How to get rid of ants in a greenhouse: how to fight in a greenhouse, bring out the folk remedy of garden and destroy

With the help of various chemicals and folk methods, you can get rid of ants in the greenhouse Using various chemicals and folk methods, it is possible to get rid of ants in a greenhouse Ants are hardworking insects, but they do more damage in the garden and in the greenhouse than they do. Uninvited guests destroy shoots, damage inflorescences and ovaries, which leads to a decrease in yields in general. Therefore, it is important to find out their settlements in time and get rid of the anthill.

      • Ants in the greenhouse: insect species
      • Fighting the garden ants in the greenhouse: benefit or harm
      • How to get out of the greenhouse of ants: fighting methods
      • Ants against the greenhouse: chemical control methods
      • The folk remedy for ants ants: how to destroy pests
      • Ants in a greenhouse: what to do not to appear
      • Some tips on how to get rid of ants in a greenhouse( video)
  • Ants in a greenhouse:Insects

    At first glance, little harmless fauna representatives do not really like farmers and gardeners. They spoil the harvest, they seize greenhouses and greenhouses. The very presence of large colonies of ants can lead a summer resident out of balance, because they are so difficult to get rid of.

    The problem is aggravated if the cottages or vegetable gardens are located directly near fields or landings.

    Ants live almost everywhere - in the forest, in the garden, in the house. Ants - mostly winged insects, live in a large group. Among them live both flying males and females, as well as wingless underdeveloped individuals. In summer, flying ants fly off an anthill, and after mating, the male dies. The woman drops her wings and begins to collect a new nest.

    is the most common type of ants with wings that live in greenhouses and in beds almost everywhere;
  • Brown meadow - they can be found in abandoned fields, in the steppe zone;
  • Red forest - live in gardens that are located near the forest, the ants also live in plantings and forests.
  • Ordinary black ants eat mainly seeds planted in the ground or young shoots of seedlings. Often equip their houses directly on the beds in a greenhouse or outdoors. They are growing quite quickly, and if they are not brought out of the greenhouse in time, the ants will populate the covered greenhouse and break the process of growing vegetables.

    Fighting garden ants in a greenhouse: benefit or harm.

    . Small unpleasant insects, whose houses have repeatedly encountered summer residents on their site, can have both positive and negative qualities. Ants climb into the house, they can be found near the food they can try to pick up.

    Ants do not eat the food they found, they carry the entire group in pieces to their house, where they are evenly distributed among the rest of the family.

    Not all farmers agree to put up with the presence of ant family in the garden, despite their advantages.

    The formic liquid sprayed by them can cause an allergic reaction in humans Formicidal liquid sprayed by them can cause an allergic reaction in humans


    • Destroy larvae of other garden pests;
    • Ants are an enemy of a spider mite that destroys the harvest of many greenhouse plants;
    • When building houses, they loosen the soil, mix fresh soil with the top layer;
    • When loosening, the soil is enriched with nitrogen and potassium, improving its characteristics.

    There are a lot of drawbacks with the ants: when digging, they destroy plant roots, feed on insects with young plants, which can lead to the death of seedlings. The main disadvantage is that ants promote the breeding of aphids, which is disastrous for seedlings and fruits. Before removing the ants, you need to get rid of aphids so that they do not return.

    How to remove ants from the greenhouse: methods of fighting

    If ants are found in the greenhouse, they should be disposed of as soon as possible. To remove them, you need to disinfect the soil.

    If possible, it is better to remove the ants without killing them. But many truck farmers are determined to get rid of insects once and for all.

    There are four methods of destroying pests - physical, chemical, combined and the use of industrial chemicals.

    The physical method is to find an ant house and resettle all its inhabitants as far as possible from the greenhouse or vegetable garden. This method will work if the ants live in a rotten tree of the hothouse framework.

    If the colony of ants lives on beds, you need to try to find the uterus and remove it, after which the family itself will leave the greenhouse If the colony of ants lives in the beds, you need to try to find the uterus and remove it, after which the family itself will leave the

    . To reduce the probability of occurrence of ant colonies, each spring, the soil must be treated with a solution of 1 liter of standing water + 1A teaspoon of soda + 1 tablespoon of linseed oil. Also, when digging up beds after harvesting, the detected anthills can be sprinkled with ordinary baking soda or quicklime.

    Ants do not tolerate a sharp smell of garlic, so gardeners who do not have the opportunity to use boric acid, pour the anthills with water with the garlic in it. Do not like ants and the smell of mint, elderberry, wormwood.

    Combined methods of getting rid of ants suggest the use of sweet bait. In the old deep pan you need to put a piece of cloth, pour a little water on it. Bottom sprinkle with sugar or sprinkle with jam / honey, put a trap in the greenhouse. The uterus crawls into the tank and leads the progeny. After that, the tissue with the ant family must be collected and carried away as far as possible from the greenhouse and open beds. Or you can destroy the family by watering them with boiling water.

    Use dry mustard as a solution for watering and spraying plants in the greenhouse.2 tablespoons dry mustard dissolved in a liter of hot boiled water, close the lid and let it brew for 36 hours. Mix the resulting mixture with 3 liters of water, spray on plants affected by ants or water the ant moves.

    Ants remedy in the greenhouse: chemical methods of fighting

    If ants are in the greenhouse, every owner wants to get rid of them, despite the positive side. Radical methods of getting rid of insects are used when folk and physical methods do not work.

    Chemical methods involve the use of baits for poisoning ants. The easiest way is to use boric acid, which is often used to poison pests. In a glass of water, dissolve a few spoons of honey or a very sweet jam, add a fourth of a small spoonful of boric acid. Mix well and pour into small caps, spreading all over the greenhouse.

    Important!Poison should be placed in places where pets and children will not reach.

    You can make a bait of 100 g minced meat with the addition of a teaspoon of boric acid. Roll small balls and scatter on the greenhouse. Such baits should be used several times a season.

    Chemical methods of controlling ants are desirable to apply in the period of plant growth Chemical methods for controlling ants should be applied during plant growth period.

    Methods for controlling the use of pesticides must be carried out with great care. It is mandatory to wear gloves and a respirator so as not to breathe poisonous fumes. During fruiting, it is not recommended to use chemicals to prevent harmful substances from reaching the fruit.

    The most known poisons are:

    • Raid;
    • Raptor;
    • Дохлокс;
    • Anteater;
    • Muracin.

    Many ant-formulations contain diazolin, which is harmful to many pests. On the market you can find not only domestic drugs, but also German poisons. Powder from ants "Delicia" is very simple to use, with the result of getting rid of the goose bumps is guaranteed. The powder is poured into the anthills, the skeletons of the frame to the ground. Wreckers carry the poison on their paws to the colony, where the remaining members of the family become infected and in time everyone dies.

    The folk remedy for ants: how to destroy pests

    Help to withdraw the families of ants of liquid - gasoline, kerosene, ammonia. To do this, you need to find a nest of goosebumps and pour a thin stream into an anthill. All insects will perish.

    To discourage insects from beds in the greenhouse, you need to prepare an infusion of wormwood and water the places of congestion or their paths.

    If it turns out to find an anthill, it is necessary to level it to the ground and pour boiling water - all the inhabitants will die alive.

    People The folk methods of getting rid of ants are the safest for both the harvest and the inhabitants of the dacha - people and animals

    With folk methods you can use:

    1. Garlic. Wood sawdust mixed with grated garlic and sprinkled with an anthill. Prepare the infusion - 1 large head of garlic, finely chopped or squeezed through a press, pour a bucket of water for a day. This infusion to water the places where pests were seen.
    2. Sunflower oil. They are pouring ant driveways and an anthill.
    3. Dry mustard, pepper, ash. Can be used individually or combined. Sprinkle anthills and joints or corners in greenhouses - ants will be difficult to cross the path. Yeast and preserves.
    4. .
    Mix in arbitrary proportions, let it brew for 3-4 hours until yeast and sugar come into reaction and begin to wander. Drunk ants stop watching the food of young individuals and they die. This method does not completely destroy the colony, but it will significantly reduce the amount of goosebumps.

    If fighting with ants in people's ways does not bring the desired result, you need to apply poisons and other chemicals, but do it with great care!

    Ants in the greenhouse: what to do not to appear

    With ants it is very difficult to fight, these are small harmful insects, which are difficult to deduce. It is much easier to take measures to prevent their occurrence.

    Greenhouses with a wooden frame more often than others are exposed to the appearance of ants. Perhaps it's in a decayed or dried up tree. The state of the frame and the greenhouse in general should be monitored annually before the opening of the planting season.

    When aphids appear, you must necessarily destroy it - it attracts ants When aphids appear, it is necessary to destroy it - it attracts ants

    It is not superfluous to process the frame of the greenhouse with special preparations against damage to the tree.

    It is necessary to maintain order in the greenhouse - to remove rotten plants, unused pots or boxes, film or other materials that may lie under the roof.

    Shivers multiply very quickly and if you do not take measures to remove them, you can ruin the whole harvest.

    Some tips on how to get rid of ants in the greenhouse( video)

    Depending on the number of ants, you need to choose how to deal with them. It is advisable to avoid the use of any chemical poisonous agents that can destroy the crop or harm a person. Regular preventive measures reduce the likelihood of small pests.