As wallpaper glue butt: any wallpaper paste better what glue to use for satin, paper, rules, gluing machines

As wallpaper glue butt (33 photos). Glue different types of fabrics for paint and other surface


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  • 1 Classical gluing technology
  • 2 Glue different types of wallpaper
    • 2.1 satin
    • 2.2 washable
    • 2.3 paper
    • 2.4 liquid
  • 3 Sticking to the paint and other surface
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During wallpapering the main condition for obtaining a good result is compliance with gluing technology. Depending on the type of coating and the surface pasted general room conditions it will change, but the question of how to hang wallpaper butt, will haunt the minds of novice builders is still a long time.

More on this in our article.

like wallpaper paste butt After surface preparation, selection of wallpaper and adhesive time to decide how the wallpaper paste correctly.
  • First of all, prepare all the necessary tools and be patient, pasting room process can take a long time, especially when performing this procedure for the first time.
  • Second, buy a suitable wallpaper that will please you and your family, will complement the selected style of interior room and allow correct deficiencies
  • Third, choose a suitable adhesive.

Classical gluing technology

The most common ways of gluing wallpaper are "overlapping" and "butt". If the first is used more often in the corners and inaccessible places and leads to wasteful consumption of materials, the second approach when pasting the walls of the plane.

If you do not know how to properly glued wallpaper butt, let's look at this process together from beginning to end:

  1. Cut roll onto the web, adding to the desired length of about 5 cm. When cutting the sheets be sure to pay attention to the need to combine the picture. If the ornament large enough, you may need to stock up to 30 cm.
  2. Apply glue on canvas, brush thoroughly distribute it from the center to the edges. Make sure that adhesive does not hit the front surface of the sheet.

Note! To check the flatness of the bands and labels easier alignment with a spirit level draw a vertical line, from which start to glue fabric.

  1. Start gluing the top down, from the windows flush with the line-guide. Extra pieces with a sharp knife cut only after the complete drying.
  1. Smooth web sponge roller and remove any excess adhesive from the surface.
  1. Next glue the fabric to the previous level.

Before wallpapering butt, make sure that the room temperature was not less than +20 ° C Rising. Make sure all windows and doors are closed.

Glue different types of wallpaper

Satin finish in the interior

Satin finish in the interior


Consider the features of gluing various kinds of fabrics. Let's start with the quite popular varieties of vinyl flooring - satin. This dense material is created by applying a dense tissue fibers on the foundation.

Another name - silk-screen printing. Figure is applied by hot embossing. The upper surface of webs - smooth and strong, sometimes with glitter or sputtering.

For gluing the material needed for the satin wallpaper glue - a special adhesive composition for heavy fabrics. Glue sheets can be on a level surface, since they have no relief.

Before gluing wallpaper satin, cut roll on the canvas, select the drawing and mark up the wall. As is the case with the interlining, the adhesive is not applied to the sheets, but directly on the application surface.


Washable wallpaper - a common name for all the coatings which are somewhat resistant to moisture. There are three levels of protection, and know exactly what you can have your canvas, looking at the icon on the roll pack.

Such coatings are well used in the kitchen and bathroom - rooms with high humidity. To clean enough to hold a soft sponge, although some varieties are resistant to cleaning agents and hard brushes.



For bonding will need wallpaper glue for heavy fabrics and smooth clean wall. gluing technique is no different from the standard.

Recently, the market often appear self-adhesive washable wallpaper. For their labels enough to remove the protective film on the back portion of the web and place it in the correct position on the wall, smoothing roller.


Consider the type of material, which is often forgotten, although for many years he was a leader in the construction market. Of course, this paper wallpaper.

If we carefully look into their features, it turns out that there are several types of them:

  • Simplex - one layer.
  • Duplex - double-layer with relief.
  • Heavy paper. Coarse fiber structure and fabric, which forms a relief surface layer of wood shavings, hidden between layers of paper.

The very sticky paper sheets not extremely difficult to pick up sufficiently suitable glue based on starch and antifungal additives to dissolve it according to instructions.

After that, cut into a roll on a cloth and put on their adhesive impregnation forward and sticking on the wall.

Assortment roll coating

Assortment roll coating


The most original type coatings are liquid. In fact, this material has more similarities with plaster, but after application to the wall and pour it forms a soft, pleasant surface, similar to wallpaper.

They can be used not only to mask the small irregularities of the walls and to give her any relief surface, but also to create the real picture, which is very convenient when you make a child's room.

To pokleit liquid wall, the dry powder must be diluted with water in accordance with the instruction, and put it on the wall with a spatula to form a layer of 2-3 mm.

To give relief using special rollers. If we want to create a picture on the wall, different colors apply only after drying previous.

So, what the wallpaper glue is easier? It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question. The main thing is to know the rules of gluing and stick to them, then your work will be done qualitatively.

Sticking to the paint and other surface

Equipment Wallpapering

painted room

Residents of old apartments know that the kitchen walls painted in most paint, so the question of the possibility of bonding webs on the painted surface can be attributed to the top-end.

Wallpapering on a paint can, if properly prepare it. Depending on the type of paint - oil or emulsion, type of processing selected. Nazhdachkoy major surface sanding and putty. If the paint is latex, to add another layer of soil and a layer of diluted glue.

Summing up

We hope our article was a response to the question of how to hang wallpaper butt right to receive high quality results regardless of the material type and papered surfaces.

In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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