Portal for a fireplace from plasterboard with their own hands: how to do, photo of the electric fireplace box, niche-falsh decorative

Stylishly decorate the interior of the guest room can be an original decorative fireplace The interior of the guest room can be stylishly decorated with the original decorative fireplace . The decorative fresco niche is the main component of the imitation fireplace, its peculiar highlight and exterior design. It can be made from many different materials. Here, wood, stone, cast iron and other materials are used in accordance with the interior of the room, the color scheme and your budget.

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What is a portal for a fireplace made of plasterboardOn

One of the most practical and not so expensive variants of a fireplace portal can be a niche made of plasterboard. Drywall is a wonderful substitute for other materials, and it is easy to use. Some may think that this is just a fake of the real fireplace, the object of diverting one's eyes in order to show their wealth and prosperity. But do not think so, because the fireplace is, above all, a source of comfort and home heat.

Quick and inexpensive to make a beautiful fireplace you will help drywall Quick and inexpensive to make a beautiful fireplace you will help drywall

As the portal from gypsum cardboard has many advantages:

  • Diversity of shapes, layouts and finishes;
  • Such a fireplace is a safe design;
  • The cost of plasterboard is small;
  • The work is extremely easy;
  • You can make it yourself, even in a city apartment for the subsequent installation of an electric fireplace in the portal.

Now you do not need to hire workers, because you can make a beautiful fireplace yourself, relying on your own experience and sense of taste.

But if you decide to install a portal from gypsum board, you will encounter some problems, the main one of which is that this design is created when planning the entire room and adjusting in the future is not allowed.

Therefore, the design must be carefully calculated and all dimensions must be precisely coordinated. But if you follow all instructions and use only a high-quality tool, you can not worry about this work and get a high-quality result.

Gypsum cardboard for fireplace: recommendations for

Before proceeding directly to making a fireplace portal, it is important to mention such an important component as a box. The box is the most important detail of the fireplace portal, because this is a kind of skeleton on which your heat source will hold.

In order to make a box, you first need to make a sketch.

When drafting a sketch you need to consider the overall design of the room, the box should be combined according to style characteristics. You can additionally make a layout - this will help to accurately determine the amount of material needed for the box. Then you can start making a box.

Before installing a fireplace in the room, you should think in advance of its design Before installing the fireplace in the room, you should think in advance of its design

To begin with, you will need the following tools:

  1. Self-tapping screw for metal;
  2. Small hacksaw;
  3. Drill;
  4. Devices for marking;
  5. Spatula.

Regardless of which material for the box you have chosen, it needs a metal frame. The best option is stainless steel or anodized aluminum. When using conventional rolled products, it is important to purchase only a profile that has undergone anticorrosion treatment.

Welding should not be used for the assembly of the box, as conventional steel can change the frame of the box during heat treatment.

The strength of the frame base must be given great attention - it is important that it beats steady. After all, it is on this frame that the fireplace will hold, for this purpose it is necessary to correctly calculate all the details of the structure and install everything correctly. Once the box is ready you can begin to deal with the portal.

How to make a portal for a fireplace with your own hands from gypsum board: the fineness of the

process So if you have already made a box for your portal, you can safely proceed directly to the fireplace itself. For this you need to follow the recommendations and instructions clearly.

It is important to immediately prepare the necessary materials and parts, such as:

  • Pencil;
  • Construction knife;
  • Self-tapping screw for metal;
  • Spatula.

You can make a fireplace from gypsum board yourself, the main thing is to prepare all necessary materials and tools for work in advance You can make a fireplace from gypsum board yourself, the main thing is to prepare all necessary materials and tools for work

. In order to simplify your task as much as possible, you must first choose a place for your fireplace. After this, you should install a profile of metal, the thickness of which depends on your desires. Secure this profile with a special screw. Cut the drywall into pieces of the sizes you need, then connect them to the frame of the metal corner.

Before embarking on the decor, you need to see that all corners and seams are clearly plastered.

For seams, you can use a specialized mesh, and for corners you need to prepare a metal corner in advance. After the putty dries, the surface of the portal should be covered with a primer. Then you need to walk through the portal with sandpaper so that there are no uneven protrusions on the surface.

That's ready for your own made fireplace portal!Now you can safely embark on the decor. And the main thing to remember is that everything should be in harmony with the interior in the apartment.

Portal of gypsum plasterboard: styles and decor

Beauty will save the world!Why can not we say so about the fireplace. The fireplace should not only be a heat source, it should be a component of the design of your apartment. Therefore, it is important to correctly choose the colors and finish of your fireplace in order to avoid dissonance in your interior.

To select a design for a decorative fireplace should be so that it harmoniously complements the interior of the guest room The design for the decorative fireplace should be chosen in such a way that it harmoniously complements the interior of the guest room.

The most actual fireplaces are now decorated in the following styles:

  1. Classic;
  2. Modern;
  3. English style;
  4. Hi-tech.

If your house is in classical style, you can decorate the fireplace with marble or high-quality wood. An important element - a shelf made of marble or wood, on which there are statues and candlesticks.

For the decoration of the fireplace in the Art Nouveau style, you can use the minimum number of parts, but a variety of colors and shapes is allowed. If you decide to decorate your fireplace in the English style, be prepared to withstand strict proportions: no curved lines, no frills.

It is important to adhere to English stringency and use only expensive tree species.

Decor for fireplaces in the style of hi-tech should be made of modern materials, such as: glass, gun steel or stainless steel. But the main distinguishing feature of such fireplaces is a bold design: shocking, strange, deviant - whatever you want, call it, but it should differ from the standard one. But the most important thing is just to want to transform your fireplace, and if there is a desire, then the right decision will come by itself.

How to make a portal for a fireplace with your own hands from gypsum board( video)

Indeed, a beautiful fireplace is an important part of any apartment. It is not only an object of scenery or a component of your wealth or greatness. A fireplace is a home comfort, warmth and family evenings. And it's important not just to put this fireplace at home, it's important to be able to make it with your family so that all members of your family can join in making, setting up a fireplace, choosing the best options for decorating and decorating. With gypsum cardboard, it's easier to work, so you do not need to contact specialists, but you can do everything yourself and give your very own close ones warmth, which is so small in city apartments.

Design portal under the fireplace( photo interiors)