolution and swelling.

Preparatory stage

technology papering the walls of wallpaper

The walls are ready for pasting

For best adhesion prime with the wall before pasting already diluted glue or special primer composition, recommended for use with your type of surface. When the primer adhesive mass ready to be diluted with water to a quarter.

Apply glue to the back of the canvas, let soak a sheet and start work on pasting.

This technology papering the walls of wallpaper is not suitable for non-woven fabrics. In this case, the adhesive is applied directly to the wall.

Bonding of paintings

technology pasting wall wallpaper

To glue the butt

  1. We need to "beat off vertical" before pasting of the first web. To do this, take a plummet, attach to the wall at 30 cm from the window and draw a line on which, or in parallel to it attach the first panel.
  2. To patterns on adjacent sheets coincide, sameryaem height of the wall, figure out where the pass patterns and cut with a margin of 5 cm.
  3. Considered technology of pasting the walls with wallpaper glue comprises applying a paint with a wide brush or conventional roller.
  4. Spread on the floor sheets, glue is applied along the length of material web, folding the strip on one another for impregnation. Held 5 minutes, after which the sheet is pasted. impregnation time can vary significantly, and specified by the manufacturer in the instructions.
  5. Glue fabric to the wall, smoothing from the center to the edge of the necessary clean sponge or roller.
  6. Remove the excess glue with a sponge. If the paint is smeared with disintegration, in this case it is better to smooth them with a brush.
Wallpapering on concrete walls

When removing the surplus pencil mark length in place (with a margin of 0.5 cm to redraw), then slightly tear the fabric and knife cut the excess under the ruler.

If vinyl wallpaper (currently they often are), stick border directly on the wall. At the desired height on the perimeter make a mark, affix the upper fabric, trim the excess of line and glue 1/2 the height of the curb. Pasted canvas edge, we start at the top of the curb, cut off her line and sticking to the end of the curb.

Note! For pasting of outlets and switches should be switched off electricity in the room. Twisted Tube all or disable the "automatic", remove the lid and the sticking sheet over the holes. Cut crosswise holes in the ground sockets and dressed with the ends of panels in a box. After drying glue put the lid in place.

Drying wallpaper

How to glue wallpaper, we know, but how to properly dry? Negligence in this matter may spoil all the work.

During gluing and to dry you need to follow in the absence of a draft. He is dangerous because the drying can occur unevenly and this will lead to marriage, the spread of the joints or rupture webs. That is why you should close the doors and windows.

Pasting wallpaper in the bathroom and toilet

Wallpapering in the bathroom

The use of wallpaper in the bathroom

Having decided that the best option would be finishing Wallpapering in the bathroom it is important to take into account the need for proper training surface.

Wallpapering on the concrete walls of the bathroom done with the prior use of:

  • putty - Ceresit CD 24;
  • primer - Elakor PU-Primer-2K / 50.

Summing up

Adhering to these rules, you can easily own wallpaper paste. We can only offer you the video in this article and wish you good luck.

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