How to glue the paper wall correctly: pasting the walls with his own hands

How to glue the paper wall (36 photos): features gluing her hands


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  • 1 Classification and specifications
    • 1.1 simplex
    • 1.2 Duplex
    • 1.3 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 2 Technology pasting walls
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Paper wallpaper another so were the most popular finishing materials, today the market has expanded significantly. It invites us to vinyl, natural and non-woven fabric, but the question of how to glue the paper wall, still topical.

So, our goal is to tell you about the technique of pasting wallpaper and all the nuances of this process.

how to glue the paper wall

Gluing of wallpaper on the wall

Classification and specifications

Absolutely all the paper webs are suitable for decoration of rooms with moderate humidity: bedrooms, classrooms, living rooms, children.

Note! The paper web is not recommended to paste with a high humidity room (bathtubs, bath, kitchen), since they are not water-resistant characteristics.

Paper wallpaper can be of two types:


This type of paper webs comprises a single layer. Produced by gravure or flexographic printing with water-dispersion paints.


It consists of two or more layers, usually with an additional coating, a protective function against external factors. During the manufacturing process the layers are bonded to each other.

Note! Duplex in comparison with the simplex more wear-resistant, moisture resistant, durable and do not fade in the sun.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • eco-friendly material, does not cause allergies;
  • low cost;
  • have a different texture and color;
  • easy to glueing;
  • breathable.

Note! These properties indicate that the material can be used for walls in the nursery. In addition, there is a large selection of paintings with motifs of the characters from the cartoons.

pasting of wall paper wallpaper

Pasting of walls a bright color paper wallpaper in the nursery - always cheerful mood


  • exposed to mechanical nature;
  • not survive the wet cleaning;
  • short-lived (up to 7 years).

Technology pasting walls

Despite the widespread material, not everyone understands how to properly glued wallpaper. To avoid mistakes, reveal the subtleties in the performance of the process. Let's look at how to wallpaper paste over the room.

Work on preparing the walls of the base

  • Removal of old coatings. To start pasting, it is necessary to prepare the surface. Remove the old finish with a spatula and a special building remuverom.
how to paste paper wallpaper

Remove old wallpaper will help spatula

Tip! Washable or dense web must first scratch or cut, then soap solution to better penetrate the ground.

  • Removing paint. Before pasting oil paint or enamel must be sanded with sandpaper.
    Water-based paint or whitewash need to soak with soapy water and, using a spatula to remove.

Note! Thin layer underlayer is easy to remove with a sponge and hot water.

  • Elimination of defects (cracks, roughness). Cracks need to plaster and wait until the plaster dries.
    Do not interfere with handle wall primer, it will strengthen the base and ease the removal of wallpaper, when you need it.


  • knife or scissors;
  • pencil;
  • roulette;
  • Brush for applying adhesive;
  • container for wallpaper paste;
  • roller for applying adhesive to the base;
  • damp sponge to remove the excess glue;
  • cut, dry cloth.

Be cut into strips

Roll out one roll seamy side up, measure a length equal to the height of the room and add 10 cm.

If the fabric without a pattern, you can just cut a few panels. If there is a pattern, the strip should be cut so that the pattern match.

Note! On rolls with a picture indicates the distance, which is repeated ornament.

Marking lines on the basis of

To glue fabric to be away from the window. For perfectly flat wallpapering need to partition the surface, this breadth of the sheet and transfer it on the wall, draw a vertical line.

To the line was smooth, you can use the tracer, pre-grated chalk any color. Attach it to the wall and let go abruptly, to get a clear white stripe.

adhesive Application

In accordance with an instruction breed glue. Uniformly applied it to the cut strip, carefully promazyvaya edge, leaf folded inwards for 5-7 minutes to soak.

Tip! When moistened paper sheets are extended. It is very important to maintain the same amount of time fabric. This will prevent the emergence of bubbles and peeling.

Before stick wallpaper paper, fold them for impregnation

pasting of walls

So, everything is ready, you can start pasting. Sticker paper wall-paper starts from the window deep into the room, toward the light.

Paper lighter fabrics can be glued overlapping. If the sheets with a picture, do not forget to watch out for his match.

Instructions for pasting wall wallpaper paper

Glued strip pressed against a clean, dry cloth from inside to outside and from top to bottom. Remains wallpapering are cut with a knife on a level plinth.

In the role of the limiter, you can use a putty knife.

Tip! Squeegee is recommended to iron the seams, then they will be less noticeable.

sockets Pasting:

  • disconnect the apartment;
  • unscrew the sockets and switches;
  • pokleit strip, cut out the necessary space under the sockets and switches;
  • after pasting to put them into place.
how to hang wallpaper paper

The photo is clipped outlet locations

pasting the ceiling

The answer to the question of how to hang wallpaper paper on the ceiling hardly differs from the wall finishing. Note that the strips are perpendicular to the window.

how to glue the paper wall correctly

The room is ready and has a flawless appearance

To summarize

Now that you know how to glue the paper wall correctly. From this information, it became clear that the process is fairly simple, but requires some effort and knowledge. We can only wish you good luck and to offer video in this article.

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