New Year's cross-stitch scheme: miniatures of toys, little Santa Claus in boots, motives 2017 free download

Wonderful embroidery on the New Year theme, made on textile household items, will pleasantly surprise the guests and please the loved ones wonderful embroidery on a Christmas theme, made in the textile household items, surprise guests and delight loved ones patterns and paintings, embroidered with a cross, making home-like atmosphere in any home. If you want to surprise the family and guests pleasantly, then New Year's embroidery on napkins, tablecloths or any other woven household items is what you need. Below you will find many schemes for New Year's embroidery, as well as detailed instructions for work. It does not matter what experience you have in embroidery: observing the rules, you will definitely come to success.

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    • cross stitch diagrams: miniature Christmas to decorate
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Where use Christmas cross stitch

On the eve of the New Year I want to decorate not only the tree, but the whole house. There are many ways to do this;One of such ways is an embroidery. New-year embroidery can be different in form, size, and also the level of its functionality. Why do many perform embroidery on the New Year theme?

Traditionally, New Year's embroidery is applied in the following types of products:

  • New Year's pictures on the wall;
  • scrapbooking for postcards or albums;
  • dining napkins;
  • decoration of tablecloth;
  • Christmas tree toys;
  • miniatures for the entrance door;
  • New Year's Wall Boots;
  • New Year's costumes.

cute linen napkins with a Christmas embroidery will be the main decoration of the festive table

List continue your imagination. Cross-stitch embroidery is able to transform any products.

You can purchase a set for embroidering for New Year's craft, but you can use schemes that you can download for free for personal purposes.

cross stitch diagrams: miniature Christmas to decorate the house

Christmas miniatures - is a distinct trend in the handmade works, which came to us from Europe. There it is customary to decorate the house not only inside, but also outside!For this purpose, miniatures are embroidered, which are similar to small flags with a New Year pattern.

Currently, miniatures are sometimes called simply small items with embroidery. Such products are widely used to decorate a house.

New Year New Year's miniatures are a real work of art, a gift that will impress any person and at the same time decorate the interior of a living room.

Why it's worth trying to embroider a New Year's miniature:

  1. Small nice schemes are available for anyone.
  2. You can make several decorations for the house in just one day.
  3. Charming miniatures will conquer the family and guests with its simplicity and beauty.
  4. Monochrome miniature embroidery scheme is so simple in execution that you can entrust the work to older children.

Diagram of cross-stitch embroidery of New Year's toys: biscorna

Biscorna is a small three-dimensional thing, embroidered with a cross. Biscorna is used as a needle bed, trinket ornaments, and can also be used as a New Year's toy. All you need in order to make a bicorn wood ornament - it's themed embroidery and a small loop.

How to make a New Year's toy biscorning with your own hands:

  • Choose a square scheme in the New Year style. You can embroider only one side, and you can make 2 identical drawings, there is also an option to make different pictures on both sides of the future toy. It depends only on your diligence and imagination.
  • Embroider both squares of the canvas, leaving 4-6 squares on the allowances. Your picture must necessarily contain a marginal seam.
  • Next, 2 squares are stitched together. The peculiarity of biscorm is that when sewing, the fabric is not pierced.
  • Thread the needle with the knot in the corner of 1 square at the joint of the edge seams, then thread the needle into the stitch of the edge seam of 2 squares, which is located in the middle of one of the sides. Thus, the angle of the first square will be sewn to the middle of the second side.
  • Then continue stitching, passing the needle from the stitch to the stitch. This technique causes an unusual angular form of biscorony.
  • Leave the last pass to stuff the toy. For packing use sintepon or holofayber. Sew the toy to the end.
  • Sew a beautiful loop. The toy is ready!

Christmas ornaments from biscorony - it Christmas decorations made from biscorm are not just a toy, but a kind of symbol, a thing that will protect its owner from adversity, bestows health, wealth, love.

If you do not want to do 2 embroideries for biscorry, butLeave the second square empty, do not want to, too, then on the second square you can make only a frame pattern that does not take much time, but will give the toy a complete look.

Cross-stitch: New Year cards and not only

Than to please relatives during New Year's holidays?The tradition of giving postcards is supported for many decades. All this time, the open fashion changed and transformed. Today, scrapbooking has opened up new possibilities for creating original, author's cards, which are filled with feelings, work and warmth. Postcards, which used hand embroidery cross, will certainly take a worthy place in the homes and hearts of your loved ones.

How to make a postcard with an embroidery cross:

  1. Make a small embroidery that you would like to see on the product. Leave small allowances along the edges.
  2. Cut out the cardboard. One part is integral with the fold, and the second part as a lining on the front side of the postcard. The second part should have a cut out part for embroidery. Cut it carefully with a clerical knife.
  3. Glue the canvas to the main part with a double tape.
  4. Glue the cover to the main part.
  5. Fill the card with kind wishes!

Postcards made in the technique of scrapbooking using cross stitch, a very simple and yet stylish decoration for the house, can also be a great gift for friends and family Postcards made in the technique of scrapbooking using cross stitch, a very simple and yet stylish decoration for the house, can also be a great gift for friends and family

This simple scheme will allow you to make a pleasant surpriseOwn hands.

To make the drawing as attractive as possible, add satin ribbons, beads, buttons, or some other decorative elements to the theme of the celebration to the embroidery.

We make the whole family a small New Year's embroidery cross

Small embroideries are very convenient both in performance and in application. A small-sized embroidery can make even a child, so for this kind of work the whole family suits. To spend one of the New Year's Eve parties for embroidering cute New Year's pictures by the whole family is a great idea that will rally the family members, will give a feeling of calmness, happiness, and also some wonderful works that will please you for many years and wind up memories of a wonderful family evening.

Which images are suitable for small works, in which the New Year motives appear:

  • Santa Claus;
  • snowman;
  • bear cub;
  • hare;
  • Christmas boot;
  • balls to decorate the Christmas tree;
  • decorated Christmas tree;
  • image of the symbol of the coming year of the cock;
  • Christmas deer;
  • a pattern in New Year's colors;
  • decorated mittens;
  • New Year's landscapes;
  • Russian and English alphabets in Christmas decoration.

To decorate gift bags perfectly fit the scheme for embroidery of a snowman For decorating gift bags, the scheme for embroidering a snowman

is perfect. Of course, the listed options should not restrict your imagination at all. But if you do not know what image you can embroider, then there is an opportunity to use these rather common schemes.

For the smallest handicraftsmen and needlewomen one should choose monochrome drawings.

The most beautiful schemes of the cross: Santa Claus

Santa Claus is one of the traditional themes for the New Year's embroidery. Santa Claus is good for small items, as well as for large paintings or napkins. Santa Claus can be depicted both alone, and with sledges, deer and other heroes of Christmas symbols.

Be careful: in most embroidery designs for Santa Claus's sheepskin is marked in red. But the red sheepskin coat is part of the overseas Santa Claus image. If the nationality of your hero is important to you, then take the blue threads for the embroidery of the sheepskin coat.

New Year New Year's embroidery with Santa Claus looks pretty and fun on small items or napkins and is exactly the thing that is needed to create a festive mood

Where to place the image of Santa Claus best:

  1. Christmas tree toy. You can embroider a small image of the New Year's grandfather on the front of the New Year's toy. Do not forget to make high-quality stuffing so that Santa Claus is not deformed.
  2. Decorative pillow. Best gift for friends and family!
  3. Thumbnail-checkbox. Let the guests meet Santa Claus. Napkins and tablecloths.
  4. .Make the New Year's holiday table even more New Year!
  5. Embroidery for a gift card or album. Another version of the New Year's gift.

New Year's boots: cross-stitch patterns

The New Year's boot is part of the Western Christmas tradition, which has become popular in Russia. Initially, the boot was hung over the fireplace on Christmas night, so Santa put gifts inside. Over time, the tradition has changed: the boot became a symbol of Christmas and the new year. Traditional red color was replaced by various patterns, New Year's symbols and other delights in the spirit of the winter holiday.

Embroidery patterns of the New Year's boot can be divided into 2 groups:

  • Schemes that allow you to simulate a real boot. Such schemes suggest cutting the canvas along the edge of the embroidery.
  • Schemes for embroidering an image of a New Year's boot or several. Such schemes allow to create a picture or a square blank for another product. The New Year element on them is depicted in the form of a picture.
  • Diagrams for embroidery on a real boot. With the help of these schemes, you can decorate your Christmas boots with a cross.
To make the house cozy and fabulous enough to decorate it with decorative boots for gifts, having decorated them with a New Year To make the house cozy and fabulous enough to decorate it with decorative boots for gifts, having decorated them with a new year's embroidery cross

Decorating the house with New Year's boots embroidered with a cross is a fresh and original idea. Such a gift will be a wonderful souvenir in any home.

New Year's cross-stitch embroideries: schemes 2016-2017

2016 is the year of the monkey. The symbolism of the monkey was widely used in needlework and the production of Christmas decorations in the outgoing year. The coming year will be surrounded by the symbolism of a rooster.

What rules for the image of New Year's symbols are important to observe:

  1. In order for the rooster to have a New Year's mood, choose the schemes where the bird is depicted surrounded by other Christmas elements.
  2. Use diagrams of figures and letters to supplement the picture with the cockerel with the phrase "Happy New Year 2017" or something similar.

Use the imagination to make the image of the Christmas rooster imbued with a Christmas spirit. And detailed schemes will allow you to realize the idea of ​​creating a fun thematic embroidery.

New-year-old socks embroidered with a cross( video)

If soon a new year, but no gift, then embroideries with a cross must save the situation!Christmas and New Year are the main family holidays, which must be filled with warmth and comfort. A festive theme should be seen in the design of the space where the New Year celebration is going. It does not matter what exactly becomes the object of your efforts: a tablecloth, napkins or it will be simple toys-balls for a Christmas tree, embroidery will fill the house with the mistress's love and Christmas mood. So embroider Christmas pictures according to schemes with zeal and diligence!

Christmas embroidery cross schemes( photo)