How to hang wallpaper with a pattern on a concrete wall: repair school better helps to start gluing

As wallpaper glue (photo 39): frequently asked questions, preparatory operations and pasting of premises


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During the repair, before wallpapering, should define the future style of the room. After all, the choice of wallpaper in the room is not only the external appearance of the interior, but also the mood of residents of apartments, which will always be in the room.

By choosing the type of wallpaper should be prepared very carefully. Consider the options of wallpaper and the nuances of their use, as well as the gluing process itself.

how to hang wallpaperThere are several basic types of wallpaper, each of which is suitable for a particular application. Thus, the paper wall - cheapest option, can be used for additional decoration or to create a neutral background in interiors.

Therefore, how to choose the wallpaper for the bedroom and hallway - an important issue that requires competent approach.

Vinyl wallpaper - improved material capable of withstanding adverse external influences, so appropriate for use in the kitchen and bathroom. Fabric wallpaper - luxurious decor elements, but the cost and have a corresponding.

Suffice original interior decoration wallpapers considered that would increase the room visually and create a unique atmosphere.

before wallpapering

original wallpapers

But still, how to start wallpapering. First of all, you need to prepare the walls for pasting: to remove a layer of old wallpaper, and cover up all the cracks and irregularities putty.

You can then process the walls with sandpaper to remove debris, covered with primer and start gluing the selected vinyl material.

Wall, prepared for pasting should be smooth, clean and dry - only under these conditions can guarantee a positive result.

Note! Old and effective way to prepare the walls for wallpapering - preliminary sticking newsprint. It is an excellent basis for the drape and helps to smooth irregularities of the walls without the use of plaster.

Popular issues

For many the question arises, how to hang wallpaper on concrete walls?

Unfortunately, non-woven wallpaper glue, and others are not directly on the concrete wall is recommended: at a the surface is bound to have small chips and cracks, which after drying, the wallpaper will be visible through the structure material.

In addition, some types of wallpaper ill stay on the concrete and can fall off. If you are not afraid of irregularities on the surface of the wallpaper, it is sufficient to treat the concrete with glue and start pasting paintings.

how to hang wallpaper on concrete walls

Light green wallpaper in the interior

In that case, if you kleite textured wallpaper, it is even save you from unnecessary work. Of course, if the flatness and smoothness of the wallpaper is important - it is necessary to align the wall with putty or drywall.

Another common question is - how to hang wallpaper with a pattern. As is the case with conventional wallpaper should prepare wall.

Drawing on the wallpaper, often - is a recurring pattern, so there is nothing complicated in its alignment. The pattern is repeated with a certain step, which is indicated on a roll. This parameter is used in the calculation of the flow of wallpaper on the perimeter of the room.

The less repeats, the more economical to use. During stickers simply align patterns on two adjacent webs to overlap, and then align the pattern with a roller - the resulting pattern will be uniform and homogeneous.


If you do not know how best to glue the wallpaper, you first do all the preparatory operations. In addition to a flat wall, we need a minimum set of tools and specialized adhesive designed specifically for your type of wallpaper.

In order to properly knead the adhesive, should be guided by the instruction that comes with each pack. Proportioning, pour the glue with water and stir thoroughly, making sure to avoid forming lumps.

Stirring is carried screwdriver with a nozzle-mixer directly into the adhesive during precipitation in water. After that, we give the glue to stand for 5 minutes and stir again.

Getting pasting premises

After all the preparatory operations sticking wallpaper: production of adhesive mixture is applied at both the web and the surface of the wall - for better contact. We are waiting for a few minutes until the glue impregnated material, and stuck on the wall from top to bottom.

repair how to hang wallpaper school

Sticking wallpaper butt

It is desirable that this procedure was performed two people: one holds the top and second levels and monitors vertically. Since wallpaper glue together, you can not worry about the quality of the work performed.

Pasting starts at the window of the room, because this part of the room is the most prominent.

On the left window measure the distance equal to the width of the wallpaper, and draw a vertical line across the length of the wall - on it we will be guided as wallpaper paste evenly, and where there will be joints.

The first sheet of wallpaper wipe roller to remove air bubbles and excess glue. After that, apply a roll to matched pattern and cut the next piece.

The two sheets are joined so that the pattern was connected together, wherein the top and bottom sheet reserve margin, which is then cut off.

When an uneven application of the wallpaper should carefully peel off the sheet and re-stick. The angle is not glued back to back, and fly to the wallpaper dries not dispersed.

There should also estimate the co-location of sheets to drawing coincided. After priglazhivaniya line angle, the excess part of the wallpaper are cut.

Trimming wallpaper is not only needed in the case of gluing the corners. If you need a repair school: how to hang wallpaper, any Internet resource will say that for a label or a baguette beauty of the edge of wallpaper on the ceiling, paintings are also in need of pruning.

You can use a knife, scissors or a knife and spatula. The third way is considered to be the most convenient and secure.

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