Wallpapering a ceiling wallpaper How to paste on the ceiling

Wallpapering a ceiling wallpaper (30 pics): types of coatings and wrapping arches


Table of contents

  • 1 Forms ceiling wallpaper
  • 2 The sequence of work
    • 2.1 Since the first strip
    • 2.2 Adhesive application and fixing webs
  • 3 Sticking wallpaper in the arch
  • 4 Summing up
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The biggest challenge for finishing surfaces in the room can certainly be considered papering the ceiling. On what secrets does pasting ceiling wallpaper we'll talk.

pasting ceiling wallpaper

Wallpaper pasting the ceiling with his hands - probably the most difficult and time-consuming process. If the room is not skylights or sloping surfaces, this type of activity will only complicate the existence of outlets for lamps.

Another disadvantage - hold paintings, so before you take to work, find a mate who will see to the observance of the vertical and able to hold the hanging edge of the sheet. Adhesive wallpaper on the ceiling consists of several stages, which we will now discuss in more detail.

Forms ceiling wallpaper

Fabric cloth in decoration

Fabric cloth in decoration

The first thing to do - to decide which finishing material will be used. We recommend choosing a fabric with embossed pattern or a special ceiling wallpaper, having a dense structure


They retain an attractive appearance for several years, thanks to the anti-dust features.

Non-woven fabric - comfortable enough to carry out such works as pasting ceiling wallpaper, since the adhesive must be applied only to paste over the plane.

Types of coatings:

  • synthetic coating on the paper substrate;
  • synthetic coating on the fabric;
  • PVC - synthetic tape.

They are even suitable for rooms with high humidity and easy to clean. If you're focused on sound insulation properties, choose the textile fabrics.

The sequence of work

Since the first strip

Self-taping method "accordion"

Self-taping method "accordion"

So, consider how wallpapered ceiling properly. In order to smoothly stick the front page, with a spirit level, draw a line, which will be the benchmark for the performance of work.

Draw a line can be a rope, chalk grated (for chalk white surface to be colored). Attach both ends of the cord to the plane, pull the middle, and then click.

We start gluing sheets from the window through which the room gets the most light. It is advisable to paste over the room linens, handing them across the length of the room, so get fewer seams.

Adhesive application and fixing webs

gluing technology is not much different from the coated web walls. On strip wallpaper adhesive is applied, the sheets are pressed against the surface and smoothed with a brush. At the junction of the excess parts are cut.

In the process of accordion folded web and gradually turns on the surface. Assistant needed just to hold the free edge of the accordion.

If you do not know how to paste wallpaper ceiling, look at this process step by step:

  • Pasting with the assistant

    Pasting with the assistant

    The first strip is glued along the chalk line that is parallel to the side wall at a distance equal to the width of a sheet of wallpaper.

  • Extra edge at the ends and along the side walls are cut, irregularities - smoothed.
  • Next the sheet is glued back to back to the edge of the first strip.
  • To bypass outlet unscrew the lid and trim tabs blades flush with the ground, replace the cover into place by installing directly on top of tabs.
  • If located on the surface of the niche through the side wall strips are cut into pieces and pressed against the walls of the hole. The excess part is trimmed.

Mandatory condition of quality work - platforms that will move through the entire length of the blade. Give up the idea of ​​using the furniture as a support, to step off the table on a chair, holding a sheet - very dangerous.

A good basis can serve as scaffolding planks stacked on the stairs.

Sticking wallpaper in the arch

Arch, pasted over with paper and colored

Arch, pasted over with paper and colored

Pasting arch resembles pasting the ceiling. The laws of gravity has not been canceled and papering ceilings arch - a rather difficult task for one person.

Most uncomfortable in this work is that the shape of the arch does not allow to join pattern along the curved boundary.

For such work is best suited to small canvases with abstract pattern. We recommend to paste over the arch inside the smooth paper and paint the same color all the wallpaper in the room.

Primarily, pasted front and rear walls, left bending portion of the sheet to the opening of the arch. Then glued front wall, and around the aperture left flange width of about 3 cm.

It overlaps a stripe, that glue the floor on one side of the arch and the arch are transferred to the other side.

Note! When pasting arches heavy canvases using special adhesives based on PVA.

Summing up

Now you already know how to conduct wrapping the ceiling wallpaper. We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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