Kindergarten Design: Interior of a bedroom, dressing room, use curtains

kindergarten design (36 photos): arrangement of the locker room, game and training rooms, bedrooms


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  • 1 design principles
  • 2 The design of individual rooms
    • 2.1 cloakroom
    • 2.2 Games and training room
    • 2.3 Bedroom
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Design kindergarten - it is responsible, you can not go wrong. Indeed, in the first place parents pay attention to interior space and form opinions about the institution. Our tips will help you not to disappoint them.

Every parent is very meticulously chooses a preschool for your toddler. This is not surprising, because in kindergarten child is most of the day.

nursery design

Here he plays, learns, eats and sleeps, then a kindergarten interior should be bright interesting and memorable. The kid is here to be nice and cozy, if he wants to come back here every day.

design principles

Let's look at how the room should look like in kindergarten:

  1. Each kindergarten has its own name. The interior of the premises must have a vision. This does not mean that all rooms should be the same. Each group is made differently, but if the garden is called "Fairy Tale", it means that in the interior should be something fabulous.
  2. The lobby and corridors should be bright and attract attention to interesting subjects. E.g., Glade fantastic on which sports personages several pieces.
  3. The design should be adapted to the child's age. If the nursery group, the "bun" or "Speckled Hen". For older children already have to choose more serious tales such as "Sleeping Beauty" or "Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf."
  4. In groups Interior must consider the zoning principle. Games room, bedroom, dressing room - the zone should be in harmony with one another.
  5. We give preference to environmentally friendly and natural materials.

The design of individual rooms


Kindergarten Interior Design

Locker room group

Coming from outside the group, the kid and his parents come into the locker room, so at first glance this room should attract the attention of bright and interesting, informative stories.

Choosing the design of the locker room in the kindergarten, prefer bright saturated colors. You can paste over the wall wallpaper children's issues - small animals, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons, trains or asterisks.

On the walls there are stands with information. They should match the subject name and kindergarten groups. Drawers for clothes should be colorful. Repairs in the nursery requires a creative approach.

Each locker paste the picture or letter of the alphabet (depending on the age of the children), the child was able to remember it and know where to look for their belongings.

Floor near the mailboxes have to be laid out with Palacio, because children have a habit of walking barefoot. In the middle of the locker room or along the cabinets must be placed benches to kids was convenient Dress shoes.

Tip! You can make a stand by or draw for that kids and their parents. It is inexpensive and beautiful. Categories for this, you can choose a variety of "Happy Birthday" to "Our talents. Exhibition of works. "

Games and training room

Usually in kindergarten kids teach classes and eat in the same room, so the furniture should be comfortable and conform to the standards.

Chairs and tables must be suitable for kids age and height, it requires a special design of tables and chairs.

We paint the walls or wallpaper bright but non-aggressive tone, fit green, blue, cyan, yellow. Figures should be developing, but not strongly distract the child from eating and learning process.

Zone should be bright and colorful. For younger groups, you can paint the walls in various episodes of the tales. For older children to choose educational pictures.

The floor in the playing area must always be laid out with warm and soft carpet.

Cabinets for toys must be strong and not traumatic, securely fastened.


Bedroom design in kindergarten

Bedroom in kindergarten

In this room, the children rest, choosing bedroom design in kindergarten, it is necessary to use a calm, dull colors - blue, beige, light green.

Sleep furniture should fit the child for growth and to meet all the requirements of sanitary norms and be comfortable.

Particular attention should be paid to the curtains. Since the children sleep in the daytime, there is a need to darken the room. Therefore, choosing the curtains, give priority to a dense natural fabrics, monotonous soothing colors.

Thinking design curtains for kindergarten, guided by the following requirements:

  • environmental and natural materials;
  • compliance with sanitary and fire regulations;
  • durability and practicality tissues;
  • matching the interior space;
  • reliability of structures, on which are mounted blinds and curtains.

The ceiling can be issued in the form of a starry sky or a whitewash.

Tip! Remember, there are no trifles in kindergarten interior. Here, every detail must be thought through.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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