Installation of drywall: with their own hands installation GKL, work technology and tools, the box is correct in two layers

Drywall is an excellent and inexpensive material that can quickly make the surface even Drywall is an excellent and inexpensive material that is able to quickly make the surface even Surface finish with gypsum board and there is a drywall assembly. This is probably the fastest way to level the surface, and certainly, the most inexpensive. This process goes to finish finishing - that is, plastering, painting, pasting wallpaper will be after the walls are plastered with plasterboard.

    • Tools and materials: installation GKL
    • What options are available: drywall mounting
    • Gypsum board layout: GKL installation
    • How to cut correctly: how to install drywall
    • Frame method: drywall, With your own hands
    • Seam processing: drywall work on nuances
    • Drywall installation process( video)

Tools and materials: installation of GKL

To mount the sheets of rightsflax, you will need certain tools and equipment. If you do not have something, you'll have to buy it, take it from friends or rent it. But do not try to save money and do something without it: the installation process will not be so comfortable and the work can drag on.

What you need to mount a drywall:

  • Laser level;
  • Level;
  • Plumbing;
  • Pencil;
  • Roulette;
  • Coloring lace.

You can also install the drywall yourself, the main thing is to prepare tools and materials for work in advance You can also mount the drywall yourself, the main thing is to prepare tools and materials for work in advance

These tools are needed for marking.

For the manufacture of a frame you will need a perforator, a hammer, a bulgarian, pliers, metal scissors, a screwdriver. Well, to work with sheets of drywall you will need a hacksaw, a rake, a plane and a sharp knife.

You also need to worry about the quality of sealing holes from screws, corners and joints of gypsum boards. To do this you will need spatulas, containers for making mixtures, and a grater with sandpaper. Rollers and brushes are also useful.

What options are available:

drywall mounting technology In the modern technology of gypsum board installation, two main methods are distinguished: a frameless( glued) version and a frame method.

It does not matter what methods you use, the main thing is to ensure a flat surface and a durable fixation of the sheets.

It can not be said that some way is better at times, if you do not violate the rules and choose the method that is optimal in this particular situation, then the result will be equally good.

The most popular and demanded is the frame method of mounting gypsum boards

Frameless way of laying GKL:

  • For this method, the walls should not be laminated, it can be dry and dust-free, and also unpainted oil paintOr enamel;
  • Thermal insulation and glue method do not exist together, therefore insulation is possible only with foam plastic;
  • The advantage of the frameless method is that it provides excellent sound insulation against structural noise, you do not need a lot of tools, and from the front to the bottom is not that long.

The wireframe method, as you might guess, involves plating over the frame, most often metal. This method is suitable for more complex works, if you create a multi-level ceiling or, for example, an arch. Despite the laboriousness of the process, the instruction itself will not be very difficult.

Gypsum board marking: GKL installation

Surface marking is a must. Do not make a fatal mistake by jumping over this repair point. There is a certain sequence of markup, in which, as they say, their secrets.

An obligatory stage when installing drywall is the correct marking of the surface Mandatory stage for installing drywall is the correct marking of the surface

The layout of the walls is as follows:

  • Measure distance of 5 cm from the corner, to draw a vertical line adjacent the wall;
  • On the opposite wall, draw a line similarly, and use the usual long rails to connect these lines on the floor and on the ceiling;
  • Then, from the corner of the wall, mark the vertical lines at a distance of about 60 cm, and then stagger the marks in half a meter - this will be the place for mounting the mounting suspension;
  • Note the horizontal level of the room - hydro level, and preferably a laser level;At the inner and outer corners, make small marks, in each corner measure the distance from the data of the risers to the ceiling, and make a mark with the value of the given distance.

The last action is necessary in order to find the lowest point of the ceiling. And this is important, because with frame mounting, the ceiling at least 4 cm will drop from its lowest point. The height found should be noted in every corner, and all the resulting small points are connected, obtaining a horizontal level of the room.

How to cut correctly: how to install drywall

In order to correctly cut a plasterboard sheet without breaking the layer, the following manual is useful. For work you will need a pencil, a long rake, a very sharp knife, a tape measure. The work is not anything complicated.

Correctly and smoothly cut a sheet of drywall you will help competent marking with a pencil correctly and smoothly cut drywall sheets will help competent application of pencil markings

you need to first mark the gypsum board, then on the marked line to cut well Edged knife one paper layer. Then break the sheet to break the gypsum base on the slot. Hold the two halves of the sheet at right angles, from the back side cut the paper layer.

You probably have uneven ends, the paper will stick out - this is corrected by a plane for drywall or a grater with nazhdachkoy. As a result, you get a piece of gypsum cardboard of the right size with smooth, neat edges.

Frame method: plasterboard, self-assembly

After installing the metal frame, you can proceed to the plating. And for the walls, and for the ceiling, there will be only one way of fixing. It is necessary to put the sheet closely to the finished frame so that one edge of the plate is located close to the wall. Plasterboard sheets are fixed with screws to the profile.

Quality self-tapping screws can quickly fasten the drywall to a metal structure made of profiles quality screws help to quickly attach drywall to the metal structure of the profiles

very important:

  • perform the work, to deepen the screw so that the tip is not performed, but it is very deep planting fasteners was not there;
  • When the cardboard top layer breaks, the fastener seat will relax;
  • The interval between the screws is approximately 25 cm;
  • If the height of your ceilings is larger than the dimensions of the GKL liner, you will have to fix the intermediate profile.

All parts of the sheet must be fixed, otherwise the joint will certainly crack. In this case, the subsequent panels start in a staggered manner with a descent according to the scheme: the whole plate from below-the undercut from the top-vice versa. So you can achieve the reliability of the entire design.

Seam processing: drywall, work on the nuances

When the installation is completed, treat the joints of the sheets and zashpaklyuyu grooves from the fasteners. For joint processing, a gypsum mixture is usually used - when dried, it forms a strong material. Edges with a chamfer must be primed.

In order to process joints on plasterboard, experts recommend choosing a gypsum mix To treat joints on drywall, experts recommend to choose a plaster mixture

further - all the joints with glue factory edge reinforcing mesh. If one or both edges of the sheet go with a chamfer, the grid must be cut along the chamfer, not allowing it to exit the plane. The reinforcing mesh should always be in the middle of the putty.

Approximately 60% of the total volume of the first recesses is filled with a layer of putty, then dip in net and smoothes putty. And then fill the remaining volume of the groove. Deepening of screws also do not forget to putty. Do not worry if you see how the putty after drying dries up a little - this is normal. Well, already with the finishing putty you will finally process the depressions.

Drywall installation process( video)

Standard installation of plasterboard can be done using video lessons, where all the details of the process are shown - from the "acclimatization" of plasterboard to the installation of the distribution box. Glutinous method is used less often, but the skeleton allows to correct the problem of any curvature of surfaces, and the field of application of this method is much wider.

Successful repair!