How to grow a good harvest of tomatoes in a greenhouse: to get tomato yield is great, to increase the video

Before you start growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, it is worth to study the advice of specialists and watch the training video Before starting to grow tomatoes in the greenhouse, it is worthwhile to study the advice of specialists and watch the training video Every year beginners and experienced truck farmers make efforts to ripen a good harvest of tomatoes in the greenhouse. Some people have their own methods and secrets for growing tomatoes, their favorite sorts of seeds, but not everyone can grow a large crop: it damages the phytophthora, unfavorable weather conditions. What must be taken into account and taken to achieve high yield of tomato in the greenhouse?

    • Increasing the yield of a tomato in a greenhouse
    • Properly growing seedlings or how to get a large crop of tomatoes in a greenhouse
    • Qualitative preparation for a greenhouse or how to get a good crop of tomato in a greenhouse
    • Tips: how to increase the yield of tomatoesGreenhouse
    • Tomato greenhouse harvesting( video)

Increasing the yield of a tomato in a greenhouse

The yield of a tomato depends on the variety. If you focus on weight, a high yield for a small-fruited variety can be 2 kg from a bush, and a large-berry will yield 14-15 kg per season from a plant, although the number of small fruits will be greater.

Not always indicated on the sachet with seeds, the yield of the variety coincides with the yield obtained in reality.

To prevent tomatoes from getting sick, they should be regularly sprayed with special products To prevent tomatoes from falling ill, they should be regularly sprayed with special tools.

How many delicious fruits can be harvested depends on the growing conditions and the period of fruiting. For a year in heated greenhouses with drop irrigation the average yield of tomatoes can reach 50 kg per square meter or up to 20 kg from a bush or more. In conventional film greenhouses, it is possible to collect up to 15 kg from 1 m2.The determinancy of the variety, that is, the limited growth, also affects the yield increase. A higher grade allows you to harvest more.

For indeterminate tomatoes, the fruiting term can be extended:

  • Earlier planting;
  • An additional lighting device during the growing of seedlings;
  • Additional heating of the greenhouse in the spring;
  • Measures for the prevention of diseases.

Choosing a variety with high yields by results of 2016, you can grow an excellent harvest of tomatoes and this season. Seed hybrids are the best yield. They are more resistant to diseases and temperature changes.

Seeds are sown for seedlings usually in the first week of March. If you plant seeds earlier, it is better to arrange additional lighting so that the seedlings are not stretched. Tomatoes with early maturation can be planted a little later, the medium-ripening sow before.

Correctly grow seedlings or how to get a large crop of tomatoes in a greenhouse

You can get a big tomato crop in a greenhouse by growing a healthy and strong seedling. It is at an early age that a plant is planted with a program for yield, so it is important to create all the required conditions.

For growing seedlings, you need to use only high-quality soil without impurities For growing seedlings, use exceptionally high quality soil without impurities

Seedlings growing conditions:

  1. Soil preparation. You can buy or prepare by yourself using ash or potash fertilizers, peat, sand, compost soil.
  2. Seed processing. Seeds are etched in a solution of potassium permanganate, then washed with water. Use growth accelerators, for example, Epin, 3 drops per 0.5 liters of water. Of the folk remedies, aloe juice is used.
  3. Lighting. As soon as the first eyelets of the shoots appear, the seedlings are transferred to the most illuminated place.
  4. Watering. Pour moderately, when the top layer of the soil dries up, since the overflows are fraught with the appearance of a "black leg" and the death of seedlings.
  5. Diving. With the appearance of these leaves, the seedlings are carefully transplanted into a larger container, deepening to the cotyledonous leaves, for better root formation.
  6. Top dressing. Fertilizers are selected, depending on the condition of the seedling. The first time the fertilizing is carried out 7-10 days after diving. The rest with the same interval.
  7. Soil volume. The roots of the plant should feel free and receive adequate nutrition. Therefore, if the seedlings are in the room for 1.5 months or more, then it is recommended to transplant it into containers with a volume of 3 liters.

Experienced truck farmers have their tricks and secrets. Some grow seedlings in a traditional way, someone uses the Chinese way, and grows sprouts in "snails" and dives into "diapers".

To prevent diseases, seedlings are sprayed with a solution: 100 g of milk per 1 liter of water.

Before planting, season the seedlings, transfer them to a cool room or to a balcony. So that the seedlings get better, plant it better in cloudy weather or in the evening, gently, trying not to damage the roots.

Quality preparation of the greenhouse or how to get a good harvest tomato in the greenhouse

The main task is to create optimal conditions at all stages of tomato growth. Tomatoes are a thermophilic crop, so grow them better in a greenhouse. It is important to properly install the shelter and prepare the soil.

Whatever the greenhouse, it should be installed so that the sun shines it as long as possible during the day.

Before planting tomatoes, it is necessary to disinfect the greenhouse Before disembedding tomatoes, it is necessary to disinfect the greenhouse

To do this, select a direction from West to East and remove from the shading buildings. The site must be flat with loose sandy soil, in which from autumn or spring organic and mineral fertilizers are introduced, add humus, ash, superphosphate. It is also recommended to observe a crop rotation, but more often, tomatoes are planted every year in the same place.

How to prepare a greenhouse to grow a good tomato crop in it:

  • In a greenhouse, syderat plants are planted to enrich and disinfect the soil;
  • Remove from the greenhouse a layer of soil in 15 cm and fall asleep with humus;
  • Disinfect the greenhouse using a sulfur checker "Fas";
  • Treat the covering material, and the frame of the greenhouse with a solution of bleach.

The grown seedlings at the age of 40-50 days are planted in the greenhouse in May, when the soil in the greenhouse warms up well. If the soil is cold, in a greenhouse make a warm bed or arrange additional heating, for example, using a stove-burzhuyki.

Tips: how to increase the yield of tomatoes in a greenhouse

By planting seedlings in a warm prepared soil and observing the basic methods of agrotechnics of growing tomatoes, you can get a good harvest. But, applying some rules, tested by the experience of other truck farmers, you can increase it.

Increase the yield of tomatoes can be done by mulching the soil You can increase the yield of tomatoes by mulching the soil

To increase the yield of tomatoes in a greenhouse, you need:

  1. Observe the temperature balance. At high temperatures, the ovary is poorly formed, in the cold ground, nutrients are not absorbed, growth is inhibited.
  2. Maintain the humidity level. Do not allow fogging of the coating. To water in the morning, and in hot weather to air a greenhouse.
  3. Watering. Watering is necessary especially during the formation of fruits. If the bed quickly dries up, it can be mulched or covered with a black film.
  4. Regularly feed. With top dressing, do not get carried away with nitrogen fertilizers, for the formation of fruits, more potassium is needed.
  5. Correctly go in and tie. Do not strip the plants too much and remove all stepsons. Determinant varieties can not be pasynkovat, in indeterminate it is allowed to prick the tops over the brush.
  6. Prevent the development of diseases. Do not thicken the planting, remove damaged leaves, carry out treatment with special preparations.

Harvesting is carried out, depending on the degree of maturation of tomatoes and continues until the onset of the first frost. Wanting to increase the yield of tomatoes in a greenhouse, some gardeners use non-traditional methods, for example, they talk with plants. Perhaps this contributes to higher yields. But, if you do not properly care for tomatoes, then it is unlikely that they will be able to "agree" with them.

Vintage Tomato Greenhouse( video)

To increase the harvest, you need to improve your skills, learn new things, experiment within reasonable limits and act on your own capabilities. Of course, you need to show love and care, growing tomatoes, creating favorable conditions for them, then tomatoes will certainly please with a big harvest.