Frame for plasterboard: from profile to wall, for bath types, boxes and shelves from GKL with own hands

The frame for plasterboard is the basis of the fastening, which must be collected separately and carefully The frame for gypsum board is the basis of fastening, which must be collected separately and carefully For leveling walls and ceilings in apartments, houses and offices use drywall. It does not matter how much the surface of the walls is level: there is no need to level it. This is possible due to the fact that the GKL sheets are mounted on a special frame, and not on the surface of the building.

    • Metal and wooden frame under the plasterboard
    • frame of the profiles for gypsum board
    • Make a frame for plasterboard wall
    • Features bath frame plasterboard
    • frame assembly for drywall( video)

Metal and wooden frame for gypsum board

The frame for fixing the drywall sheets is a frame. It can be made of two types of material - metal galvanized profile or wooden bars. The latter species is rarely used: due to the characteristics of wood, it is distorted by the influence of negative factors - moisture and temperature drop, the possibility of fungal formation and rotting processes.

The metal profile is resistant to the appearance of various processes, it is used for the frame most often.

Due to the metal frame under gypsum cardboard it is possible to install partitions in the room Thanks to the metal frame for gypsum plasterboard it is possible to install partitions in the room

The frame for gypsum cardboard makes it possible to produce not only an even surface of walls and ceilings, but also create multi-level compositions.

As well:

  • Carry out the niches;
  • Original lighting;
  • Hide communications;
  • To build a set of shelves.

It is important to properly mount the frame to the surface of the floor, walls and ceiling. Before starting the installation, you must determine the type of material from which it will be made. For this it is worth considering that for wet rooms wooden bars are not suitable. Drywall should be chosen with waterproof impregnation and the appropriate marking. Metal profiles for the frame or box must also comply with the quality certificate.

Frame structure for gypsum board

Metal profiles are made of galvanized metal, they are not susceptible to corrosion and are strong enough. A framework made of gypsum plasterboard profiles on walls, ceiling or partitions will be an ideal finish option.

When choosing profiles for the frame under gypsum board it is worth paying attention to their integrity and the quality of the coating with zinc When selecting the profiles for the gypsum board frame, it is worth paying attention to their integrity and the quality of the zinc coating

When mounting the frame, different types of profiles are used:

  • The guide profiles have shelf sizes from 50 mm to 100 mm, And the side walls of 40 mm, are the contour for fixing the remaining parts of the frame;
  • Ceiling profile measuring 60 mm by 27 mm is used for the skeleton of ceiling structures;
  • Arched profiles are used to create a skeleton of arches, undulating bends in the construction of partitions and ceilings;
  • Ceiling rail is used to create a suspended ceiling frame, its dimensions are standard and are 27 mm by 28 mm;
  • The rack profile is similar to a guide with increased stiffness due to two longitudinal grooves, it is used for a wall frame;
  • Corner profile, external or internal, used to form corners in the niche frame, has an inclination angle of 85 degrees.

The profile frame requires fastening elements to the base of the ceiling or walls, these attachments are hangers. Connecting elements are necessary for joining or extending the profiles. All parts of the frame are attached using various screws.

We make a frame for gypsum cardboard on the wall

The wall of the GKL is fixed to level the surface and hide communications - pipes, wires, ventilation systems. The frame for gypsum cardboard on the wall can be made from a profile of metal or wooden bars.

For wood frame material should be prepared:

  • Treat with antifungal formulation each bar;
  • Dry all wooden frame elements;
  • Remove unusable bars with knots, cracks, material with defects can break and corrupt the frame;
  • The size of the bar must be at least 30 mm by 50 mm, while the drywall is wound on the wide side of the bar.

Correctly placed frame for gypsum cardboard on the wall will hide any defect on its surface Correctly placed frame for gypsum board on the wall will hide any defect on its surface

If the frame on the wall is made of profiles, then it is necessary to use only wall rack and profile rails. They are specially reinforced with an additional rib of rigidity. To the ceiling and the floor are attached guides, which serve as a frame for the frame. Attachment rails are attached to the rail profiles in steps of at least 60 cm.

Between the rack profile, at least two cross bars must be installed in each step with the help of a crab joint or by means of a profile lining with cut edges on both sides.

Upon completion of the frame installation, it is possible to lay the communications and insulating materials in the frame body and sew the wall with GKL sheets.

Features of the frame for a bath of plasterboard

After completing the main repair and finishing the bathroom comes the turn of the plumbing. Under the bath, a so-called "screen" is often installed. To do this, use different materials or ready screens, offered by construction markets. Not always the finished product can pick up the right size, the output will be the manufacture of the screen with their own hands.

The most commonly used materials are:

  • Drywall;
  • Pile driver;
  • Plastic panels;
  • Brick.

The metal bath frame is a more practical option The metal bath frame is a more practical option

The most simple installation is the frame for the screen of gypsum board. The material for the carcass can be made of wood from antimicotic treated bars. It is advisable to use bars from larch, they are not afraid of moisture and are very strong. The size of the bars is not less than 40x40 mm, the fasteners will be screws and metal corners.

Staging of the frame:

  • Marking with a plumb or level from the corners of the bathroom to the floor surface;
  • Preparation of bars according to the size of the markings;
  • Connection of sawn to size bars with corners;
  • Fastening the received frame under the bath.

The moisture resistant plasterboard is used in the manufacture of the screen. The frame can be made of metal profiles, using guides and rack profiles. In this case, it is necessary to deepen the guides approximately by 21 - 23 cm, depending on the further lining material. The number of rack profiles depends on the availability of additional structural elements - doors, shelves. It is worth leaving enough convenient access to the plumbing pipes under the bathroom in case of breakage. From the metal profile, you can build an additional shelf directly next to the bathroom, it also gypsum plasterboard and do the cladding with the most waterproof material - tile, painting. The box under the bathroom can have several compartments, for this the frame is made in several layers, creating a cabinet under the bathroom.

Assembling the frame for gypsum board( video)

The fabrication of the frame for drywall is not particularly difficult. It can be done on its own without the involvement of specialists with the necessary tools and elementary skills of working with it. The choice of material for the frame depends largely on the location of the installation and personal preferences.