Design bathroom 6 square meters: the idea of ​​the interior ceiling and curtains in the style of Provence and modern

Design bathroom 6 square meters (33 photos): choice of shelves, hooks, accessories, laundry baskets, curtains, rugs, towel rack and hangers


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    • 2.1 shelves
    • 2.2 hooks
    • 2.3 accessories for hygiene
    • 2.4 Flasket
    • 2.5 Shower curtain
    • 2.6 Rods for curtains
    • 2.7 rugs
    • 2.8 Towel or hangers
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bathroom decoration includes not only finishing, plumbing and furniture, but also a variety of accessories and decorations.

How to make the design a bathroom of 6 sq m? About this in our article.

design of the bathroom 6 square meters

This, at first glance, unnecessary stuff, bathroom complement the interior and make it cozy and beautiful.

Design Bathrooms 6 squares

Example design in a modern style

General classification

Today, in specialized stores you can enjoy a huge variety of decorative elements.

Kinds of accessories:

  • shelves;
  • hooks;
  • accessories for hygiene;
  • laundry basket;
  • shower curtain;
  • mat;
  • towel.

Which of this list accessories for the repair of the walls you need depends on the style and floor space. We propose to examine in detail each of them.

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If your bathroom is already installed furniture will need only one shelf. It may be made of glass, metal or combinations thereof. With special care to the choice of wooden models, often under the influence of moisture, they quickly lose their appearance.

bathroom interior 6 m²

Example design of the room 6 square meters

  • Holders can be metal or plastic. The first is much more attractive and versatile.
  • Well, if the design of bathrooms 6 squares includes the presence of a mirror with shelf. You must place it near the sink.
  • If the furniture is not present, the optimal solution would be the alignment of multiple cabinets or shelves.
  • Variants of such repairs in the bathroom a lot of room. You can choose angular, rectangular or semi-circular shelves, with one or more tiers.
  • Plain and practical solution - shelves without wall mounting. They are adapted to be placed on the edge of the bath or between the rim and the ceiling.


trendy bathroom design

Design in green

Apart from the usual plastic or metal hooks, which are fixed to the wall with screws, you can use the hooks on suckers or Velcro.

The latter can be attached to the tile, a side, or the wall of the shower door.

Suckers and Velcro - not the most reliable way of fixing, so do not expect to hang here too heavy things.

accessories for hygiene

Your bathroom interior 6 square meters must include accessories such appointment. Various cups, brush holders, soap dishes and dispensers pretty - all this creates a comfort.

ceiling design in the bathroom

The original design for 6 sq.m

Fastening may be performed to a wall or a horizontal surface. If you want to put them on the wall, use the magnetic model.

It is important that all elements of the bathroom interior were made in the same style, and view a single color scheme in all of them.


Such baskets may be braided, plastic or metal. The latter option is considered to be less hygienic. Which one to choose, it's up to you.

bathroom interior design ideas

Stylish laundry basket

The main thing that you have selected basket was perforated, it will provide an opportunity to ventilate the structure.

Shower curtain

There are several types of curtains. The most common - soft curtain located on the bar.

As the base material web is used polyethylene (cheapest and fragile material) and vinyl (more expensive and durable). Often, vinyl shutters are equipped with weighting, which do not allow the design to adhere to the body while taking a shower.

bathroom design in the style of Provence

example curtain

The third option - a textile curtains made of polyethylene. This variant contains a water-repellent impregnation and will long serve you faithfully.

It is also often used glass or plastic barriers.

Tip! Fulfilling the bathroom design in the style of Provence, select a combination of matte and glossy glass coated with a floral pattern.

Rods for curtains

Barbells different shape and base material. They can be straight, curved, or repeating the outlines of the bath. The choice of a design depends on the shape of the shower and room size.

Regardless of the style of the selected accessories should be reliable, practical and durable. To make sure this did not hesitate to ask the seller a certificate of quality.


To pad is waterproof too quickly and does not slide on the floor, its bottom layer should be rubberized. The top layer often is made of acrylic.

There are mats designed to prevent slipping in the shower. Kids rugs are suckers, which will reduce to a minimum the possibility of slipping.

Often the design of the ceiling in the bathroom doing similar to the coloring of accessories, including floor mats.

Towel or hangers

These structures may be annular, rotating, straight embodied in the form of rods, intended for one or more towels.

If you have not decided on a design style, we offer you our gallery of carefully selected designers.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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