The design of the bathroom is small in size bathroom with shower: glass blocks in the interior

The design of the bathroom is small in size room with shower (45 photos). The ceiling of the plastic panels. The style


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  • 2 The ceiling of the plastic panels
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Bathroom - it is an integral part of each apartment, a place where we all used to relax, relieving the fatigue accumulated during the day, or to charge the energy and vivacity for the whole day.

That is why the plan bathroom design small-sized bathroom with shower to be very carefully and painstakingly.

bathroom design small-sized bathroom with showerTake note of the various tips on the correct implementation of the design.

Tips designers: light and color

More often than not, doing repair and design of the bathroom, the main problem is the limited area. Usually it does not exceed 5 meters.

With the help of well-chosen colors, shades and textures in the repair of the walls in the bathroom is still possible to visually expand the space. The main thing in this case, once clearly define what it is you want to see the end result.

bathroom classic design

planning example

You need to submit it to the smallest detail. This is necessary to ensure that in future work in the repair of the walls did not arise unforeseen costs and changes in the original plan.

Note! Pre-map the advantages and disadvantages of combined bathroom. On the one hand, you get an increase in the area, on the other - a single space, which is not always convenient for a large family.

Choosing interior of a bathroom in the apartment, take care of the presence of high-quality and reliable tile that will meet the aesthetic and practical requirements.

In the matter of design, you are limited only by your imagination. This could be incredible abstraction with flowers, landscape with rocks or fine mosaic pastel. but remember that a massive picture may have a negative impact on the interior of a small square.

bathroom design in a studio apartment

Stylish interior in minimalism

Such large inlays visually reduce the space. We recommend to make a choice in favor of self-colored glossy tiles in pastel shades.

  • If pure white you feel depressing diversify the wall some color accents.
  • For example, black-and-white interior bathroom will look very stylish and contrast in combination with red, turquoise or deep yellow elements.
  • With the help of well-placed lighting you will be able to make some emphasis on certain elements of the interior.

Now that you know how to arrange the interior of the bath, it's time to move on to the ceiling design.

The ceiling of the plastic panels

It is gaining increasing popularity design of the bathroom plastic panels. This solution has both positive and negative sides.

glass blocks in the interior of the bathroom

Rack mirrored ceiling


Thus, the advantages of the plastic ceiling:

  • Easy installation.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Variety of colors.
  • The ability to install recessed luminaires.
  • Easy care in the future.
  • Resistance to moisture.
bathroom plastic panels design

EXAMPLE lighting installation plastic panels


The main drawback - is to reduce the height of the room due to the need to batten installation.

Panel thickness TOLC varies from 5 to 10 mm, the width of 250-500 mm, length 2.7-3 m. Such parameters make them convenient for installation.

Choosing gloss

Special attention deserve the white glossy panel, which can rightly be called the most appropriate solution for the design of the bathroom in a studio apartment.

These panels have a dazzling white light and pure gloss surface due to this room visually increases in size and acquires volume.

Note! Such panels can be laid along transversely or diagonally. Choose the method in which the number of scraps will be minimal. Based on the actual size of the room. If you have a room size 1,5h1,8 m, select the panel to 3 m long. You will be able to avoid a lot of joints and reduce the total cost of the work.

A timeless classic

It is very important to design a bathroom with a shower cubicle is small in size was made in the same style.

  • You must combine not only the colors and textures of walls, floors and ceilings, but also a variety of decorative ornaments, artificial light sources, as well as plumbing.
  • If you are not an adherent of the new bright and cutting-edge trends and prefer discreet bathroom design - the classic is the best solution.
Bathroom Design video room

Bathroom in a classic style

  • The classic style of decoration suggests flattened shape, soft colors, the quality of execution objects and natural materials.
  • In this style can combine elements from other styles, but they must have a sophisticated look and shape. A special place is occupied with the glass blocks in the interior of the bathroom.
  • The main feature is the very tub twisted legs. Shower cabinet there may be a supplement image. It is better if the design is made of cast iron. If space allows, install it in the center.
  • The walls in this case must be finished with ceramic tile.

Do not know what to choose bathroom design - photo and video, prepared in our gallery will certainly appeal to you heart.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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