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Greenhouse Smart will be able to meet the expectations of summer residents and truck farmers Greenhouse Clever can meet the expectations of truckers and farmers Almost all of the existence of people, something they were grown to feed themselves and their family. Our time is no exception. Over time, needs change and, adapting, people invent something new, and this applies to all spheres of life. To date, there is a landing not only among people who live in their homes, but also in cottages. In order to harvest more and better, there are greenhouses, and the modern market offers a large selection of them. They differ from each other in the characteristics, construction and material from which they are made. The most popular at the moment is the Nurse, the Clever Girl, popularly called simply "Clever".This beautiful greenhouse is produced in Novosibirsk, due to its solid and comfortable design, it can last a very long time.

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    • Greenhouse: the main advantages
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Toeplitz Umnitsa with recoil roof: Cross advantages

hothouse "Good" has convenient dimensions - the width of 3 m and a length of 4 to 10 m The most important feature, which is attracting. The construction of its roof is a reclining.

It has many advantages:

  • Reliability;
  • Simple construction;
  • Practical shape of the roof;
  • Easy adjustment of temperature, humidity.

A greenhouse with a recoiling roof has several advantages Greenhouse with recoil roof has several advantages

To move a roof mounted rollers, which is absolutely easy can handle anyone. For the winter, the Clever woman can be left open, this will help saturate the soil with moisture, will prevent the soil from freezing and deforming the roof.

summer open roof will easily adjust the temperature and humidity, ventilate the greenhouse and naturally pollinated.

To easily open the roof, you can use a winch, and for fixing in extreme positions - special accessories. In the design of the Clever hothouse 2 swing doors and 2 windows. Its frame consists of a special metal structure, and the coating is a reliable cellular polycarbonate. Such a greenhouse will be a reliable assistant to the gardener, and will allow caring for plants with ease and comfort.

main types of greenhouses from Clever Metallservice

Metallservice The company has earned high confidence in the global markets. There is this enterprise for a long time, but the wide popularity of the brand MetallService among the population was received only in 2008.

Only at this time the enterprise launched the production of consumer goods, including the remarkable greenhouses.

As MetalService can still be said to be new to this niche market, they do not provide a choice of greenhouses. A couple of years ago, MetalService launched the production of a new model, called the Nurturer-Clever.

Greenhouse Clever from the manufacturer Metal service - high-quality and reliable construction Greenhouse Clever from producer Metallservice - high-quality and reliable design

The main types are:

  • Warriors greenhouse;
  • Nurse;
  • Greenhouse The nurse-clever.

This greenhouse has very quickly gained popularity due to its design and excellent quality. Last year, it was sold in quantities of more than 20,000 pcs. Given the competition in this niche market, the figure is not small, and this is only the beginning.

Greenhouse: the main advantages

The choice of greenhouses is carried out depending on the climate and the requirements of each individual customer. Thanks to the emergence and development of new technologies, everyone can afford an early harvest, and throughout the year the opportunity to eat their own vegetables, without chemicals that are good for health. Gardeners who have some experience know that the most difficult task is to get a good harvest in winter.

A large amount of snow and high humidity create a lot of problems.

The ice cake on the roof of the greenhouses, if not removed in time, breaks the structure. The roof has to be restored often.

To protect the structure of greenhouses, gardeners have to build additional devices. Here the greenhouse Umnitsa will come to the rescue with the presence of a recoiling roof. Its unique design, created from high-quality materials, is easy to install, has a huge advantage in relation to its competitors.

The smart boy can easily be mounted Greenhouse Clever mounted quite simply

main advantages of smart, is:

  • material of its manufacture;
  • Simple and accessible installation instructions;
  • With easy opening roof;
  • Possibility of landing in moist soil;
  • Continuous ventilation.

Greenhouse Clever will create the necessary microclimate for plants. It can be used for almost any plant. In summer you can hold her with a closed roof, the presence of vents and doors allow to ventilate the space, and in the fall and zamoy leave open, autumn leaves are an excellent natural fertilizer, and in winter the snow will be a wonderful watering the ground, and the construction itself will create a warm climate, therebyThe plants will not freeze.

Comments of consumers about the greenhouse Clever with a recoiling roof

Before buying any product, consumers study the assortment and reviews. Greenhouse-beauty, being a consumer goods, is no exception. As for Umnitsa, its very name indicates its quality, and the ratio of quality and price is its main advantage. The manufacturer gives it a guarantee of 5 years due to the design, and this is an indicator of high quality.5 years, this is not a small period for which it will more than pay off and leave its customers satisfied.

Greenhouses with a recoiling roof won a special popularity among farmers greenhouses with roof recoil gained special popularity among gardeners

But minuses are in any product, and clever is no exception to this rule. At the beginning of production of these greenhouses for the frame used pipes 1.5 mm, which better kept the design. Pipes of smaller diameter do not allow deviations when assembling the whole structure, and sometimes they may require additional amplifiers. If you leave the Clever open for the winter, then such problems, naturally, will be avoided and will favorably affect the soil for plants.

Its assembly will require some effort, but if you follow the instructions completely, you can do it yourself, which will save you money on the help of a specialist. Can be considered as a plus of this product, and minus.

Sliding roof will not follow the greenhouse and do not worry about the harvest of winter, which will also be a huge plus for people who are engaged in planting in the country, and in the spring the soil is wetted due to the accumulation of snow, thanks to this there is no need to run and test their landing.

Overview greenhouse Clever( video)

summer, the roof must be kept closed, thus preventing burnout crop and will not evaporate the water, allowing less frequent watering in areas where a lot of sun, but by the open doors and the vents, the air will circulate. This will help to get more harvest, which is enough for both twist and higher quality vegetables. Own vegetables will bring more benefits, do not contain harmful chemicals that would be beneficial for the health and bring more pleasure from labor invested in such a difficult job, as growing their own crops.