The estimate for the repair of a bathroom: a standard calculation of the cost of finishing in installments

The estimate for the repair of the bathroom: how to calculate the


Table of contents

  • 1 What to look for
  • 2 measurement of dimensions
  • 3 The choice of material for finishing
    • 3.1 finishing the floor
    • 3.2 Decorating the walls
  • 4 Calculation of cash
  • 5 Summing up

Suppose you have decided to implement a long-awaited dream - to renovate a bathroom. Before you begin to work directly, you need to plan all the possible costs, examine the existing options for walls, floors, ceilings, plumbing choose the optimum.

To document display all items of expenditure required estimates for the repair of the bathroom.

What to look for

The estimate for the repair of a bathroomSo you want to calculate the cost of repairs. Where to begin? You determine whether to do the work yourself, or entrust it to the workers.

Note! If you choose to rely on the workers, remember that voluntary builders less expensive professional teams. But the latter option will ensure that the warranty on the work performed and in the case of certain unforeseen circumstances, you will be able to repair their work free of charge.

Next significant portion of the cost - the purchase of building materials. Calculate the amount of material for repair can now be uncomplicated by using an online calculator, bathroom repairs.

Tip! Using the calculator, you can save time and be able to avoid errors in calculations.

example calculation

To do this:

  • measure all linear dimensions of the room (length, width, height) to the nearest centimeter;
  • make a drawing of floor, wall and ceiling in the scale;
  • decide on the material for the floor, walls and ceiling;
  • specify the option of selling the selected material (individually or in packages, the volume of packages);
  • calculate the required amount of material, by comparing the size of the material and the surface area;
  • Check with professional builders, to calculate the necessary amount of binder mixtures, fasteners;
  • calculate the amount of money needed for the purchase of all materials, a reference in this case will be the price in DIY stores or markets.

measurement of dimensions

With the roulette produce measurement each face at several points in increments of 0.5-1 m. This is necessary to refine scoping. Many of the homes of old buildings can confound any math geometry of his designs.

Assume floor side length of 170 cm each, resulting square area is 2.89 m2. We rounded up to three square meters.

Measure the height of the walls. Multiplying the height of the walls on the long sides of the floor, forward wall surface. Put on paper an image of walls, floor, ceiling. Based on these data, we count the number of material.

The choice of material for finishing

Repair of bathroom 170 170

Floor tiles

finishing the floor

Frequent option is to use a floor finish tile. The tiles are made of different sizes of rectangular or square shape. The most popular tiles with a side of 0.3 or 0.33 m, area one m² equal to 0.09 or 0.11 m².

Dividing the total floor area in the area of ​​one tile, we obtain the required number of - 34 or 28 pieces.

Do not forget that there is a need trimming tiles, so buy a small margin, to avoid having to re-apply to the store and buy more missing amount. The worst thing is that you can not find the tiles of the same party, and the products of one manufacturer of one brand in different batches may be slightly different shade.

Tip! Even if you counted the number of tiles based on "cutting", it is desirable to have a supply of several pieces in the event of marriage or spoilage.

Decorating the walls

Likewise count produce decorative materials to repair the walls. If you preferred tiles, one can choose a wall tile rectangular shape with sides of 0.2 × 0.3 m. Thus, each product area 0.06 m².

According to the proposed scheme can be calculated not only to repair the room 170h170 cm, but also any other premises.

It should take into account the amount of material for mounting, if necessary alignment wall require plastering plaster formulations. Their number depends on the size of building structures irregularities.

For repair of the ceiling in the bathroom is the most frequent option are rack ceilings from aluminum panels with white finish, in gold or silver reflective surface. You can resort to the cheaper options - seamless plastic or plastic under the bunk.

Calculating the cost of bathroom remodeling

Rack suspended ceiling

Calculation of cash

Everybody knows that repairs - expensive. Often defined with a collection of ceramic tiles, plastic, plumbing, calculate how many means the consumer understands that the desired option repair the bathroom at the moment he does not pull. What can you advise in this situation? There are several options:

  • abandon expensive option selected and to use a cheaper analogue, for example, instead of tiles can be oblitsevat wall plastic panels, lay linoleum floor, ceiling - paint;
  • not to abandon the collection and liked to phase renovated bathroom, in the first year to buy all the material from the same batch (for except for tile adhesives, primers and other materials have a small shelf life), and the next - to purchase plumbing and implement installation;
  • a number of construction companies working with partner banks to offer to pay for repairs in installments (you get a bath turnkey, and within a year pay the service rendered).

Thus, this article clearly shows that the main document, without which it is impossible to calculate the repair in the bathroom - estimates. Only she is able to give a realistic idea of ​​how much repair will cost, to prevent unreasonable expenses and determine the required amount of material.

Properly compiled construction cost estimates - guarantee optimal costs. If you decide to still realize his idea of ​​repairing the bathroom hands of professional builders, your main task - to thoroughly examine the estimates provided by the executor of work and develop it even better on their own or together.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you and you can make a change of their own hands to repair. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.