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kitchen interior design (33 photos). Storing utensils. Sitting area and eating. Combining and zoning


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Cozy and comfortable kitchen is the center of attraction for the inhabitants of the apartments and their guests. It creates culinary masterpieces and maintained a friendly conversation. What should be the design of the kitchen interior, so it wanted to work, receive visitors and relax? Let's talk about this in our article.

The comfortable and cozy kitchen so eager to engage in cooking.

The comfortable and cozy kitchen so eager to engage in cooking.

comfortable work

This premise is working. Based on this, the main task of which is to perform the design of the kitchen in a comfort kvartire- workflow.

To strive for:

Thumbnail example for the organization kitchen space.

Thumbnail example for the organization kitchen space.

  1. To everything you need you can get it at arm's length.
  2. Shelves, drawers, suspension tiers furniture We should allow early detection and application of the desired object.
  3. Kitchen tables, shelves, wall and floor cabinets, pedestals should contain a maximum of dishes and let it convenient to take.
  4. Working kitchen surface should distinguish between on clearly defined area.
  5. Creating kitchen interior design, data areas should be surrounded by tools and equipment, which are often used in them.

How to achieve the desired:

Proper placement of the equipment and kitchen furniture, as well as the correct use of colors make a small room and comfortable.

Proper placement of the equipment and kitchen furniture, as well as the correct use of colors make a small room and comfortable.

Kitchen should be divided into functional areas.

They are necessary for the organization of convenient operation.

  1. So, near the sink is convenient to store cleaning products, set posudnuyu drying tank cleanings, Stands for knives.
  2. dressing area and food preparation should be equipped with storage points Rolling Pin, bowls, cutlasses, cutting boards.
  3. Next to the cooking area (near the stove) must be tack, stand for pot, spices, pots, pans, casserole, frying pan.

Storing utensils

  1. Plan a comprehensive overview of the contents of drawers and cupboards. This can be achieved by mounting the sliding system. Since all items are in plain sight, access to them will be simple.
  2. Eliminate "dead zones" for access. The most inaccessible corner cupboards and cabinets. The problem persists installing revolving shelves, drawers and angular sliding of the same systems.

Standard gap between the shelves often does not meet the requirements of the hostess.
Organize tiered storage of utensils and products.
Install additional shelves, they will give the ability to easily take any items.

recreation and dining area

Since it is not only the working area, it would be desirable to organize a kitchen design - lounges.

The interior must meet the following requirements.

  1. Beautiful appearance, satisfying aesthetic needs.
  2. Convenient zone meal.
  3. The availability of space in the kitchen for reception of a few friends.
Classic style - the ultimate in comfort and wealth.

Classic style - the ultimate in comfort and wealth.

When thought out rooms are functional, you need to decide what style will find the kitchen interior design.

What facades, furniture support the overall mood of the project idea.

  1. It is important to choose comfortable furniture: kitchen and dining table, bar stools, sofa, chairs.
  2. A significant role played by the textile. He is able to gather in a single ensemble of all the objects in the room. By using it, you can submit the required interior mood.
  3. Kitchen Design 3x2 minimized due to the small area of ​​the premises. However, there can be placed a small dining area.

The main advantage of modern design is that you can make out the interior in any direction.

Shabby-chic like many.

Shabby-chic like many.

  1. Are you comfortable in a setting of 40, 50, 60-ies of the 20th century? And why not, the main thing, correctly pick accessories. Styles Shabby-chic, pop art, neo-modern to help you.
  2. You want to touch the luxury classics? Use the Baroque, Rococo, Empire, Victorian style.
  3. You want to create a kitchen design with a window with the help of modern materials, furniture and equipment? High-tech, industrial, steam punk, modern and loft serve for your self-expression.
  1. If you like natural materials, the country, eco-style, Provence, Swedish design created for you.
  2. Ethno-style will take you into the atmosphere of the place that you like.

About overlapping and zoning

kitchen combined with other facilities has both pluses and minuses.

Advantages and disadvantages of combining


  1. More space.
  2. There is a place for a full dinette.
  3. It is convenient to set the table, because there is no partitions and doors.
  4. Soar house always smells delicious. So good to be back in this atmosphere.


  1. Smell of cooking is not always pleasant.
  2. Even if the workstation is equipped with a powerful extractor fan, droplets of oil and grease flying around the room.
  3. When the kitchen in need of repair, you have to change the design of the room.
  4. No corner for private gatherings.
  5. If guests come suddenly, their view may open ugly picture. For example, unwashed dishes.

Some tricks that apply to the interior

Based on the identified strengths and weaknesses, to create an interior design which minimizes the problem.

  1. As unobtrusively make it clear to visitors that they should remove their shoes at the entrance? In the West, it is considered the norm, when a person walks around the house in street shoes. For our perception of such behavior is often not acceptable.

Will help solve the problem of light baffle or bar.
It included direct guests to the desired location.
The main thing here - to leave it enough space to comfortably take off our shoes.

  1. Not everyone loves cooking odors. Get rid of them will help a powerful extractor fan in the workplace and the air cleaner in the living area.
  2. Well, if you are constantly in the kitchen approximate order. But what to do if you want to take a break and have no desire to see the work area? The solution in the problem of easy - easy-convertible partition screen.

methods of zoning

Zoning by means of arches.

Zoning by means of arches.

Methods of zoning depends on the volume of a room, your preferences, the allocated budget, and create a mood.

  1. Kitchen Design 3 square meters can be zoned screen. Such dividing wall and the movable light. It makes it possible to change the degree of privacy zones.
  2. The structure and shape of walls is very diverse. You can create a design with different levels of mobility and transparency. The metal used as manufacturing material, wood, glass, plastic, board materials of wood products, fabrics.
  3. 3h5h3 kitchen design is rather complicated, because the room is large. Here help outdoor revetment. When combinations of different materials it symbolically divides the room into different zones for the intended purpose.
  4. Tiered structure, single or multi-color stretch and suspended ceilings allow the realization of interesting decisions with unobtrusive zoning.
The bar counter is excellent delineate space.

The bar counter is excellent delineate space.

  1. The furnishings allow zoning room without expensive construction designs. You can designate a zone, simply setting it a sofa, dining area, shelves ..
  2. Arch openings and interior elements are effective for separation, structure and arrangement space accents.
  3. Bar table - this is another convenient way of kitchen zoning.


Kitchen interior design can be very different. The main thing that he brings to the work of the convenience, comfort and relaxation. Even a small space, with due attention to detail, you can build and place for a full-scale study cooking. Get answers to questions you may have appeared, asking them in the comments.

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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