Design bathroom with shower: interior small room

Design bathroom with shower (42 photos). Possible options for placing the soul. Pros deep trays. Materials for decoration


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  • 1 Change bath to shower
  • 2 Shower or bathtub: what to choose?
  • 3 Design bathroom with shower without shower tray
  • 4 Possible options for placing the shower
  • 5 Pros showers with deep tray
  • 6 Materials for Bathroom Design
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Virtually any modern man wants to be original. That is why the design of the bathroom with a shower is becoming increasingly popular.

In this article you will learn about the design features of the bathroom of the room, which is usually replaced by a bath shower, as well as the pros and cons of such a reshuffle.

Design bathroom with shower

A lot of people in our country get their house in "inherited" from the Soviet era. As they say, thank you and on this one. Only time 'per person' apartment became annoying. This applies to the design of all rooms, including the bathroom.

Change bath to shower

Already many thousands of people appreciated the dignity of showers. The first conspicuous advantage - it is their size.

Indeed, it happens when the interior of the small bathrooms even have nowhere to put the washing machine and a bidet. In order to save the owners a place removed the bath and replace them with compact shower.

The interiors of bathrooms with shower are varied and interesting.

And, of course, have some design features. Design features depend on the WC or separate.

In the quest for novelty people are happy to pull down, or vice versa, build walls. With en it happens more often.

Trying to get away from trivial, as well as trying to produce centimeters space bathroom combined with WC and replace the bathtub shower.

Winning space really turns solid. In a bathroom it is easy, you can put a washing machine or a piece of furniture.

Design a small bathroom with a shower often depends on the location of doors, the total area of ​​the room, the location of pipes and the like.

Naturally, if the bathroom is large, no obstacles for the designer fantasies do not.

Interior of a bathroom with shower

The small bathroom is also permissible design solutions

Shower or bathtub: what to choose?

First, how to choose the repair option bathroom, let's see what features such a choice.

Benefits of shower:

  • Save space by half compared with a bath. However, this advantage is only important for a small bathroom.
  • Saving water. Take a shower five times more economical than the bathroom.
  • Easy installation. However, it is best to entrust the installation of the master, because modern highly functional showers require special connections.
  • Functionality.
  1. The possibility of using the steam generator;
  2. Water massage;
  3. Infrared emitters giving sauna effect;
  4. Additional technical elements, such as hours, phone, TV, stereo, lights, and so on.

Bathroom with shower, the design of which you will have to develop, should become a place of relaxation and recharging - you choose.

If the room is large, it is sure to zoned space, separating the area of ​​furniture, bathroom and shower. This is easily done by means of light or color contrasts.

The large bathrooms designer's imagination can turn around. Here décor serve as chairs, couches, wardrobes and other furniture.

Note! All furniture must be made of moisture-resistant material, for bathroom - zone of high humidity! Materials for laying the floor in addition to moisture resistance must not be slippery to avoid accidents.

Less in the shower, only one - it can not soak in hot water with foam, as in a normal bath.

Design bathroom with shower without shower tray

Design a small bathroom with shower

Shower stall without pallet

Now very popular are the cabin without a shower tray. The interior of a small bathroom with shower very wins when installing the cabin without pallet.

In this case the shower base and the rest of the floor laid one material which greatly expands the space.

Sex in a bathroom, it is desirable to make warm. This will make showering even more pleasant, and the water will dry up soon after the procedure.

For decorating, you can use the tiles for bathroom design and a variety of colors, as well as water resistant laminate flooring, gypsum board, moisture resistant wallpaper, natural or artificial stone.

If the shower has no tray, entrust the installation of the base you need a specialist, because you need to take care of a complete seal.

The tray should be sloped to drain water side. Convenient a shower for the elderly and disabled people, in fact in a cab, you can enter and in a wheelchair.

Tip! The use of water-resistant drywall in the bathrooms of small size "stealing" of 4 cm on each side wall, therefore it is preferable to use a plaster, cement-base.

Interior of a bathroom with a shower must have a mirror.

Mirror tiles of the same size with the usual mirror film on the ceiling mirror above the sink or dresser create a feeling of space expansion. However, do not use mirror tiles to repair the ceiling in the bathroom - it's not safe.

Possible options for placing the shower

There are several different options for cabin accommodation:

  • freestanding
  • angular
  • pristennye

Freestanding cabin is possible only in a specially-designed oversized bathrooms, and it happens often.

The near-wall placement cabin occupies the same space as the bath.

But the angular placement of the shower as much as possible to save space, is therefore a priority among others.

Pros showers with deep tray

Deep trays definitely have their advantages. They come to the rescue when the hostess need to wash clothes, not suitable for machine washing. Deep trays used even for bathing babies, like a mini-bath replacement.

Among other things, a cab is much easier to collect, you can do even without a specialist.

Note! Before buying a shower enclosure of a particular configuration, check whether the construction will take place at the door!

Materials for Bathroom Design

The interiors of bathrooms with shower

The original design of the bathroom

Your bathroom design with shower is modern with suitable materials. All of them should be the most resistant of moisture.

By finishing materials for the bathroom include:

  • ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tiles
  • laminate waterproof
  • vinyl Flooring
  • cork
  • board
  • plastic panels
  • paint
  • colored glass blocks
  • Natural or artificial stone
  • Moisture resistant wallpaper.

Design a bathroom with a shower is not too different from the interior design with a bath. The exception is the cabin without a shower tray, allows you to combine and expand the space. Modern materials, your financial possibilities and imagination will help make your bathroom an exclusive and comfortable.

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