Bathroom renovation ideas: the best decoration patterns, stages of work

Bathroom renovation ideas (30 photos): work plan, the selection of materials and plumbing


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Everyone in the soul of the artist and in the repair of his own work, and there are suggestions. However, if you can not decide how to lay tiles on the floor or a plumbing company to acquire, offer ideas repair bathroom.

The article tells how to start the repair, how to choose the right technique, materials and create a harmonious atmosphere in the new premises.

Bathroom renovation ideasBathroom - this is the room from which to start our day. It is from the interior, repair and bathroom design will depend on the mood of the tenants of the apartment.

Despite its small size, there is concentrated a large number of sanitary ware, furniture and household appliances, which costs rather big sum for their full replacement.

In addition to the financial question, there is another, how to choose finishing materials, in harmony with the elements of the interior, sink or shower. To this point must be approached with great care, because the repairs in the bathroom with their hands done infrequently.

Develop a work plan

First of all, it is necessary to plan maintenance activities, so you do not ask, "What can we do now." It is advisable to develop the stages of repair bathroom, including execution of a range of similar actions.

Traditionally, repairs are divided into the following stages:

  1. Dismantling of the old plumbing.
  2. Dismantling of tiles, removing old plaster and other facing materials on the walls, floor and ceiling of the room.
  3. Replacing old sewer pipes, electric components and wiring (this work better instruct the art).
  4. Drawing up the future plan of the premises indicating the placement of interior items and the type of coverage.
  5. Repairs and cosmetic work - leveling the floor and walls, tiles, ceiling repair.
  6. Purchase of new equipment and furnishings, installation and placement.

helpful hints

Stages of repair bathroom

One of interior options

  • Often, the bathrooms have a small area and it is difficult to place in them something more than a bath and sink. To visually expand space designers recommend to use in the interior of a large number of mirrors, pushing the space.

Tip! The bright colors of tiles and the ceiling will increase the space and give the feeling of comfort and relaxation. Stretch ceilings - another strong design element.

  • Visually expanding the space, they are quite functional - except the beautiful location system lighting, you can protect yourself from negligent neighbors above, because the flood with no false ceilings terrible.
  • The use of contrasting materials and minimization of furniture in the room - good ideas for bathroom renovation. Contrasting colors create an interesting effect and decorate the room.
  • A small bedside table under the washbasin - a maximum of furniture for a small room. All the necessary things are better positioned on glass shelves, placed along the walls.

right of choice

Ideas for bathroom renovation

In the picture perfectly matched colors


Bath - the main piece of furniture being repaired the room, from which it went its name. Now the choice can find a variety of options for the different baths: acrylic, corner, whirlpool, Jacuzzi.

When you select should be guided by your room layout and the wishes of the residents of the apartment. Recently, widespread purchased showers, takes up less space, but it has more features. In addition, there are bath combined with a shower that looks very stylish and comfortable enough to use.

In addition to the bath, there are other sanitary items, which should be taken care of. The sink should be chosen in terms of functionality, because its base is most often hidden cupboard. Of course, there are shells with a prepared base, which blend harmoniously into the interior, this is the price much higher.

Faucets should only buy from reputable manufacturers. Take care of the presence of water filters to increase their service life.

If we consider the examples of repair bathroom, not every one can find the washing machine. But this is another necessary item that is desirable to place it in the bathroom, and not in other parts of the apartment. Typically, such appliances selected in functionality and size, easily fitting into any design.

Samples of repair bathroom

Do not forget about color harmony

Recall that the repair stages in the bathroom include a range of cladding materials.

Decoration Materials

Tiles often trim the walls and floor in the bathroom, with its variety of uses for each surface. Now the market offers a variety of options, the only question is price and color. It is recommended not to save on tile that in the near future will not come back to the problem of repair.

Tip! The color of the tile should be in harmony with other interior objects, so better to take the plumbing catalog and carefully select your favorite options.

Placement of furniture - is debatable. In small rooms, of course, you do not need anything extra to save space. But if the room is a large area, you should consider purchasing additional interior.

It is best to make furniture to order, taking into account the layout of the room. locker-holder usually appear to sink, various shelves and towel warmers.

Also do not forget about the beautiful basket of laundry and lively colors, love high humidity.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the issue

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