Can I hang wallpaper in the wallpaper, on the tiles in the rain?

Can I hang wallpaper in the wallpaper (39 photos): correct sticking


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In the process of repair, you probably have wondered whether it is possible to glue the wallpaper on the wallpaper?

This problem is one of the most important, which arise at the time of interior room.

whether it is possible to glue wallpaper wallpaperExperts do not recommend to carry out such actions, because the old coating can hardly serve as a good basis for the brand-new paintings: they shall be melted, separated and spoil the appearance.

What can be glued wallpaper

Consider the reasons for such a situation and how to avoid:

Uncommon situation where the old cloth is almost impossible to remove from the wall. Naturally, in such cases beginning builders decide how wallpaper glue directly on the old layer.

Advantages old substrate

Than it can threaten, whether it is possible to glue the wallpaper on the old wallpaper?

Of course, there are several advantages to this type of gluing:

  • No need to spend time on the dismantling of the old layer.
  • No need to align and process surface.

Disadvantages of the old substrate

But that's all the positive aspects of end and start solid disadvantages.

  • First, the walls are not perfectly flat, the new coating may have defects in the form of wrinkles and bubbles.
  • Secondly, the new paintings are not just stick to the old layer, and all your efforts will be wasted. Glue on top is possible only on the paper webs, non-woven or vinyl surface is not suitable to the role of the substrate.
  • Textured coating patterns are also unlikely to replace the layer of old newspapers, so frequently used for the substrate.
  • Third, the coating life will be reduced.
  • Fourth, when you decide to do repairs, you'll have to immediately dismantle the two layers.
  • On the question of how to glue wallpapers with his hands on the old coating is not even hesitate.

Often in the process of repairing the question - is it possible to hang wallpaper on the tile. The only answer - a categorical "no." This surface is smooth and water repellent, is not able to form a strong bond with the adhesive.

A similar response we can give beginners repairmen who want to glue fabric to paint or whitewash.

Note! Ideal base for gluing fabrics is drywall. This smooth surface, which is only primed enough.

Proper Wallpapering

How can pokleit right? First of all, you need to prepare the wall. It is not necessary to ask the experts whether it is possible to hang wallpaper in the old - just remove unnecessary layer coating the surface to be papered.

Removal of whitewash from the walls

Removal of whitewash from the walls

If this paper webs, you just enough to wet them with hot water, wait a bit and remove the debris with a spatula.

The task is simplified if the sheets have already begun to lag behind the wall. In that case, just fill them with hot water inside and wait for soaking fabrics. Remove the layer scraping spatula.

But with painted wall will have to make an effort:

  • Oil paint is easily washed off with soap and water after removing the coating surface must be sanded.
  • Enamel paint must be removed via soda or soap solution.
  • Adhesive paint is washed off with plain water.
  • Emulsion paint scraped off with a spatula enough.
  • Mineral colors - most difficult to remove, a thin layer is eroded with a brush, and the fat is removed with a scraper.

Problems can arise when removing decorative coatings. For example, the vinyl removed in two passes.

First removed directly vinyl image layer, and then a paper substrate. Whitewash from the wall and removed spatula.

Next, proceed to gluing. If you still want to apply wallpaper on the old wallpaper, use as a conventional paper substrate newspaper.

Smoothing roll surface

Smoothing roll surface

Glued to a substrate such simple enough: newspapers stacked, smeared with glue and glued to one wall.

You can glue the wallpaper on the wallpaper, if the old coating paper and has no irregularities.

Next, prepare the adhesive composition. Typically, manufacturers provide a special adhesive that is suitable for their type of coverage, and comes bundled with instructions for its preparation.

The water gradually pour the adhesive mixture, stirring rod. Stir to avoid lumps, glue leave on for 3-4 minutes, it is now ready for use.

Once you have prepared the wall and found the answer to the question whether it is possible to glue the new wallpaper in the old, start marking surface.

Removal of adhesive from the surface

Removal of adhesive from the surface

Calculate how much you will need cloths for pasting the entire room, mark the wall in pencil and cut sheets.

Their length should be 5 cm longer than the wall. So we leave the place in the contraction cloths when dry, cut off the unwanted parts afterwards.

After that, apply the adhesive to the back of the canvas, carefully distributed from the center to the edges, do not forget about the edge. Be careful that the glue does not get on the front of the drawing.

If this occurs, immediately wipe it with a soft sponge. After impregnation, the webs can start their gluing, moving from window to door. So will not be visible seams between the strips.

If you are wondering if you can glue on the old wallpaper, you will understand now that the paste over an uneven wall - quite difficult and uncomfortable, and the question will be solved by itself.

After the process of gluing vinyl wallpaper rooms, smooth the surface of the roller, wipe glue residue and wait for complete drying webs.

We answer the questions

Surely only the Russian people could come up with the question whether it is possible to hang wallpaper in the wallpaper. Indeed, sometimes laziness overpowering craving for quality work.

Problems may arise with the choice of adhesive layer beneath the old mold and the appearance of bubbles and irregularities on the surface.

We have collected for you the most unusual questions, such as whether it is possible to hang wallpaper in the rain?

moisture effects

Unpleasant consequences of high humidity

Immediately after these words in the minds of a picture emerges when a person tries to paste over the outside wall of the house in the rain weather. However, if you think about the issue quite interesting.

It is not enough that the rainy weather, the indoor temperature is lowered and there is the possibility of drafts, and even saturate the walls with moisture, which may adversely affect the work performed.

Any adhesive mixture becomes ineffective if the surface to which the material sticker, too wet. The same situation happens when the temperature inside the room.

So glue the rainy weather did not really recommended, unless the room is already working heating system, and you do not depend on weather conditions.

Probably the original question, which can be heard - whether it is possible for pregnant women to hang wallpaper.

Of course, if the girl is not in the last month and can carry a load, a small workout even go to her advantage. However, it is worth thinking about the pairs of adhesive, primer, construction dust and other inconveniences arising from the repairs.

It is undesirable that the girl was breathing polluted air, so glue pregnant only when absolutely necessary. It's better to do exercises outdoors.

We hope that after reading the article, you will understand whether it is possible to glue the wallpaper on the wallpaper, and continue to refrain from committing similar acts. We wish you a successful repair and a beautiful interior!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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